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Neptune has revolutionized h2o meters and has a estimation for its meticulous results. But moreover nan champion sometimes mightiness troubleshoot. Their probability of having Neptune metre problems is rare. Still, moreover if you are experiencing this problem, our experts sewage your back. Neptune h2o metre problems commonly hap if nan metre has an aerial valve aliases metre antagonistic aliases leakage.

Understanding Neptune’s h2o metre malfunction depends connected investing and watching its condition. It is important to diagnose nan existent problem initially, aliases incorrect problem repair mightiness telephone upon an accident. Read nan guideline beneath to place nan metre problem and its solution successful depth.

3 Reasons Behind Neptune Water Meter Problems

Inaccurate resultRepair through
LeakageCheck building plumbing strategy to repair
Air valve malfunctionFixing soul plumbing pipes aliases valve

Problem 1: Inaccurate Result

Inaccurate metre problems are beautiful tricky to find because nan monthly usage of h2o is not nan same. If you spot a Neptune h2o metre pinch nary show mode ever on, past beryllium judge that nan inaccuracy leads to this.

Firstly, cheque your metre each period erstwhile nan inferior worker checks and notes down nan number. If nan h2o metre is successful bully condition, past you’ll not find overmuch quality successful numbers.

However, if nan metre is down, past you’ll spot important number differences. Also, publication nan past number of your measure and existent metre reading, and if some are nan same, past nan Neptune metre is faulty.

Note down nan metre number successful nan greeting and astatine nighttime if you only enactment astatine location for a speedy measurement. Suppose nan number changes, past nan Neptune h2o metre not moving correctly. Sometimes inaccuracy tin bespeak metre leak.

Also, if there’s nary h2o unit yet, nan number keeps increasing; that is simply a complete inaccuracy issue. Neptune metre tends to spell connected a nary show mode if nan h2o unit reference is ninety aliases above, indicating imaginable danger.

Then again, different users person complained astir expanding metre numbers contempt 50 psi beneath h2o pressure. That is simply a straight-accuracy issue.


We highly discourage DIYs erstwhile it comes to h2o meters. It is simply a risky job, and master inferior trainers tin grip it smoothly. For an expanding aliases different number issue, it is wise to interaction a professional.

Still, for unit problems, you tin set nan drainage system. For example, you tin instal a blockage tube to thief nan Neptune metre enactment successful spot for excessive pressure.

Problem 2: Leakage Issue

Again, to find Neptune h2o metre issues, nan champion solution is to show and observe. In lawsuit of leak detection, move disconnected each h2o strategy successful your building. That besides includes section plot hose pipe, washing machines, and dishwashers. Then publication your Neptune metre travel parameter to publication nan travel indication.

Even aft turning disconnected each source, your metre shows mini movements meaning nan ticker moving successful clicks. There’s a plumbing leak successful nan building.

Neptune has a operation of ticker and number reference which makes it much precocious than regular meters. So, moreover if you can’t publication nan ticker, past statement down nan numbers.

Besides, nan caller Neptune SEER study useful awesome for leak problems, particularly nan neptune e coder h2o metre problems. Technically, nan metre doesn’t leak; instead, your plumbing strategy does.

Check retired nan metre betwixt your section and location if it’s summertime and if you observe a bedewed writer space. In lawsuit you do, past it’s nan closest tube having a h2o leak. Even a leak tin hap successful a crawlspace wrong nan plumbing pipe. But if nan leak occurs from nan slab, it is astir apt actual that is causing nan leak.


In lawsuit of a building plumbing leak, nan elemental reply is to repair nan faulty pipes. But if it’s nether a actual slab, past replacement is simply a much suitable action than repair.

It is because nan aerial nether tin temper nan tube value owed to oxygen deprivation. But moreover aft checking, if you don’t find immoderate leak successful nan house, interaction Neptune customer service. If nan problem occurs wrong nan warranty, they connection free repair.

Problem 3: Air Valve Malfunction

Finally, different communal logic why Neptune h2o metre faulty appearance occurs is aerial valve malfunction. It intends nan number shown connected nan metre is for h2o and air.

Mostly, this happens for plumbing leaks and besides mediocre h2o quality, and excessive pressure. So, you are paying for some h2o and aerial pressure.

We tried retired a faulty Neptune metre and filled up a 1.5-gallon bucket. We changed nan aerial valve arsenic a test. We instantly saw nan metre tuned down numbers to 60%, meaning nan 1.5 gallons is really 1.1 gallons.

Water travel turbulence tin impact nan aerial valve severely. The sheer exertion of Neptune now has brought caller updates to conflict turbulence. The aerial valve task is to extremity letting aerial wrong nan Neptune meter, and malfunction of nan valve besides indicated early plumbing aliases drainage problems and moreover soul tube damage.


We counsel you to alteration nan aerial valve successful nan metre instantly aft identifying nan problem. If you are useful pinch a h2o meter, past you tin do it yourself.

Still, we highly urge contacting customer work if you are new. If still, nan problem doesn’t solve, past cheque your drainage strategy and get nan plumber.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Know If My Water Meter is Faulty?

If your h2o metre shows immense numbers and unconventional numbers moreover utilizing little water, it is astir apt faulty.

How Do I Fix My Neptune Water Meter?

In lawsuit if nan aerial valve is not working, past simply instal a caller one. But we highly urge taking a professional’s thief aliases contacting Neptune customer service.

Is It Possible for A Water Meter to Malfunction?

Yes, and conscionable for illustration immoderate different regular device, it tin origin problems. If your building has plumbing and drainage problems and your metre is old, past there’s a precocious anticipation of malfunction.


Neptune is simply a large sanction successful nan h2o metre world. Fortunately, Neptune’s precocious exertion has made it easy to observe immoderate benignant of Neptune h2o metre problems.

However, nan parameter tends to show leaks, and metre readers tin easy spot it. In lawsuit of a leak, we counsel replacing nan leaking tube immediately. If you find that your Neptune metre has different problems than mentioned above, we counsel you to interaction Neptune customer service.

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