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More aliases less, each master woodworkers are acquainted pinch Laguna tools.

Laguna is 1 of nan galore companies that nutrient array saws successful galore shapes and sizes. For much than 30 years, Laguna has manufactured highly-rated array saws.

Most woodworkers apt usage Laguna tools, but galore person nary thought wherever they are really made. 

Let’s analyse nan origins of nan Laguna devices you employment done this post.

The Origin of Laguna Table Saws

At first, Laguna devices were made successful California, but nan existent ones you whitethorn clasp coming were made successful Texas. As a result, Laguna relocated their caller accumulation installation and showroom to Grand Prairie, Texas, successful 2020.

Its California installation could nary longer accommodate its growth; hence it had to move. In addition, a deficiency of business abstraction made it intolerable to grow successful nan city. 

Although nan manufacturing tract is successful Texas, Laguna still has a installation successful California. The company’s squad relocated to Huntington Beach to a caller location pinch a sizable showroom for their West Coast clients.

For its customers connected nan East Coast, Laguna besides maintains a distribution and training installation successful Columbia, South Carolina. Although nan company’s office are successful Texas, thing connected nan website states explicitly wherever Laguna devices are manufactured.

Laguna-Table-SawA Table Saw / Source

As we antecedently said, Texas is now location to nan Laguna production. As of now, nan institution manufactures table saws successful that city. Some reports said today’s galore Laguna devices are manufactured successful Europe and China. The promotional materials authorities that it is simply a European-style machine. In this way, you get nan belief that Laguna instrumentality is besides made successful Europe.

Though galore deliberation it’s conscionable a trading ploy, this could signify that nan machines person a European design. Because they only mention their Texas manufacturing works connected their website. Likely, immoderate of its instruments are produced abroad.

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Who Owns Laguna Tools?

Ok, now it is 1 of nan questionable facts astir nan company; who is nan proprietor of Laguna Tools? On its website, location is only accusation that it was established successful 1983 successful Laguna Beach, California, and Torben Helshoj is nan website’s founder. 

According to his website, he founded Laguna Tools because his civilization woodworking business urgently needed reliable, accurate, and unafraid woodworking equipment. However, location is nary confirmation that he still holds nan company’s laminitis title.

Based connected nan astir caller information, nan New York-based backstage equity institution Hudson Ferry Capital purchased Laguna Tools successful 2016. Hudson Ferry Capital appears to beryllium a partner of Laguna Tools connected immoderate websites.


According to our study, now that you cognize wherever Laguna array saws are made, nan astir apt action is Texas, wherever their accumulation mill is located.

On nan different hand, immoderate devices were astir apt made successful China aliases Europe. Whatever nan case, Laguna array saws are immoderate of nan champion available.

Additional Questions

Where do Laguna array saws travel from?

The location of Laguna array saws is Grand Prairie, Texas. This is wherever Laguna Tools has stationed its main guidelines of operations and wherever nan institution has been creating game-changing woodworking inventions for astir 4 decades. They continually push nan boundaries of nan industry, ensuring that their state-of-the-art woodworking tools, specified arsenic their renowned Laguna array saws, are ever top-of-the-line. I, an knowledgeable woodworker, personally usage Laguna devices and tin attest to their superior capacity and exceptional quality.

Who manufactures Laguna woodworking Tools?

Laguna woodworking devices are manufactured by IGM Laguna. As 1 of nan starring brands successful nan woodworking instrumentality market, a estimation they’ve earned complete nan past 3 decades, their exertion is well-established, innovative, and precisely designed to meet each your woodworking needs. Initially, nan institution was based successful Laguna Beach, California, but has since expanded its operations and power successful nan wood crafting industry.

What is nan location of Laguna Tools headquarters?

Laguna Tools operates its main office successful Irvine, California. The institution continues to beryllium a important subordinate successful nan woodworking industry, boasting 40 years of continuous innovation. They are recognized manufacture leaders, challenging accepted norms and introducing caller advancements to nan section of woodworking. They return a patient guidelines successful favour of cutting-edge methods arsenic opposed to outdated techniques, making them pioneers successful woodworking devices and machinery.

Is location a similarity betwixt Harvey and Laguna array saws?

When comparing nan Harvey C200 and Laguna Fusion F1 array saw, nan Harvey array saw appears to beryllium nan superior prime owed to its sturdier building and higher level of functionality. While Laguna Tools has an awesome array of bully value woodworking tools, successful this peculiar comparison, nan Harvey saw takes nan edge. Sharing from my individual experience, nan Harvey C200 has provided much durability and user-friendly aspects than nan Laguna Fusion F1. Although some devices would service a woodworker’s needs, nan Harvey saw’s capacity and build is undeniably standout.