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It’s truthful frustrating erstwhile things don’t spell to plan. Especially erstwhile nan scheme involves delicious barbecue. It’s normal if your pellet grill somesthesia is fluctuating during nan cook. But if you’re experiencing nan precocious somesthesia correction aliases your pellet grill is consistently pumping retired excessively overmuch power past it’s clip to do immoderate investigating.After contacting a fewer established pellet grill companies, scouring forums and nan web, and drafting connected my ain acquisition arsenic an avid pellet grill user, present is nan maestro guideline pinch each nan astir communal reasons your pellet grill is getting excessively hot.

Why Is My Pellet Grill Getting Too Hot?

Pellet grills are built to navigator to nan mean temperature, and woody pinch fluctuations automatically. It is perfectly good for your pellet grills somesthesia to up and down 5-10°F each broadside of your desired cooking temperature.

However, erstwhile your pellet grill is perpetually smoking astatine 25°F-50°F hotter than you want (or more), past nan extremity merchandise is going to beryllium affected.

Here are nan astir communal reasons why your pellet grill is getting excessively basking and really you tin analyse and hole nan problem.

One of nan astir communal reasons nan somesthesia of your pellet grill tin climb comes from having a occurrence cookware filled pinch ash and wood dust.

As nan wood pellets pain up, nan residue of ash and wood particulate is near successful nan bottommost of your pellet grill. If near for agelong periods of time, if you commencement nan grill past nan build-up tin origin a flare-up which tin effect nan full cook. 

To cheque if this is nan issue:

  1. Make judge your pellet grill has wholly cooled down. 
  2. Take disconnected nan grill grates, grease tray, and power baffle.
  3. Take a look successful nan firepot and observe really overmuch ash and wood pellet particulate location is.
  4. Don’t rustle connected it! Trust maine — it conscionable goes everywhere. 
  5. Instead, usage a vacuum to cautiously cleanable retired nan excess wood dust.

Gently little nan caput of an ash vacuum into nan occurrence pot, being observant not to make interaction pinch immoderate mechanisms to debar damaging thing accidently. The suction from nan vacuum will region each nan aged wood particulate and ash that whitethorn beryllium causing somesthesia issues for you.

A clogged occurrence cookware tin besides origin low-temperature issues successful your pellet grill if nan pellets aren’t igniting astatine all. Alternatively, it tin origin your

Traeger to abruptly unopen disconnected during nan navigator owed to excessively precocious aliases excessively debased temperatures.

Starting nan grill correctly tin play a awesome portion successful achieving a accordant temperature.

There are a fewer speedy steps you tin return to guarantee a soft start-up each time:

  1. Always cheque nan firepot is clear of wood pellets and wood crumbs.
  2. Make judge location is capable wood pellets successful nan hopper.
  3. Make judge each nan soul parts are clear of immoderate build-up of grease aliases nutrient residue.
  4. Turn your pellet grill connected and to nan lowest somesthesia aliases “smoke” function.
  5. Wait astir 8 minutes to spot nan bladed bluish smoke, indicating complete combustion.
  6. Preheat your smoker to your desired somesthesia earlier putting connected your meat.

Temperatures tin quickly emergence astatine almost each of nan stages during start-up, truthful it’s ever wise to do nan regular checks. This process tin beryllium followed whether its a Traeger grill, Masterbuilt electrical smoker, aliases different pellet smoker.

The Internal Parts Aren’t In Properly

The grill grates, grease tray, and power baffle request to beryllium conscionable correct successful nan pellet grill for them to beryllium effective. If your grease tray is nan incorrect measurement round, aliases not successful nan correct place, past dripping juices aliases oils tin leak to nan bottommost of nan smoker. This tin nutrient unwanted steam aliases smoke, but tin besides effect nan somesthesia if it manages to get successful nan occurrence pot.

Wood Pellets

We’ve each heard nan scary stories of inadequately manufactured wood pellets causing backfires and different auger issues. Lower-quality wood pellets whitethorn beryllium excessively moist, crumble excessively easily, time off excessively overmuch ash, aliases not beryllium compressed correctly.

But, moreover high-quality wood pellets tin go wet, aliases sorb moisture complete time.

This tin lead to galore problems pinch maintaining a changeless temperature, arsenic good arsenic moving nan consequence of causing a backfire, aliases an uncontrolled occurrence successful nan occurrence pot.

Don’t discuss connected quality. We’ve done a tonne of comparisons, specified arsenic BBQR’s Delight vs. Traeger and Bear Mountain Wood Pellets. Check retired our guideline to nan best wood pellets for smoking, easy disposable successful nan market.

Otherwise, ever cheque nan integrity of your wood pellets by performing nan “snap” test.

If you’ve ever tried to conflict a fierce upwind aliases an untimely spill of rain, you’ll cognize that smoking nutrient successful harsh upwind conditions can beryllium a challenge.

Similar to really acold upwind tin effect smoking temperatures, unreasonably basking upwind for illustration successful nan mediate of summertime will people promote higher temperatures successful your pellet grill.

There isn’t excessively overmuch to combat this, but location a fewer basal things you tin do. If possible, if its basking outside, group up your pellet grill retired of nonstop sunlight. Another action is re-evaluating your grills P-setting if your exemplary comes pinch nan option. The P-setting tin beryllium easy adjusted connected your grill to relationship for immoderate of nan differences successful your existent climate. 

The “P” refers to Pause, and nan P-setting is an soul characteristic that controls nan complaint astatine which nan wood pellets are fed done nan auger. This action is disposable from astir awesome pellet grill brands, specified arsenic Pit Boss Pellet Grills, Traeger Grills, Smoke Hollow etc. 

If your exemplary of pellet grill has nan P-setting control, it will look arsenic a mini achromatic spread connected nan main integer display, usually referenced pinch “P”, specified arsenic connected nan Pit Boss. You tin simply usage a pin aliases insubstantial clip and flick into nan spread to set nan setting.

If you’re struggling pinch precocious temperatures, effort adjusting nan P-setting till nan surface displays “P-3”. You tin further set it to “P-4” if required. But Traeger grills person recommended not to set it past “P-4” arsenic nan occurrence tin spell retired during nan cook. You tin besides set nan P mounting to little numbers if your Traeger isn’t heating up!

Other Actions You Can Take

Contact Your Pellet Grill Providers Customer Service

If you’ve tried each nan communal reasons your pellet grill is getting excessively hot, you tin ever interaction your pellet grill provider’s customer work line. They will beryllium successful nan champion position to connection suggestions and thief you troubleshoot nan problem.Although it’s rare, location are cases wherever nan grill tin person a mill default. This could beryllium thing occurring from nan auger to nan soul somesthesia mechanism. The customer work squad will beryllium capable to thief place nan problem and guideline you connected really you tin tackle nan issue.

Use Your Local Barbecue Expert Or Mechanic

If you’re wanting proposal and guidance connected what precisely whitethorn beryllium going incorrect internally successful your smoker you tin ever do a speedy hunt for immoderate grill mechanics aliases master stores successful your area. There are moreover specialists who attraction connected 1 aliases a fewer of nan apical pellet grill exemplary brands, are experts successful really they operate, and often cognize precisely wherever to root nan replacement parts.

If you now cognize what nan rumor is, and which portion of nan grill is causing it you tin rather easy switch nan affected parts. 

Most parts are really amazingly affordable, and tin beryllium originated straight from your pellet grill supplier, from a trusted 3rd party, aliases moreover Amazon.

To beryllium safe I would ever urge getting nan nonstop marque and part, alternatively than trying to spell pinch thing 95% similar.

When it comes to installing nan parts, you tin do it aforesaid pinch guidance from online sources aliases by contacting your pellet grill providers customer service.

So, How Hot Should Your Pellet Grill Get?

We each person pellet grills for nan aforesaid reason: to fume nutrient with! Quality performance, reliability, and consistency. When you’re smoking nutrient very seldom will you ever spell past nan 325°F mark, and usually you’ll support it successful nan saccharine spot of 225-250°F.

Pellet grills aren’t designed to beryllium capable to sear your foods aliases for basking & accelerated cooking. Although immoderate pellet grills connection temperatures up to 500°F, usually nan hottest your pellet grill can, and should get is 450-500°F.

During your navigator you will announcement nan cooking somesthesia somewhat fluctuating. A 5-10°F change astatine times is perfectly fine, but if you’re uncovering your pellet grill consistently runs hotter past you whitethorn beryllium capable to find an easy hole to help. 

If you’ve had a akin acquisition aliases recovered an easy hole to a communal problem that causes consistently hotter temperatures successful your pellet grill — please fto america each cognize successful nan comments