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Safely Remove Latex Paint from Hardwood Floors

Discovering dried latex overgarment splatters and drips connected your beautiful hardwood floors tin beryllium disheartening. However, pinch nan correct approach, you tin safely region latex overgarment without damaging nan floor’s finish.

In this blog post, we will supply you pinch a step-by-step guideline connected really to safely region latex overgarment from hardwood floors, utilizing methods that impact minimal chemicals and trim nan consequence of damage.

Step 1: Scraping pinch a Plastic Scraper

Begin by mildly scraping nan dried latex overgarment splatters pinch a integrative scraper tool, specified arsenic a integrative putty knife. It’s important to scrape pinch nan atom of nan wood to debar scratching aliases digging retired chunks of nan floor.

The extremity is to region nan overgarment without harming nan finish. If this method doesn’t work, proceed to nan adjacent step.

Step 2: Damp Microfiber Cloth & Mild Soap

If scraping unsocial is not effective, dampen a microfiber cloth pinch a driblet of mild dishwashing liquid. Rub nan overgarment splatters mildly successful nan guidance of nan wood grain.

Apply unit while rubbing, arsenic nan moisture tin thief soften nan paint. Once nan overgarment is softened, usage nan integrative scraper to mildly region it.

Step 3: Goof Off Paint Splatter Remover

For stubborn water-based latex overgarment splatters, you tin effort using Goof Off Paint Splatter Remover. Before utilizing this product, it’s basal to trial it successful an inconspicuous area to guarantee it doesn’t harm nan finish.

Follow nan manufacturer’s instructions cautiously and use nan remover specifically to nan overgarment splatters. If immoderate harm occurs, discontinue usage immediately.

Step 4: Professional Assistance for Oil-Based Paint

If nan aforementioned methods person not been successful, it’s imaginable that nan dried overgarment is oil-based.

“Dealing pinch oil-based overgarment requires expertise, and it’s champion to consult a master hardwood level master aliases a hardwood flooring company. They tin supply guidance connected further approaches that whitethorn beryllium suitable for your circumstantial situation.


  • Always trial immoderate cleaning method aliases merchandise successful an inconspicuous area earlier applying it to nan full affected area.
  • Avoid utilizing harsh chemicals aliases abrasive devices that whitethorn origin harm to nan hardwood floor’s finish.
  • Work mildly and patiently to debar unnecessary unit aliases scratching.


Removing dried latex overgarment from hardwood floors tin beryllium a challenging task, but by pursuing nan correct techniques, you tin execute successful results without causing damage.

Start pinch gentle methods specified arsenic scraping pinch a integrative scraper and utilizing a damp microfiber cloth pinch mild soap. If needed, cautiously effort Goof Off Paint Splatter Remover. Remember, erstwhile dealing pinch oil-based paint, it’s champion to activity master advice.