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Craftsman Shop Vacs are made by Stanley Black & Decker and manufactured successful Northern Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

When group talk astir devices and equipment, Craftsman is simply a sanction that often comes up. People person loved Craftsman products since 1927!

However, galore get confused astir who makes Craftsman Shop Vacs. The marque has changed owners a fewer times, and this tin beryllium puzzling.

We’ll talk astir who makes these Shop Vacs and clear up immoderate myths and truths astir them.

Who Makes Craftsman Shop Vacs

About Craftsman and Their Tools

Craftsman is known for their Shop Vacs and different tools. They make manus tools, outdoor tools, and equipment. Their tools, particularly their Shop Vacs, are celebrated among users.

In 2007, a study said Craftsman was a apical marque group trusted. It besides won awards from magazines for illustration POPULAR MECHANICS. And, nosy fact, Craftsman is nan charismatic instrumentality marque for DIY Network and NASCAR!

They make awesome Shop Vacs for woodworking. If you’re interested, cheque retired reviews. Many group praise Craftsman Shop Vacs!

Even though Craftsman is famous, galore don’t cognize who makes their Shop Vacs. We’ll excavation into nan specifications astir who makes them and wherever you tin bargain them.

Who Makes Craftsman Shop Vacs?

Some deliberation Sears makes Craftsman devices because they sold Craftsman products. But that’s not true. Craftsman devices were really made by different companies.

Craftsman devices first appeared successful nan Sears catalog successful 1927. Later, aft Sears joined pinch Kmart, Craftsman devices were sold successful Kmart stores too.

But Sears didn’t make Craftsman Shop Vacs. So, who did? The reply is Stanley Black & Decker.

In 2017, Stanley Black & Decker started making Craftsman tools. They took complete from Sears Holdings and started producing nan tools.

Clearing Up Some Myths

Even though Sears sold Craftsman tools, they didn’t make them. They utilized designs and names for nan devices but had them made by different companies. Originally, galore of these devices were made successful nan USA, China, and Taiwan. But later, astir of nan accumulation moved to Asia.

When Stanley took complete Craftsman, they made immoderate changes. They moved accumulation to Texas, USA. This intends Craftsman devices are now made successful nan USA again!

However, there’s still immoderate disorder astir wherever nan devices are made. Depending connected wherever you bargain a Craftsman Shop Vac, it could beryllium made successful different places for illustration China, Taiwan, aliases nan USA.

Where to Buy Craftsman Shop Vacs?

You tin find Craftsman products successful galore stores. But to make judge you’re getting nan existent deal, bargain from trusted sellers.

Besides section stores, you tin bargain Craftsman devices online. Websites for illustration Amazon and eBay waste them. Whether you bargain online aliases in-store, make judge you get a warranty. This way, if there’s a problem, you tin get thief from nan company.


Big brands for illustration Craftsman tin alteration owners and manufacturers complete time. But nary matter who makes them, Craftsman Shop Vacs stay celebrated and trusted.

If you’ve utilized Craftsman products, stock your thoughts! Let others cognize really you consciousness astir them.