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How To Make A Rip Fence For A Table Saw

Cutting pinch a array saw is simply a very basal task that woodworkers spell through. However, moreover nan astir knowledgeable woodworker mightiness find it rather difficult to make aligned cuts. So, what tin thief successful specified a crisis?

A Table Saw Fence! Yes, this tin activity arsenic a guideline to get you done nan trim easily. To make judge your cuts are straight and soft location is nary different amended prime than a fence. It besides reduces immoderate imaginable consequence of wood activity aliases kickback.

A fewer array saw models mightiness travel up pinch their ain fence. However, if your 1 does not see a fence, you tin get it. There are immoderate really cool DIY array saw obstruction plans you tin follow. Today, we’ll talk astir really to make a rip obstruction for a array saw successful nan simplest way.

Creating A Table Saw Rip Fence All by Yourself

What Exactly Is A Rip Fence?

When you make cuts connected woods location should beryllium helping instrumentality that makes judge nan rip is straight. Especially pinch a information bladed aliases array saw. This “ripping guide” is usually known arsenic a obstruction for array saw.

This astonishing instrumentality tin thief you pinch ripping wood really accelerated and smoothly. You would beryllium capable to play pinch different types of designs and make caller absorbing cuts. It helps pinch lengthwise cutting and usually weights a lot. This other weight plays a immense portion successful giving consecutive cuts.

There are respective options disposable for the best replacement array saw fences, but making 1 tin beryllium a cost-effective solution.

Why Would You Need a Rip Fence?

If you are a beginner, location are a full bunch of reasons existing to make a rip array saw fence. It’s practically intolerable for you to make consecutive cuts without nan thief of a guide. Don’t discarded your believe convention by cutting without immoderate guide.

For amended accuracy, you should beryllium utilizing a obstruction from time one. This measurement you’ll request comparatively little clip learning really to make aligned and meticulous pieces.

Another important logic is safety. Those who usage nary guideline will dangle hardly connected their hands. This mightiness dramatically summation immoderate mishap chances and you astir apt will get hurt. The champion measurement to debar specified unnecessary hasle is to beryllium prepared beforehand. Depend connected a array saw obstruction for nan guideline and you’ll beryllium redeeming yourself.

Also, a bully rip obstruction will prevention nan wood from racking. You whitethorn autumn into vulnerable injuries owed to racking. Using a obstruction will forestall specified incidents.

Step by Step Guide connected Making Table Saw Rip Fence

1. Making plywood strips

For nan early stage, get immoderate important devices for nan process. You should get threaded pipe, clamp kit and pieces of plywood.

Now you request to measurement your array saw. You should cipher nan width of your array part. This measurement will mention to nan beforehand and backmost actually.

For nan adjacent step, you would request 4-inch wide plywood strip. You should get a mates of these. We will beryllium making a quadrate conduit utilizing nan strips. Also, you are going to require a mates of 2-inch wide plywood strips. Once you person nan full 4 pieces trim them. You should make judge these lucifer nan array saw measurement completely

Once nan plywood strips are ready, trim 2 squares. These trim retired needs to beryllium of half-inch wide and agelong separately. There should beryllium 2 pieces for each type, full four. You will person to drill a spread done nan halfway of each portion 1 by one.

2. Building Square Tube & Pipe Clamp!

You would request to make a quadrate conduit for rip obstruction body. You should usage 4-inch wide strips for some sides and two-inch ones for apical arsenic good arsenic nan bottom.

Now utilizing wood screws, simply link these pieces. Once you are done making these quadrate tubes, spell to adjacent step.

In 1 extremity of nan conduit spot a plywood square. It should beryllium successful a position of flush pinch an exterior edge. Use wood screws to fastener nan square. With different extremity proceed pinch a akin process.

Inside nan 4 ft pipe, you would request to thread a clamp’s 1 end. You should beryllium sliding nan tube wrong 1 extremity of nan tube. It should spell done nan different extremity arsenic well. Now successful this conception of pipe, simply fasten nan clamp end.

3. Placing connected Saw & Using It

Once you are done pinch making nan rip obstruction fto it group connected top of your array saw. The tube clamp’s cracking extremity should beryllium facing you.

You should spot nan jaw of tube clamp downwards. Also, nan rear portion of descent should beryllium facing array saw. The saw should beryllium successful interaction pinch some ends of tube clamp.

Once nan positioning is over, it’s fresh to guide. You conscionable request to loosen nan tube clamp successful bid to usage rip fence. Simply descent assembly and get your measurements right. It should beryllium akin to nan wood you want to cut.

To make judge cuts are accurate, simply measurement nan region from rip obstruction to blade. Fasten nan tube clam accordingly afterward. Now it should springiness you easy cutting for respective pieces of wood.

Should You Upgrade to A Professional Fence?

If you are personification who conscionable started their woodworking journey, this elemental DIY rip obstruction will beryllium a awesome beginning. However, don’t hide this is self-made and elemental successful functionality. At immoderate point, nan relationship points will commencement to get weak. So, moving astir will go tough.

You whitethorn besides meet circumstances wherever nan extremity caps loosen slightly. This will move nan full saw obstruction off-center and little due to activity with.

If you are personification who needs to activity pinch a obstruction regularly, past a elemental type mightiness not beryllium nan only solution. There are respective professionals who person to woody pinch analyzable cuts. So, looking for a commercialized action is nan very correct point for specified people.

There is simply a bully chance that your array saw shaper has immoderate disposable obstruction for purchase. Look retired for them. For example, RYOBI array saw obstruction upgrade is disposable to acquisition separately.

If you are personification who needs to beryllium judge astir rip cuts and get them pinch absolute precision, looking for an upgrade will beryllium a bully idea.

Also, a self-made tables saw obstruction will not beryllium capable to springiness you complete information for illustration nan master options available. So, for nan safest bet, getting a master obstruction that matches your tables saw pinch high-quality workmanship tin prevention you from a batch of symptom eventually.


I dream now you person a bully thought astir really to make a rip obstruction for a array saw. By pursuing these elemental instructions you’ll beryllium capable to make 1 successful nary time. Even if it can’t beryllium nan cleanable measurement for information and accuracy, it surely improves quality.

For those who want to person a spare obstruction aliases conscionable for nan liking of practice, this DIY task tin beryllium a immense hit. Try It Out!