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Reroofing mightiness beryllium a bully prime erstwhile your tile information is bully contempt starting to autumn off. Reroofing is simply a rat’s nest of troubles and leaks. Generally, nan caller tile stays higher than nan existing roof, and successful bid to complete nan task efficiently, you will request to prosecute a pro.

Adding a caller tile is diligence and hours of difficult work. According to DIY, tying nan further tile to nan existing 1 is nan champion action successful this case. The process whitethorn look complicated, but it differs from what 1 mightiness think. 

Continue reference to cognize nan logic and step-by-step guideline to nan addition tile higher than existing roof.

Why Is nan Addition Roof Higher than Existing Roof?

Addition Roof

Adding a caller tile complete an existing tile is known arsenic reroofing. Roofers instal a caller tile complete nan existing 1 successful this process. For example, roofers adhd a level of shingles, meaning tearing disconnected nan aged tile is not required. Remember that nan process tin beryllium done erstwhile since your tile tin only person 2 levels of shingles.  

The caller tile is usually designed higher than nan existent one. The premier logic is to heighten nan drainage system.

Also, reroofing protects your location from galore biology damages, named h2o damage, hail, tornadoes, dense snowstorms, etc.

More importantly, it prevents insignificant roofing problems from processing into important ones. Overall, reroofing enhances your tile look.

Reroofing comes successful different designs and colors. You tin take nan creation and colors according to your preference. However, nan caller tile will ever enactment higher than nan existent one. By installing a caller furniture of shingles, your location will get a 3-dimensional appearance.

How to Tie Addition Roof Higher than Existing Roof?

Before tying a tile to an existing roof, you will request to understand a fewer building terminologies related to nan method.

The cardinal position are described below:

  • Ridge: It is simply a horizontal beam recovered successful nan rooftop connecting 2 tile planes.
  • Rafters: These are sloped beams. They are connected from nan wall sheet to nan ridge. The rafters support shingles connected nan roof.
  • Wall Plate: This is simply a horizontal lumbar supporting nan rafters.
  • Truss: The tile layout is formed by nan truss aliases tile frame. It consists of respective beams. Nodes link nan beams.
  • Valley: It is nan intersection wherever 2 sloping roofs link and licence continuous travel of h2o disconnected nan roof.
  • Eave: This is simply a portion of nan tile hanging complete nan walls of a house.
  • Jack Rafters: These are short spars moving from a vale to nan ridge aliases an eave to nan hip.
  • Run Length: Distance from nan wall and nan ridge.
  • Snapping Lines & Chalk Lines: A drawstring containing chalk to people consecutive lines connected an imbalanced surface.

Follow nan step-by-step guideline below,

Step 01: Framing nan Roof

Take nan rafters aliases trusses up connected nan further roof. Match them up pinch nan existent roof’s eaves. Use chalk for marking nan shingles. The marks will bespeak nan position wherever nan caller vale is installed.

Removing nan shingles successful nan marked area would beryllium best. The logic is nan caller tile will screen this area. You tin portion nan aged shingles according to your preference. But region them if nan information of nan aged shingles is bad.

Step 02: Valley Board Installing

Next, spot a vale committee complete nan existent roof. Before doing so, calculating nan tile transportation is crucial. This is nan existing roof’s slope.

First, statesman by measuring nan magnitude betwixt nan emergence of nan tile and wall and nan ridge. Then find nan perspective utilizing a calculator.

After nailing down nan alley boards, use roofing cement connected nan nails. Also, retrieve to put cement connected nan outer edges wherever nan vale committee and nan existing tile meet. This way, leaks will not hap complete clip successful those areas.

Step 03: Underlayment & Sheathing

Then, nan plywood sheathing needs to beryllium installed connected nan caller vale committee utilizing nails. Choose nan correct-sized nails. Otherwise, due penetration will not happen, and nan vale committee and nan plywood will beryllium damaged.

Remember to support a 1/8” spread betwixt each portion of nan sheathing. Use nan nails 6” isolated and astir 3/8” from nan plywood sheathing edges.

Once nan sheathing is secured, make nan sheathing water-resistant by laying waterproof underlayment.

You tin besides cheque retired the tile sheathing thickness code for a clearer concept.

Step 04: Shingles Near nan Valley Board Needs Removal

It is captious to laic down a snapping statement 2” from nan aged shingles vale board. Next, nan shingles request to beryllium stripped. Finally, laic further waterproof underlayment connected nan area.

Step 05: Tie Current Roof Shingles

Begin removing nan caller valley’s 2 shingles from some sides and proceed until you scope nan bottom. Mark them pinch numbers, arsenic they will beryllium beneficial later. Keep them aside.

Then, laic shingles connected nan roof’s edges. Proper spacing is captious erstwhile doing so. For this, usage snapping lines. The shingles should touch nan aboveground minimum of 1 ft. successful nan area wherever nan existent tile and nan caller vale connect.

After that, reinstall nan numbered shingles. Last, use 2” wide roofing cement up to 4” from nan valley’s halfway to unafraid nan shingles.

 According to  Martin from Green Building  Advisor,

“Keep a bundle of cedar shingles useful to usage arsenic shims — you’ll request them. It’s difficult to debar lips and bumps. For a subtle shim, you tin usage asphalt felt, folded aggregate times arsenic needed.”    

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is nan costs of an further tile complete an existing roof?

The costs depends connected a fewer factors, specified arsenic nan tile size, nan number of shingles, etc.
As per Fixr, you will person to walk $50 – $450/truss. The required devices and materials besides request to beryllium purchased for nan project’s completion.

What do I request to retrieve erstwhile tying a caller tile to nan existent roof?

Tying nan caller tile to nan existent 1 is simply a analyzable process. It will origin different problems if you don’t retrieve nan beneath points,
*Water harm will hap to nan building of your location if you don’t necktie nan further tile to nan existent roof.
*Don’t harm your caller aliases aged building by putting excess weight connected nan further roof. In this case, return assistance from an technologist to cognize nan permissible weight of nan further roof.
*Serious wounded tin hap astatine immoderate clip erstwhile installing a caller roof. Take basal precautions to corroborate a safer moving environment.

Should I usage staples aliases nails successful nan process?

Both options are adjuvant for different purposes. Staples are an fantabulous prime for plywood sheathing. On nan different hand, shingles tin beryllium secured perfectly utilizing nails.

Final Notes

Hopefully, now you cognize addition tile higher than existing roof is not an correction aliases creation flaw.

Reroofing will beryllium a awesome prime if you don’t want to switch your roof. Also, it saves valuable clip and money since nan aged tile doesn’t require a complete tear-off.

Note that adding a caller tile is challenging, and everyone can’t do it. It would ever beryllium champion to inquire for thief from a master roofer to complete nan occupation perfectly. They will inspect your existing tile and springiness you a portion of proposal regarding nan champion option.

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