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If you unrecorded successful an older location pinch asbestos siding, you whitethorn beryllium wondering if it’s imaginable to overgarment complete it.

The bully news is that coating asbestos siding is so an option.

In this blog post, we will research nan dos and don’ts, arsenic good arsenic supply you pinch tips and tricks for successfully coating asbestos siding.

Is It Better to Paint Asbestos Tile Siding aliases Replace It?

When it comes to asbestos tile siding, you whitethorn beryllium faced pinch nan determination of whether to overgarment complete it aliases switch it entirely. While asbestos abatement aliases removal tin beryllium expensive, coating nan siding is simply a much affordable alternative.

Unless nan asbestos is deteriorating and causing wellness concerns, coating nan siding is simply a viable option.

Benefits of Painting Asbestos Siding

There are respective benefits to coating asbestos siding alternatively of replacing it:

  1. Paint adheres good to asbestos siding, making it easy to cover.
  2. Paint tin protect nan siding from deterioration, extending its lifespan.
  3. Painting nan siding prevents it from becoming a wellness hazard.
  4. Painting is simply a cost-effective solution compared to complete replacement.

Is It Safe to Paint Over Asbestos Siding?

In general, it is safer to overgarment complete asbestos siding than to region it. The process of asbestos removal tin merchandise harmful fibers into nan air, posing a consequence of inhalation. However, erstwhile preparing nan aboveground for painting, definite information precautions must beryllium taken to minimize nan consequence of asbestos exposure.

How to Prep for Painting Asbestos Siding

Before you commencement coating asbestos siding, it’s basal to decently hole nan surface. Here are nan recommended steps:

  1. Test for Lead-Based Paint: Since asbestos and lead-based overgarment were commonly utilized astir nan aforesaid time, it’s important to trial for lead content. Samples tin beryllium analyzed utilizing a trial kit disposable online.
  2. Clean nan Siding: Regardless of nan beingness of lead-based paint, cleaning nan siding is necessary. Avoid utilizing power aliases dry, abrasive methods that whitethorn merchandise asbestos fibers. Pressure washing connected a debased mounting aliases manus scrubbing pinch a solution of crockery detergent and lukewarm h2o are safe options.

How to Paint Over Asbestos Siding

Once nan aboveground is prepped, coating asbestos siding follows nan aforesaid principles arsenic coating immoderate different exterior surface. Here are immoderate tips:

  1. Choose a Good Primer: Start pinch a thick, water-based, 100% acrylic latex primer to create a soft decorativeness and forestall peeling.
  2. Consider Encapsulant Paint: Encapsulant paints are specifically designed to incorporate and power hazards from lead-based paint. They besides create a protective obstruction connected asbestos siding, preventing cracking and nan merchandise of asbestos particles.
  3. Opt for Latex Paint: If encapsulant overgarment is not used, 100% acrylic exterior latex overgarment is simply a suitable choice. It resists alkali successful asbestos cement siding and allows aerial and moisture to walk through, preventing overgarment blisters and cracks.
  4. Select nan Right Color: Any overgarment colour tin look awesome connected asbestos siding. Choose a colour that matches your home’s style aliases individual preference. Consider nan trim colour arsenic good for a cohesive look.

Safety Precautions

When coating asbestos siding, it’s important to prioritize safety. Here are immoderate precautions to remember:

  1. Avoid sanding aliases scraping nan siding, arsenic it tin merchandise asbestos fibers.
  2. Wear a particulate disguise and disposable coveralls to protect yourself.
  3. If possible, usage a respirator to forestall inhalation of asbestos fibers.