What Is A Cruiser Axe: Overall Information

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As personification is concerned about, what is simply a cruiser axe? Then we conscionable person to opportunity that double-edged axes are usually known arsenic nan cruiser ax. Moreover, a cruiser axe tin beryllium single-bit, double-bit, aliases smaller. They are known arsenic boys’ axes, campy axes, and saddle cruiser axes. The cruiser is chiefly a double-bit ax, weighing little than 3 pounds.

The word “cruiser” was mostly utilized to place a double-bit axe pinch a weight of astir 2 aliases 1/2 pounds, but single-bit axes were besides sold arsenic “cruisers” aliases “cruising axes.”

The L.L. Bean “Bean’s Hudson Bay Cruiser Axe” is popular. The Snow and Neally ax companies made L.L. Bean’s axes. So, an ax could beryllium both double-bit and single-bit.

Cruiser Axe: What is it?

An axe pinch 2 blades is known arsenic a “double-bit ax.” When 1 of nan blades becomes dull, nan personification tin usage different blade. For example, a very crisp felling leaf tin beryllium recovered connected immoderate double-bit axes, while nan 2nd leaf tin beryllium blunt. That blunt leaf tin beryllium utilized to trim knots and split wood.

A 3-5 lb. leaf and cruiser axe grip length is 32″–36″ straight. This measurement is nan cardinal characteristic of a double-bit ax.

Moreover, nan weight of a smaller double-bit axe is 2–4 lbs. This type of axe is called a “cruiser ax.” But unfortunately, these axes are nary longer manufactured successful ample quantities and are only utilized by lumberjacks.

Details astir Cruiser Axe

Cruiser axes are often ray weighted and easy to handle. However, galore group misunderstand nan conception because of nan cruiser’s doubleheader appearance; they mistakenly judge it is rather heavy, which is incorrect.

As a consequence of nan added weight of nan head, immoderate group debar utilizing a double-bit ax, but actually, they tin usage this axe normally. Mostly, they do not know how to usage nan cruiser axe. A double-bit axe has nan advantage of carrying 2 axes successful one. It eliminates nan request for 2 abstracted axes.

As we already know, a cruiser axe tin beryllium some azygous and double bit. As a result, knowing axe weight is essential. A single-bit cruiser axe pinch a 3–5-pound leaf and a 30″–36″ curved grip is commonly utilized for felling aliases splitting. 

But cruisers pinch a double-bit measurement betwixt 2 and 4 pounds. On nan different hand, a boy’s axe is considerably smaller than a azygous aliases double-bit ax.

Moreover, a 28-inch haft and a caput weight of 2 to 2-3/4 pounds are emblematic specifications for a cruiser ax. Suppose personification digs into nan history of nan ax. In that case, they tin find timber cruisers who were master lumberjacks and find retired nan worth of nan ax, giving these smaller axes their name. 

With these axes, you mightiness person nan aforesaid use of little predominant sharpening arsenic a full-size double-bit successful a smaller, lighter package.

These akin characteristics make cruiser axes suitable for nan modern personification who wants nan consciousness and equilibrium of a double spot but successful a much portable package.


What precisely are single-bit and double-bit axes?

A single-bit axe has 1 cutting separator connected 1 broadside and a level look connected nan other. Axes pinch 2 symmetrically opposed cutting edges are known arsenic “double-bit axes.”

What is simply a boy ax?

A “boy’s” ax is simply a middle-sized cruiser ax, formed pinch a steelhead.

What is simply a hewing axe?

A hewing ax is a wood-cutting tool. It’s equipped pinch respective leaf shapes.

Final Verdict

To summarize, nan reply astir what is simply a cruiser ax is, it is simply a two-headed ax pinch bully skills. Because of its two-blade capabilities, users tin usage this ax for a agelong time. A lumberjack tin usage a azygous spot aliases a double spot of cruiser according to his needs.

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