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A Serbian passport is not that difficult to get. The main point you will person to put is clip arsenic location is nary fast-track measurement to go a Serbian citizen. The state does not connection an economical citizenship program, truthful you tin only get citizenship by naturalization (which will return 5 to 7 years). One of nan tangible bonuses is nan number of visa-free countries for Serbian passport holders. Visa arrangements whitethorn change, of course, but nan state is doing its champion to support nan spot of its passport. Please travel nan nexus to find all nan accusation you whitethorn request connected visa-free countries for Serbians aliases talk to a master astir Serbian citizenship acquisition (our proposal is free!).

We would for illustration to be aware you against scammers offering Serbian citizenship by investment. The state does not connection specified a program! The rumor has been considered by nan government, but nary laws person been adopted, truthful nan only existing measurement is nan 1 that starts pinch a residence permit.

Receiving nan correct to ineligible residence successful Serbia is not very difficult, and you tin use utilizing a number of various ineligible grounds. If you legally reside successful Serbia for respective years, you will go a national by naturalization. The 2 astir celebrated ways see institution registration and buying existent property successful Serbia. You tin get much accusation astir these possibilities by clicking connected nan supra link.

List of Visa-Free Countries

If a passport holder tin participate a batch of countries without a visa, it intends that his aliases her passport is strong. The Serbian passport is not nan strongest archive successful nan world, but it will still springiness you entree to galore countries that you are judge to appreciate. Let’s return a look astatine immoderate of nan astir celebrated destinations.

  • Austria. You tin participate nan state without a visa and enactment location for 90 days complete a six-month period.
  • Albania. You will beryllium fixed 90 days of a visa-free stay.
  • Antigua and Barbuda. You tin participate nan state without a visa and enactment location for arsenic agelong arsenic you want.
  • Argentina. No visa is required if your enactment does not transcend 90 days.
  • Barbados. Free introduction and an unlimited stay.
  • Belgium. Cross nan separator without a visa and enactment successful nan state for 90 days each half a year.
  • Brazil. The state gives you 90 days without a visa.
  • Vanuatu. You tin participate nan state without a visa, but your enactment should beryllium constricted to 30 days.
  • Hungary. The visa-free enactment is restricted to 90 days wrong 6 months.
  • Haiti. You tin bask a 90-day enactment without a visa.
  • Germany. Visit nan state without a visa aliases a maximum of 90 days enactment each six months.
  • Grenada. The tropical land grants a visa-upon-arrival for 90 days.
  • Greece. You are invited to walk 90 days successful nan state visa-free (every half a year).
  • Dominica. You tin participate nan state without a visa and enactment location for nary much than 21 days.
  • Egypt. The state gives you an e-visa/visa-upon-arrival that is valid for 30 days.
  • Israel. You tin return advantage of a visa-free 90-day stay.
  • India. An e-visa will springiness you nan correct to enactment successful nan state for 60 days and tin beryllium obtained doubly during a almanac year. You are allowed to get via 3 designated seaports aliases 25 designated airports.
  • You tin get a visa upon arrival. However, nan opportunity is constricted to immoderate introduction points and requires fulfillment of a number of conditions.
  • China. You tin enactment successful nan state without a visa for 30 days.
  • Costa Rica. Benefit from a visa-free 90-day stay.
  • Cuba. No visa is required to enactment successful nan state for 90 days.
  • Mauritius. You tin get a visa upon presence and bask a 60-day stay.
  • Maldives. A visa issued upon presence will springiness you nan correct to enactment successful nan tropical paradise for 30 days.
  • Monaco. Enjoy a visa-free introduction to nan destination.

Please click connected nan supra nexus to spot a afloat database of countries.

Keep successful mind that a Serbian passport provides not only a awesome number of visa-free destinations. Being a Serbian national is besides astir debased taxes, fantabulous banking, and a relaxed lifestyle.

More astir Serbian Passport

If you are successful a overseas country, nan Serbian passport will beryllium issued to you by Serbian consulates aliases nan Ministry of nan Interior. Possession of a Serbian passport gives you nan correct to petition thief from Serbian consulates and embassies if you request to. Serbian citizens cannot person much than 1 passport.

  • Serbians get passports erstwhile they are born, and nan first archive is valid for 3 years. The validity of nan 2nd passport ranges betwixt 5 and 10 years. The imperishable passport is issued erstwhile nan Serbian turns 14. If you taxable an exertion extracurricular Serbia, nan passport will beryllium issued by nan Serbian consulate successful a overseas state wrong 60 days. If nan exertion is revenge successful Serbia, your passport will beryllium issued successful a matter of 30 days. If you request to accelerate passport issuance, you will beryllium capable to get 1 wrong 48 hours for an further fee. Serbians person been receiving biometric passports since 2008.

The issuance of Serbian passports is regulated by nan 2007 Travel Document Act arsenic amended. The burgundy-covered passport has a biometric passport awesome to show that it has an RFID spot astatine nan screen bottom. You will find nan blue-colored Serbian overgarment of arms connected nan reverse broadside of nan beforehand cover. On nan cover, you will spot nan sanction of nan state and nan connection “passport” successful 3 languages: French, English, and Serbian (in Cyrillic). Consular assistance accusation successful 3 languages is disposable connected nan past page of nan document.

There are 3 countries that are parties to an statement pinch Serbia, and you tin usage a Serbian ID paper (Lična Karta) alternatively of a passport to recreation to them. These are:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina wherever you tin enactment for 90 days without a visa.
  • Macedonia that allows nan aforesaid number of visa-free days.
  • Montenegro that gives you 30 visa-free days.

Do you person immoderate questions astir obtaining a Serbian passport? Feel free to click connected nan supra nexus and observe much accusation connected Serbia aliases usage a unrecorded chat during agency hours to talk nan existing opportunities pinch an expert.

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