What is a Double Bevel Miter Saw? [Compared to Single Bevel]

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When purchasing a caller saw for your workshop, you whitethorn surely travel crossed 2 types of miter saws; Single and Double Bevel. While some tin execute nan aforesaid types of cuts, what really differentiates them? 

A double bevel miter saw trim 45 degrees successful either guidance from nan halfway by rotating its saw head. You tin make cuts without moving nan woodwork. In comparison, a azygous bevel saw tin make an angled trim successful only a azygous direction.

But that’s not all. This article intends to screen each their differences and which is nan champion for you.

What is simply a Miter and Bevel Cut?

Before diving into nan 2 types of miter saw, let’s look astatine nan different types of cuts you tin execute connected your woodwork.

  • Crosscut: This is erstwhile you tin trim wood vertically, pinch nan perspective betwixt nan wood and nan leaf astatine 90 degrees.
  • Miter cut: This is fundamentally a crosscut, but you move nan saw leaf to trim crossed nan wood.
  • Bevel cut: When you tilt and move nan blade, nan resulting trim is astatine an inclined angle.
  • Compound cut: A substance of some miter and bevel cuts made into a azygous woodwork.

Now that you cognize astir cuts, it will beryllium easier to understand nan saws that tin make these.

What is simply a Miter Saw?

Strictly comparing, location are 3 types of Miter saw. They each tin make nan aforesaid cuts, but 1 adds much functionality than nan other.

A miter saw allows you to trim a workpiece astatine different angles by placing nan leaf vertically crossed nan wood. You tin make a crosscut, miter, and bevel cuts pinch it. There are chiefly 2 types of miter saws; compound and sliding miter saw.

A compound miter saw allows you to trim a bevel. That means, successful summation to miter cuts, you tin tilt nan saw caput and make angled cuts.

A sliding miter saw intends nan saw caput is connected rails. You tin make wide cuts by moving nan saw caput on nan magnitude of nan saw.

What are Single and Double Bevel Miter Saw?

A azygous bevel miter saw intends you tin tilt nan saw caput successful a azygous direction.

That intends you tin make bevel cuts successful a assortment of angles, but erstwhile you request to make nan trim successful nan other direction, nan full workpiece needs to beryllium removed and installed again.

A double-bevel miter saw is much flexible. You tin tilt its saw caput successful nan near and correct direction.

That intends nan woodwork does not request to move erstwhile you want to make a trim successful nan other direction.

Double bevel saws prevention you much clip arsenic you tin hide to rearrange everything aft each fewer minutes. This is captious for making meticulous cuts for pieces specified arsenic crown molding.

Benefits of Single and Double Bevel Miter Saw

By now, you already cognize a batch astir some types of saw. While some tin make nan aforesaid cuts, what use do you get by buying 1 complete nan other?

Let’s first look astatine nan benefits you get pinch a Single Bevel Miter Saw.

Single bevel miter saws are overmuch cheaper. You tin get 1 betwixt 100 – 300 dollars.

They are easy to run and measurement less. That intends for personification who is starting connected woodwork, these will beryllium cleanable for them. For example, this Dewalt azygous bevel saw comes pinch awesome features.

As for making those precision-level cuts, location is thing amended than 

a Dual Bevel Miter Saw. As nan woodwork does not request to beryllium moved, you tin activity connected much projects simultaneously. 

But this intends they are much costly than single-bevel ones. Higher-end units tin scope prices rubbing 1000 dollars.

Which Type of Saw Should You Get?

A Single Bevel Miter Saw is for you if you want a elemental saw that will screen your basal needs. Maybe you don’t activity pinch analyzable projects and want thing that is wallet-friendly. These are very easy to instal without requiring immoderate analyzable setup. 

For much seasoned professionals, a Dual Bevel Miter Saw is wholly worthy it. Even though it costs more, you are redeeming a batch of clip by going for it. 

You want a much meticulous instrumentality to complement your skills and want nan perks specified arsenic making double bevel cuts. If you person a ample workspace, this type of saw is perfect for you.

But that’s not all. Both types of saws are besides disposable arsenic compound and sliding variants. These further amended nan functionality of nan saw by giving you much options to make nan cut.


Your money is of awesome value to us. That is why this conception looks to reply immoderate further queries truthful that nan miter saw you acquisition serves you for nan longest magnitude of time.

Can a miter saw make a bevel cut?

Yes, you tin make a bevel trim utilizing a miter saw. When you swivel nan saw caput to nan required angle, you tin make bevel cuts to your workpiece.

Can you trim a miter and bevel astatine nan aforesaid time?

Yes, you tin trim a miter and bevel utilizing a miter saw. When you harvester some types of cut, it is known arsenic a compound cut. To do this, you are moving nan saw caput and tiling it comparative to nan aboveground of nan workpiece.