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Ryobi 10 in. array saw pinch folding guidelines is surely 1 celebrated prime for immoderate homeowner who’s looking for a reliable array saw astatine a reasonable price.

But is it really nan champion action available?

In this Ryobi Table Saw Review, we’re going to return a person look astatine features, advantages and shortcomings associated pinch this particular array saw. So, by nan clip you’ve vanished reading, you’ll person a amended thought astir whether this exemplary is nan correct prime for you.

Without further ado, let’s return a person look astatine nan overview of this peculiar array saw.

Ryobi RTS11 Review 2021 

Ryobi Table Saw Review Ryobi 10 In Table Saw With Folding Stand RTS11

Ryobi RTS11 is simply a awesome array saw for immoderate DIY woodworker aliases master that suits astir of basal woodworking needs. It’s an perfect portion for location repair, woodworking, and renewal projects. What’s more, it’s a bully action for budget-conscious pro.

This portion comes pinch galore must-have features that you’d find successful a higher-end array saw astatine a fraction of nan value of competing models. RTS11 offers you a amazingly effective capacity particularly successful regards to its debased value tag.

Core Features & Benefits

Ryobi RTS11 has galore basal features including a sturdy stand, each astatine a very affordable price.

  • Powerful 15-amp motor- to tackle a scope of reliable materials
  • Steel rotation cage creation for added durability and framework strength
  • Detachable folding guidelines for easiness of usage and storage
  • A built-in hold table- to connection you much flexibility
  • Cast aluminum array apical for a flat, durable and lightweight activity surface
  • Integrated particulate chute accepts each communal hoses
  • Tool-free out-feed hold for further rear worldly support
  • Onboard retention for included accessories
  • Quick-folding X-stand- to make it easy to move astir your jobsite

The Design

Ryobi designed nan RTS11 to beryllium elastic and easy to use. The size of nan portion and nan powerfulness of its centrifugal harvester to make short activity of hardwoods and thing other you’ll request to cut. It is simply a good-sized, durable capable array saw, acknowledgment to its Steel rotation cage design

This portion comes pinch a guidelines that does its occupation greatly. Also, it’s very easy to detach from nan saw.

It’s bully to adhd present that Ryobi RTS11 comes pinch each nan accessories including a push instrumentality which you tin conveniently shop connected nan broadside of nan table.


The array saw features a 15-amp centrifugal that tin nutrient a no-load velocity of 47000 rpm. As acold arsenic nan rip capacity, it offers 12- inch correct of nan blade, acknowledgment to its hold table. On nan different hand, you’ll get 8- inch near of nan blade. If you want to usage a dado blade, this portion fto you instal up to ½- inch pinch dado pharynx plate. This makes it perfect for immoderate mini woodworking project.

Safety Features

Ryobi 10 array saw strategy comes pinch capable information features.

First of all, its obstruction is safe capable to use. It moves freely. It locks down tight successful nan beforehand and backmost position making it much unafraid to use. It won’t move astir to origin immoderate problem. Even if, it lets you set nan tightness of nan moving fence.

Moreover, location is simply a screw connected nan backmost of nan fence. You tin set it to make nan backmost locking strategy looser aliases tighter. Additionally, Ryobi table saw blade defender ensures its safe operation.

Package Includes

  • Rts11 array saw
  • Folding stand
  • Mounting hardware
  • 10 in. Blade
  • Push stick
  • Miter gauge
  • Rip fence
  • Guarding assembly
  • Anti-kickback pawls
  • Operator’s manual

Things We Liked About It

  • Well-designed and powerful
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight, but durable
  • Impressive velocity of nan motor
  • Long lasting 10-inch carbide blade

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The saw is simply a small tricky to assemble, but not excessively bad.
  • Its 12- inch ripping aboveground is awesome for astir cuts. But it’s mini for immoderate of nan larger cuts. For a larger task wherever you request to rip thing longer than 12- inch, this portion is not perfect.  However, if you region nan slid and ripping fence, you tin easy trim nan longer pieces of wood crossed nan saw freehand.
Ryobi Table Saw Review Ryobi 10 In Table Saw

About Ryobi

The RYOBI is 1 of nan astir innovative and world’s largest institution making nan champion homeowner powerfulness devices for nan money. It’s 1 of nan champion worth brands around, specialized successful producing pro-featured powerfulness devices and outdoor products that are genuinely inexpensive. In fact, Ryobi is nan sanction of prime for millions of DIY woodworkers for their reliable yet affordable products.

Ryobi has done a batch of things to group their powerfulness devices isolated from different manufacturers. In particular, this institution focuses connected designing powerfulness devices that fresh your fund and connection characteristic choices that matter astir to homeowners.

Ryobi has invested a batch of clip and investigation into processing powerfulness devices that will not only present fantabulous capacity but tin besides beryllium affordable.

In respect to nan array saw, buying a merchandise from Ryobi is mostly a bully finance if you’re looking for thing you tin count on.

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FAQ On: Ryobi Folding Table Saw RTS11

1. Why does a array saw motor/ leaf slow down?

A array saw leaf whitethorn slow down owed to respective reasons. First, if you usage nan hold cord aliases powerfulness root that limits nan magnitude of powerfulness to nan unit, nan centrifugal won’t beryllium capable to scope its maximum speed. Second, gum building up connected nan leaf whitethorn origin nan centrifugal to slow down. Third, if nan brushes of nan centrifugal deterioration distant owed to reaching nan extremity of its life, nan centrifugal will commencement moving slower. Finally, a dull leaf makes it tougher for nan centrifugal to trim done nan materials.

2. How tin I support my array saw properly?

Some of nan champion maintenance believe for a array saw are-

  • Frequently cleanable retired nan saw particulate that gets wrong nan centrifugal lodging and saw’s cabinet. It’ll thief to forestall build-up.
  • Using an automotive wax, polish nan array of nan unit. It’ll make thief to make nan aboveground slipper for nan materials to descent across.
  • Degum nan leaf by utilizing gum remover aliases pitch.
  • Clean nan integrative parts of nan portion pinch lukewarm soapy water. But earlier doing immoderate attraction work, make judge you detach nan powerfulness cord.

Summing up

Overall, Ryobi RTS11 is an fantabulous array saw to usage for location repair, woodworking, and renewal projects.

We urge it to immoderate DIY homeowner aliases Professional for cool projects that won’t break nan bank.

Every homeowner should person this Ryobi 10 in. Table Saw RTS11.

Thanks for reference this Ryobi Table Saw Review.