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Many homeowners coming are looking to update their homes by coating complete stained wood surfaces. Whether it’s oak-colored trim, baseboards, aliases step rails from nan 80s and 90s, coating stained wood tin beryllium a labor-intensive process.

One important measurement successful achieving a long-lasting and professional-looking decorativeness is selecting nan correct primer. In this blog post, we will research nan champion primers for coating stained wood based connected extended investigation and testing.

The Standard Process

When it comes to covering stained wood surfaces, nan modular process involves sanding, priming, and applying aggregate coats of paint. The extremity is to create a beardown enslaved betwixt nan overgarment and nan stained surface, ensuring that nan overgarment won’t peel off.

To execute this bond, a primer is essential. However, erstwhile dealing pinch glossy surfaces for illustration lacquered aliases polyurethane-finished baseboards, due aboveground mentation is important to guarantee nan primer and overgarment adhere correctly.

Research and Testing

To find nan champion primer for coating stained wood, we conducted extended investigation and reached retired to starring overgarment manufacturers specified arsenic Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG, and Behr/Home Depot.

The statement was that newer water-based primers are highly effective for this type of project. While oil-based aliases solvent-based primers were antecedently recommended, they are often much challenging to activity pinch and little environmentally friendly.

Testing Primers

In our testing, we utilized oak-stained furniture doors arsenic they correspond nan astir communal type of wood that homeowners want to paint. We wanted to understand really different primers performed successful position of bonding and stain blocking.

To Sand aliases Not to Sand

One facet we explored was nan level of sanding required earlier priming. We tested 3 scenarios: nary sanding, ray scuff sanding, and afloat sanding.

Afterward, we applied different primers to each doorway and conducted scratch tests aft 24 hours and 38 days of curing. We understand that overgarment products tin toggle shape complete time, and their properties tin change, forming a stronger enslaved arsenic they cure.

The Best Primer for Painting Stained Wood

The Best Primer for Painting Stained Wood are:

  1. Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer
  2. Behr Bonding Primer
  3. Stix Primer from Benjamin Moore

Top Performing Primers

After experimenting pinch galore primers, we identified nan apical performers for coating stained wood. The champion primers for bonding and wide capacity were:

Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer

This high-end primer showed minimal quality successful bonding betwixt sanded and non-sanded areas. However, it did not execute arsenic good arsenic a stain-blocking primer, arsenic nan oak’s yellowish colour showed through.

Behr Bonding Primer

This primer exhibited fantabulous bonding capacity and stain blocking. It resisted scraping moreover connected nan non-sanded side, though location were immoderate scuff marks.

Stix Primer from Benjamin Moore

Stix primer demonstrated beardown bonding, moreover though location was flimsy deterioration connected nan non-sanded side. It performed exceptionally good overall.

Considerations for Lower-Priced Primers

While high-end primers outperformed their lower-priced counterparts successful our tests, we besides examined a celebrated lower-priced option, Kilz 2 All Purpose Primer.

This primer was little costly but tended to spell connected thinner compared to nan others. We were capable to scrape disconnected nan primer connected nan non-sanded side, which was not nan lawsuit pinch nan higher-end primers.


Based connected our investigation and testing, nan champion primers for coating stained wood are Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer, Behr Bonding Primer, and Stix Primer from Benjamin Moore. These primers excelled successful bonding and wide performance, providing a beardown instauration for a successful overgarment job.

Although sanding, priming, and coating stay nan recommended process for coating stained wood, our experiments showed that these high-end primers tin supply an replacement for homeowners looking to prevention connected labour costs. However, it’s important to statement that sanding still plays a important domiciled successful achieving nan champion results.

Remember to consult pinch master painters aliases experts for personalized proposal based connected your circumstantial task requirements. With nan correct primer and due preparation, you tin toggle shape your stained wood surfaces into a caller and updated look.