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More aliases less, we each look problems pinch our location plumbing system, and struggling pinch a faulty ablution knob is 1 of those. There’s a communal title that nan shower knob turns but nary water runs done nan faucet. 

To hole this, you request to find retired wherever nan problem is and return action accordingly. Here you will cognize really a knob useful to support nan h2o proviso connected done nan faucet and what keeps nan knob turning without immoderate h2o dripping. And finally, you will fig retired really to hole this problem.

Shower Knob Turns But No Water Coming Out – A Quick Fix

To statesman with, let’s return a speedy look astatine what causes a spinning ablution knob and what nan solution is. 

Shower knob mightiness beryllium looseTighten nan knob
The splines wrong nan knob mightiness beryllium strippedRepair nan knob aliases switch it
Shower valve stem mightiness beryllium strippedRepair nan valve stem aliases switch it

Now that you cognize nan reasons, earlier digging deeper into nan problem, we request to understand really a faucet works.

 A bid of splines aliases mini gears wrong of nan ablution knob is interlocked pinch different bid connected nan valve stem of nan faucet. When you move nan knob, nan splines connected nan knob make interaction pinch nan splines connected nan valve stem, causing nan travel of h2o done nan faucet.

Years of usage causes nan splines of nan knob aliases nan valve stem aliases possibly some to beryllium corroded aliases stripped. As a result, it becomes loose, and nan shower knob turns and turns nary water comes done nan faucet.

Whatever nan logic is, let’s fig retired really to make it work.

Here are immoderate easy methods of really to hole a loose aliases stripped ablution knob.

Stuff that you will request done nan process are:

  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver / Allen Key
  • Plumbing Tape

If nan Knob is Loose

Sometimes, nan knob becomes loose, and simply tightening it will hole nan problem.

Before getting to work, it is safe to move disconnected nan h2o supply.

Now, return a flathead screwdriver and usage its caput to simply assistance and to unfastened nan metallic covering astatine nan halfway of nan knob. And present you spot nan screw. If you person a grip alternatively of a rotary knob, you whitethorn find nan screw astatine nan guidelines of nan handle.

Now usage a Phillips caput screwdriver aliases an Allen key, whichever fits your screw to tighten it. That’s it! That’s each you request to tighten nan ablution knob. Yeah, it’s that easy.

Put nan metallic lid backmost and cheque if everything useful alright. If still nan knob spins and h2o doesn’t travel out, past nan problem mightiness beryllium connected nan splines of nan knob aliases nan valve stem.

If nan Knob aliases nan Valve Stem is Stripped

If tightening nan screw wrong nan ablution knob doesn’t work, past you request to return nan knob disconnected to spot wherever nan problem is.

  • Open nan metallic screen for illustration earlier and usage your screwdriver aliases Allen cardinal counterclockwise to get nan screw out.

Don’t hide to put nan screw location safe because you won’t for illustration it getting lost.

  • Now, bring nan knob retired and return a look. Maybe nan stem aliases splines of nan knob are stripped. Don’t worry. Plumbing portion tin adhd much life to your ablution knob.
  • Take a plumbing tape, besides known arsenic Teflon tape, and wrap it astir nan valve stem. 3 aliases 4 layers of portion will beryllium enough. Don’t overdo it; otherwise, you can’t fresh nan knob backmost on. 
  • Put nan knob and nan screw backmost successful spot and tighten nan screw properly.

And you are done!

If nan knob aliases nan valve is worn truthful heavy that it can’t negociate to person a bully grip anymore, past it’s clip to switch nan knob pinch a caller one. The process of replacing nan knob is nan aforesaid arsenic opening it and putting it back, arsenic mentioned earlier.
Don’t hide to return nan aged knobs and screws pinch you to nan hardware shop to find nan nonstop lucifer for your aged fittings. If your preferred marque is not disposable astatine nan store, a cosmopolitan faucet grip is an alternative.
If nan valve stem is damaged, you request to switch nan full valve. And it’s a spot tricky to region it. It is past amended to return thief from a professional.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How do you hole a spinning ablution handle?

One logic for having a spinning ablution grip is that it mightiness beryllium loose. To hole it, you person to tighten nan screw that holds nan handle. A stripped valve stem is different reason, which tin beryllium fixed utilizing plumbing portion astir nan stem. But, if nan valve stem is truthful worn and incapable to grip nan handle, you request to switch it.

Why is location nary h2o coming retired of my shower?

 A bid of splines aliases mini gears wrong of nan ablution knob is interlocked pinch different bid connected nan valve stem of nan faucet. When you move nan knob, nan splines connected nan knob interaction nan splines connected nan valve stem, causing h2o flow. Years of usage origin corrosion, and nan splines don’t link and activity properly.

How do you cognize if your ablution valve is bad?

If nan ablution knob aliases grip keeps spinning moreover aft you person tightened it aliases fixed it utilizing plumbing tape, and nary h2o comes out, past nan problem mightiness beryllium pinch nan ablution valve. If this is nan case, you request to switch nan valve.

Bottom Line

Finally, nan clip is complete to kick that my ablution knob turns but nary water comes out. Now you tin hole it successful nary time, and nan champion portion is it doesn’t require you to walk overmuch money.

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