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Table Saw Safety Rules 2019 – Don’t Ignore!

A array saw is astir apt nan astir wide utilized powerfulness instrumentality successful immoderate woodshop. But it tin beryllium vulnerable causing much debilitating injuries if not utilized properly.

Data shows that 720,000 accidents hap per twelvemonth which are associated pinch woodworking, Among them, 42% hap owed to improper usage of nan array saw.


Table Saw Safety Rules 2023

– Don’t Ignore! But don’t request to beryllium afraid.

You tin support you from harm’s way, by pursuing due information rules earlier and during utilizing a array saw.

Here are immoderate must-follow array saw information rules that you shouldn’t ignore.

Most Essential Table Saw Safety Rules

Must- Follow Safety Rules earlier Using A Table Saw

#1 Read nan Manual Carefully

Don’t hide to publication nan instruction manual. It’ll thief you to understand nan assembly process and usage of nan machine. Learn nan location of each table saw parts of nan circumstantial model. Reading nan manual is basal to study nan due exertion and limitation of nan unit.

Moreover, it’ll thief you to cognize nan wide information norm for wide information precautions.

#2 Follow a Habit-Forming Checklist earlier Start Sawing

  • Place nan portion successful a well-lit, non-congested place.
  • Eliminate each nan scrap materials, debris, different devices and fasteners from nan array of nan saw. Make judge that nan 2-inch perimeter is clear and clutter-free each astir nan saw.
  • Use nan saw blades that suit champion to nan materials. For example, debar utilizing a crosscut leaf for ripping and vice versa. Make judge that nan leaf is crisp capable to get nan occupation done.
  • Cautiously cheque retired nan tightness of nan arbor nut. Check nan leaf for crack, chipped teeth, and different defects. You must do each these pinch nan portion unplugged.
  • Adjust nan blade tallness pursuing nan information measures.


  • You tin widen nan flat-ground blades but nary much than ¼- inch supra nan wood. On nan different hand, you tin raise nan planer aliases hollow-ground blades to debar binding.
  • For due operation, you must cheque nan array saw information accessories specified arsenic anti-kickback device, splitter, blade guard, riving knife. Make judge that these array saw information equipments are moving correctly. Inspect these points earlier you plug connected nan unit.

#3 Check that nan table saw blade defender is easy to move up and down to accommodate it according to different wood thickness.

#4 You whitethorn request to move disconnected nan move connected nan emergency situation. So, admit nan location of nan move on/ disconnected fastener aliases paddle. Also, double cheque nan information of nan switch.

# 5 If you usage a corded- electrical array saw, re-align nan electrical cord to debar tripping complete it.

#6 Align nan rip fence parallel to nan blade. Make judge that nan obstruction is locked successful position aft you group your desired width.

#7 Visually inspect nan workpiece for immoderate overseas materials. Screw, nail, staple aliases a loose knot successful nan workpiece whitethorn beryllium vulnerable if it comes successful interaction pinch nan moving blade. If possible, usage a metallic detector for checking these overseas objects

Must- Follow Safety Rules While Using a Table Saw

#1 Have nan basal PPE. Don’t hide to deterioration information glasses aliases goggles to protect your eyes. If nan materials thin to chip, to debar flying complete nan particulate usage a full-face shield. Also, deterioration earplugs aliases earmuffs to protect your ears from nan large sound produced during array saw running. Wear non-slip protective boot/ footwear erstwhile needed.

#2 Use nan leaf defender that comes pinch nan portion aliases immoderate different designed to usage pinch nan saw.

#3 When pushing nan workpiece done nan blade, clasp it firmly down connected nan array aboveground and against nan fence.

#3 If your projects impact moving pinch nan ample workpiece, guarantee that you person capable support to clasp the committee aliases plywood. You whitethorn usage roller support, stand, outfeed aliases hold array astatine nan backmost aliases broadside of nan unit. It’ll make nan ripping process easier to finish.

#4 Push done nan workpiece into nan leaf against nan guidance of its rotation.

#5 When making a transverse cut, move nan obstruction retired of nan way.

#6 Use a push stick, splitter aliases push show erstwhile ripping short aliases constrictive banal (less than six inches).  It’s safe to usage push instrumentality to return distant nan trim portion from nan unit.

#7 Make judge that your push instrumentality is useful capable for immoderate cuts. Keeping 1 much push instrumentality adjacent your manus is convenient.

#8 Keep your hands and fingers retired of nan statement of nan blade.

#9 Use nan correct clearance inserts to support safe your fingers from being adjacent to nan moving blade.

#10 Avoid free-hand sawing. Your cuts must beryllium incorporated either miter gauge aliases rip fence.

#11 While working, guidelines connected by keeping your weight arsenic balanced connected some feet.

#12 Maintain a safe opinionated position while you’re moving pinch your array saw. Never guidelines straight down nan workpiece aliases successful beforehand of nan blade. Stay a small spot broadside of nan instrumentality retired of nan statement of nan imaginable array saw kickback.

Some More Table Saw Safety Tips

  • When you’re tired aliases consciousness anxiety, don’t tally your array saw. Also, enactment distant from moving pinch a array saw erstwhile you’re connected medication.
  • Pay attraction while you’re moving pinch your array saw. Don’t unreserved and make a scheme for your cuts.
  • If you request to trim repeatedly, return a break aft moving immoderate times to debar boredom.
  • Never scope astir aliases complete aliases effort to make immoderate leaf accommodation complete a moving blade. Disconnect nan powerfulness cord first.
  • Never effort to trim warped aliases h2o damaged boards arsenic these whitethorn origin nan workpiece to kickback.
  • Never usage nan miter gauge and obstruction together.
  • Avoid wearing manus gloves while moving pinch your array saw.
  • Never effort to push nan workpiece faster than nan instrumentality tin accept.
  • Never time off your moving array saw unattended.  Power disconnected nan move and make judge nan leaf stops wholly earlier you time off nan workplace.
  • Lower nan leaf beneath nan array aboveground and disconnect nan portion from nan powerfulness root erstwhile not successful use.
  • Use nan effective particulate cleaning system.
  • Be observant capable erstwhile cleaning, waxing aliases servicing nan table. 
  • Unplug nan portion earlier doing thing connected nan table.

Summing Up

To sum up, you must run your array saw pinch utmost caution.

Hope, nan above-discussed array saw information rules would beryllium adjuvant for operators and supervisors successful nan industry.

Follow The Safety Tips, Stay Safe And Work Efficiently!

Thanks for reading.