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When it comes to efficaciously managing fox populations and safeguarding your property, having nan correct aerial firearm tin make each nan difference. With nan expanding request for humane and precise (seed) disease power methods, aerial rifles person emerged arsenic a celebrated prime for shooting foxes. In this broad guide, I will research nan Top 6 Best Air Rifle To Shoot Foxes and thief you find nan champion 1 suited for fox hunting.

As a responsible landowner aliases (seed) disease controller, it is important to put successful an aerial firearm specifically designed for fox control. Not only do these rifles supply nan basal powerfulness and accuracy, but they besides connection a silent cognition that won’t disturb nan surrounding situation aliases alert wary foxes. By cautiously considering nan cardinal factors specified arsenic power, caliber, accuracy, and further features, you tin take a firearm that will meet your circumstantial needs and guarantee successful (seed) disease control.

The Top 6 Best Air Rifles For Foxes (Detailed Review)

1. Umarex Hammer PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle: Best Air Rifle For Fox Hunting

My Top Pick

Umarex Hammer PCP Air Rifle

Looking for a game-changing hunting experience? Look nary further than nan Umarex Hammer PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle. Engineered for ethical harvests, this .50 caliber powerhouse is dissimilar thing you’ve ever encountered. With its unmatched power, it delivers an awesome ton of power into its target, ensuring a cleanable and businesslike takedown of animals for illustration foxes. Equipped pinch an ultralight 4500 psi, 24 cubic inch c fibre aerial tank, this aerial firearm offers superior performance.

Its modern banal creation features M-LOK locations for accessory mounting, while nan Picatinny obstruction allows for easy optics installation. With its quiet shooting capacity and 2 2-shot linear magazines, nan Umarex Hammer is simply a unit to beryllium reckoned with. Safety is besides prioritized, pinch features for illustration a mag lock-out and trigger artifact safety. Prepare to witnesser unrivaled capacity arsenic this aerial firearm shoots .50 caliber pellets astatine an awesome velocity of up to 1130 fps.

Unparalleled Power and Energy Transfer

The Umarex Hammer stands retired arsenic nan astir powerful accumulation aerial firearm available. It boasts an exceptional expertise to present a tremendous magnitude of power straight into nan target, alternatively than losing power arsenic it passes through. This characteristic ensures a much effective and ethical hunting experience, arsenic nan high-powered shots supply optimal stopping power.

Regulated Shot Capacity and Tank Efficiency

With a azygous afloat tank, this firearm offers 4 afloat powerfulness regulated shots, positive an further finishing shot. This regulated changeable capacity allows for accordant and controlled performance, ensuring meticulous and reliable results successful nan field. The ultralight 4500 psi, 24 cubic inch c fibre aerial vessel provides nan basal aerial unit for these shots while maintaining a lightweight design.

Advanced Design and Accessories

The Umarex Hammer PCP is built pinch a modern banal creation that incorporates M-LOK locations, allowing for easy accessory mounting. This characteristic enables hunters to customize their firearm pinch various attachments and enhancements according to their preferences and shooting style. Additionally, nan firearm features a Picatinny rail, providing a unafraid level for mounting optics and enhancing accuracy. The operation of a well-designed banal and versatile accessory options makes nan Umarex a highly adaptable and user-friendly rifle.


  • Unmatched powerfulness and power transfer
  • Regulated changeable capacity for accordant performance
  • Modern creation pinch accessory and optics mounting


  • Relatively dense weight compared to different aerial rifles

2. Hatsan PileDriver PCP Air Rifle

Hatsan PileDriver PCP Air Rifle.50 Caliber

Introducing nan Hatsan PileDriver PCP Air Rifle, a existent powerhouse successful nan world of aerial rifles. With its genuine bullpup creation and manual loading mechanism, this high-powered PCP aerial firearm is built to present exceptional performance. Available successful some .45 and .50 caliber options, nan PileDriver is simply a unit to beryllium reckoned with. Equipped pinch a agelong cocking lever, this aerial firearm ensures easy and soft cocking action, allowing for speedy follow-up shots.

The precision rifled alloy tube guarantees long-range accuracy, making it perfect for shooters who request precision. Notably, nan Hatsan PileDriver PCP Air Rifle is renowned for its effectiveness successful hunting foxes, making it a preferred prime among enthusiasts. With a maximum muzzle power of 700+ FPE for .45 caliber and 800+ FPE for .50 caliber, it delivers exceptional powerfulness and accuracy. The Hatsan PileDriver Air Rifle is simply a top-tier prime for shooters seeking a high-powered aerial rifle.

Genuine Bullpup Design

The PileDriver showcases a genuine bullpup design, which positions nan action and mag down nan trigger for a much compact and maneuverable firearm. This creation offers respective advantages, including improved equilibrium and weight distribution, making it easier to grip and shoot. With a shorter wide length, nan firearm becomes much agile successful tight spaces, making it perfect for hunting aliases target shooting successful various environments.

Precision Rifled Steel Barrel

One of nan captious components of immoderate aerial firearm is its barrel, and nan PileDriver doesn’t disappoint. It features a precision rifled alloy tube that ensures exceptional long-range accuracy. The rifling imparts a rotation connected nan projectile, stabilizing its formation and enhancing precision. Whether you’re targeting mini crippled aliases aiming for tight groupings connected nan range, nan precision rifled alloy tube of nan PileDriver provides accordant and meticulous results.

Ergonomic Synthetic Thumbhole Bullpup Stock

Comfort and power are basal erstwhile handling an aerial rifle, and nan Hatsan addresses these concerns pinch its ergonomic synthetic thumbhole bullpup stock. The thumbhole creation allows for a comfortable grip and promotes amended trigger control, contributing to improved accuracy. The stock’s synthetic worldly offers durability and upwind resistance, making it suitable for various outdoor conditions. Additionally, nan firearm incorporates a locking elevation adjustable feature remainder and an elevation and fresh perspective adjustable soft cushioned butt pad.


  • Genuine bullpup design
  • Precision rifled alloy tube for exceptional long-range accuracy
  • Ergonomic synthetic thumbhole bullpup stock


  • Limited ammunition capacity owed to manual loading mechanism

3. Seneca Double Barrel Shotgun Air Rifle: Best Big Bore Air Rifle

Seneca Double Shot .50 Cal Double Barrel Shotgun aerial Rifle e1685037838557

The Seneca Double Barrel Shotgun Air Rifle is simply a apical prime for hunters targeting foxes. This precharged pneumatic aerial firearm boasts a 244 cc aerial cylinder, providing up to 5 bully shots per capable astatine a maximum unit of 3000 psi. Equipped pinch 2 soft bore barrels, it offers versatility and precision successful each shot. With shotshells, it reaches velocities of up to 1130 fps, delivering powerfulness and accuracy successful taking down foxes. For added flexibility, it achieves velocities of up to 425 fps pinch Air Bolts and up to 600 fps pinch Round Balls.

The Seneca Double Barrel Shotgun Air Rifle features a patent-pending Air Distributor that allows for a speedy follow-up changeable successful nether 2 seconds, ensuring you ne'er miss an opportunity. Its ambidextrous hardwood stock, rubber buttpad, and optional 11mm dovetail scope obstruction for optics make it comfortable and customizable to suit your needs. With its awesome features, including thread-on chokes for easy adjustment and an on-board unit gauge, this aerial firearm is simply a reliable companion for fox hunting.

Dual Smooth Bore Barrels

One of nan standout features of nan Seneca Double Barrel Shotgun Air Rifle is its dual soft bore barrels. This creation provides shooters pinch accrued versatility and accuracy. The soft bore barrels are optimized for shotshells, allowing hunters to efficaciously target mini crippled for illustration foxes. The expertise to sprout 2 barrels simultaneously provides a higher chance of hitting nan target and ensures a speedy takedown. Additionally, nan action to region nan chokes for utilizing Air Bolts aliases slugs adds moreover much versatility to nan rifle, allowing for different ammunition options depending connected nan circumstantial hunting requirements.

Patent Pending Air Distributor

The Seneca Double Barrel Shotgun Air Rifle features a patent-pending Air Distributor strategy that enables a accelerated follow-up changeable successful little than 2 seconds. This innovative system allows hunters to return speedy and meticulous shots without nan request for manual cocking aliases reloading. The accelerated follow-up capacity is important successful hunting scenarios wherever aggregate targets are coming aliases erstwhile location is simply a request for a swift 2nd shot. This characteristic sets nan Seneca Double Barrel Shotgun Air Rifle isolated from different aerial rifles, making it an perfect prime for hunters who worth velocity and efficiency.

Adjustable Stock and Optional Scope Rail

The Seneca Double Barrel Shotgun Air Rifle offers an ambidextrous hardwood banal that tin beryllium adjusted to accommodate nan shooter’s preferences and guarantee a comfortable shooting experience. The rubber buttpad enhances recoil absorption and further contributes to nan rifle’s wide comfort. Additionally, nan firearm includes an optional 11mm dovetail scope rail, providing nan elasticity to equine optics and amended aiming precision. Adding a scope to nan Seneca Double Barrel Shotgun Air Rifle enhances nan shooter’s expertise to get targets quickly and accurately.


  • Very bully looking gun
  • High Velocity and Power
  • Quick Follow-up Shots


  • Would beryllium bully to person pins for a strap

4. Dragon Claw Dual Tank Air Rifle Air Rifle

Dragon Claw Dual Tank Air Rifle aerial rifle

The Dragon Claw Dual Tank Air Rifle, a powerful and reliable aerial firearm designed for those seeking exceptional capacity and accuracy. This Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) aerial firearm is equipped pinch a single-shot bolt-action mechanism, allowing for precise and controlled shots. The Dragon Claw features a fixed beforehand show and a afloat adjustable and removable rear sight, enabling shooters to customize their aiming preferences for optimal precision. What sets this aerial firearm isolated is its dual aerial chambers, boasting a full aerial capacity of 500cc. This firearm tin easy scope max velocity up to 679 fps and tin easy termination raccoon, moose, cervid aliases bear.

This generous aerial capacity ensures a higher number of shots per fill, allowing for extended shooting sessions without nan request for predominant refills. The Dragon Claw’s checkered forearm and grip supply a unafraid and comfortable hold, ensuring stableness and power during each shot. The hardwood Monte Carlo banal adds a touch of elegance to nan rifle’s quality while besides providing durability and reliability successful various shooting conditions. With its awesome features and dual aerial chambers, nan Dragon Claw Dual Tank Air Rifle delivers power, accuracy, and extended shooting capabilities for enthusiasts and hunters alike.

Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) System

The Dragon Claw Air Rifle utilizes a Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) system, which provides accordant and powerful shots. This strategy relies connected compressed aerial stored successful a built-in aerial reservoir. By utilizing a high-pressure aerial root specified arsenic a manus pump aliases a scuba tank, nan firearm tin beryllium easy charged, allowing for aggregate shots without nan request for manual cocking aliases reloading betwixt each shot. The PCP strategy ensures a precocious level of accuracy and delivers accordant powerfulness passim nan shooting session.

Single-shot/Bolt-action Mechanism

The Dragon Claw Air Rifle features a single-shot and bolt-action mechanism. This creation allows nan shooter to load and occurrence 1 pellet astatine a clip by manually operating nan bolt. The bolt-action system ensures soft and reliable cycling of nan ammunition, enabling speedy follow-up shots. This characteristic is peculiarly useful for precision shooting aliases erstwhile hunting targets that require observant aiming and changeable placement.

Dual Air Chambers

The Dragon Claw Air Rifle incorporates dual aerial chambers pinch a full aerial capacity of 500cc. These dual chambers supply a important magnitude of compressed air, enabling nan firearm to make important powerfulness and velocity. The larger aerial capacity allows for aggregate shots earlier needing to recharge nan rifle. This characteristic is advantageous for hunters who whitethorn brushwood aggregate targets aliases situations wherever a speedy follow-up changeable is necessary. The dual aerial chambers lend to nan rifle’s precocious powerfulness output and heighten its wide performance.


  • Amazing worth and versatility
  • Ultimate endurance hunting rifle
  • A existent powerhouse aerial rifle


  • The charging grip is simply a spot wobbly

5. Hatsan Hercules Bully PCP Air Rifle

Hatsan Hercules Bully PCP

The Hatsan Hercules Bully PCP Air Rifle is simply a formidable prime for hunters seeking a reliable and powerful aerial firearm to efficaciously sprout foxes and akin animals. Boasting a .45 caliber and a bullpup Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) design, this firearm delivers exceptional capacity successful a compact package. The broadside lever action ensures soft and businesslike cycling, allowing for speedy follow-up shots erstwhile needed. One standout characteristic is nan QuietEnergy exertion integrated pinch an precocious sound moderator, reducing nan sound produced by nan rifle, making it perfect for stealthy hunting.

With a lengthy 21″ operation optics obstruction that accepts some 11 mm and picatinny scope mounts, shooters person nan elasticity to connect various optics for enhanced accuracy. The firearm besides features a 480cc c fibre aerial vessel mounted successful nan forearm, providing ample aerial capacity for aggregate shots. Additionally, nan Hatsan Hercules Bully PCP Air Rifle comes pinch detachable folding and adjustable sights pinch fibre optics, ensuring fantabulous visibility and target acquisition. With a maximum velocity of 850 FPS and a max muzzle power of 290 FPE, this aerial firearm delivers awesome powerfulness and performance.

Bullpup Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Design

The Hatsan Hercules Bully PCP Air Rifle features a bullpup design, positioning nan action and mag down nan trigger for a much compact and maneuverable firearm. This creation offers respective advantages, including improved equilibrium and weight distribution, making it easier to grip and shoot. The bullpup configuration besides results successful a shorter wide length, allowing for greater maneuverability successful tight spaces. This makes nan firearm well-suited for hunting foxes and akin animals wherever speedy and precise shots are required.

QuietEnergy Technology

The Hercules Bully incorporates Hatsan’s QuietEnergy technology, which includes an integrated sound moderator. This innovative characteristic importantly reduces nan sound produced by nan firearm erstwhile fired, resulting successful a quieter shooting experience. The integrated sound moderator helps to minimize disturbance and debar alarming adjacent game, making it an fantabulous prime for hunters who prioritize stealth and discretion. The reduced sound signature of nan firearm besides contributes to a much enjoyable shooting acquisition and accrued comfortableness during extended shooting sessions.

Two-Stage Adjustable Trigger

The Hercules Bully is equipped pinch a two-stage adjustable trigger system. This characteristic allows shooters to customize some nan trigger recreation and trigger load according to their preferences. The expertise to set nan trigger recreation and load ensures a comfortable and accordant trigger pull, enhancing accuracy and changeable control. By uncovering nan optimal trigger settings, shooters tin execute improved precision and maximize their shooting potential. The two-stage adjustable trigger is peculiarly beneficial for hunters targeting foxes and akin animals, wherever precise changeable placement is crucial.


  • A powerful firearm pinch compact design
  • Very precise and adjustable aerial rifle
  • Plenty of room for attachments


  • The Safety whitethorn not beryllium soft enough

6. Benjamin Bulldog PCP Hunting Rifle 

Benjamin Bulldog PCP Air Rifle

The Benjamin Bulldog PCP Air Rifle is simply a powerful and versatile hunting aerial firearm that offers exceptional capacity successful different variants, including .357 caliber and .457 caliber. This PCP-powered aerial firearm is designed for hunters who request durability and reliability. With its short 36-inch wide magnitude and bullpup configuration, nan Bulldog is compact and maneuverable, making it perfect for hunting successful various environments. The firearm features a baffle-less soundtrap shroud, providing effective sound suppression for nan Big Bore variant. The Benjamin Bulldog PCP Air Rifle is 1 of nan champion choices for shooting foxes pinch its power, accuracy, and durable design.

The rifled alloy tube ensures fantabulous accuracy and changeable consistency, while nan included muzzle adapter pinch M18 threads allows for customization and nan summation of various accessories. The Benjamin Bulldog is equipped pinch a 3000 PSI reservoir, complete pinch a unit gauge, offering up to 3 effective shots per fill. The easy-to-load 5-shot mag and 26-inch Picatinny obstruction further heighten nan rifle’s versatility and easiness of use. With velocities reaching up to 910 fps successful .357 caliber and up to 760 fps successful .457 caliber, nan Benjamin Bulldog PCP Air Rifle delivers powerfulness and precision, solidifying its position arsenic a existent original successful nan world of aerial rifles.

Durable Synthetic Design

The Bulldog features a durable synthetic design, ensuring longevity and resilience successful various hunting conditions. The synthetic banal is resistant to upwind elements, scratches, and dents, making it perfect for outdoor use. The compact bullpup configuration, pinch a short 36-inch wide length, enhances maneuverability successful tight spaces, allowing for speedy and precise shots. The synthetic building besides contributes to nan rifle’s lightweight nature, reducing fatigue during extended hunting sessions.

Baffle-Less Soundtrap Shroud

The Benjamin Bulldog PCP Air Rifle is equipped pinch a baffle-less soundtrap shroud, providing effective sound suppression. This characteristic importantly reduces nan sound produced erstwhile firing, minimizing disturbance to nan surrounding situation and imaginable alerting of game, specified arsenic foxes. The soundtrap shroud enables hunters to support stealth and discretion while shooting, ensuring a higher chance of successful hunts. It enhances nan wide shooting acquisition by reducing nan sound effect and allowing for much enjoyable and focused shooting sessions.

High Velocity and Accuracy

The Benjamin Bulldog PCP Air Rifle is renowned for its awesome velocity and accuracy, making it a apical prime for hunting foxes. The .357 caliber version of nan firearm tin sprout astatine speeds of up to 910 fps, while nan .457 caliber version tin scope velocities of astir 760 fps. The rifled alloy tube ensures fantabulous precision, allowing for precise changeable placement. With its precocious velocity and accuracy, nan Benjamin Bulldog PCP Air Rifle provides nan powerfulness and capacity needed to efficaciously return down foxes pinch confidence.


  • Very Compact and maneuverable
  • Ambidextrous banal for near and correct handed shooters
  • Impressive Big Bore Capabilities


  • Smaller aerial capacity compared to different rifles

Why Should You Trust This Review

In this broad review, I person meticulously researched and evaluated a wide scope of aerial rifles to supply you pinch nan astir reliable and meticulous information. My squad of knowledgeable hunters and firearm enthusiasts person personally tested each rifle, considering important factors specified arsenic power, accuracy, reliability, and suitability for fox hunting. With an unwavering committedness to transparency and unbiased opinions, I purpose to equip you pinch nan knowledge and insights needed to make an informed decision. Trust my reappraisal to guideline you towards selecting nan cleanable aerial firearm that will elevate your fox hunting acquisition to caller heights.

Best Tips For Fox Hunting

  • Know your target: Familiarize yourself pinch nan habits, behavior, and earthy habitats of foxes. Understanding their patterns will thief you strategize and summation your chances of a successful hunt.
  • Choose nan correct firearm: Opt for a suitable aerial firearm aliases firearm pinch capable powerfulness and accuracy for fox hunting. Consider factors specified arsenic range, caliber, and sound level to guarantee effective and ethical hunting.
  • Practice stealth and camouflage: Foxes person keen senses, particularly their consciousness of smell. Use scent power products and deterioration camouflage clothing to blend into nan surroundings and minimize your presence.
  • Scout nan hunting area: Prior to nan hunt, scout nan area to place fox dens, trails, aliases areas pinch precocious fox activity. This will thief you find nan champion locations to group up for a successful hunt.
  • Set up effective bait aliases calls: Utilize bait aliases predator calls to lure foxes wrong range. Experiment pinch different calls specified arsenic distress calls aliases mating calls to pull their attraction and trigger their earthy instincts.
  • Patience and persistence: Fox hunting requires patience and persistence. Be prepared to walk sizeable clip waiting and observing, arsenic foxes tin beryllium elusive and cautious. Stay focused and alert, fresh to return nan changeable erstwhile nan opportunity arises.

Things To Consider Before Buying Air Rifle To Shoot Foxes

When it comes to choosing nan champion aerial firearm for shooting foxes, location are respective cardinal factors to consider. By cautiously evaluating these aspects, you tin guarantee that you make an informed determination and prime a firearm that suits your circumstantial needs and requirements. I will research nan basal considerations to support successful mind earlier purchasing an aerial firearm for fox hunting.

Power and Caliber

The powerfulness and caliber of nan aerial firearm are important factors to consider. Foxes are agile animals, truthful you request a firearm that delivers capable powerfulness to return them down effectively. Look for a firearm pinch a precocious muzzle velocity and see calibers for illustration .22 aliases .25, which connection ample stopping powerfulness for foxes.

Accuracy and Range

Accurate shooting is paramount erstwhile targeting foxes. Look for an aerial firearm pinch a accordant and reliable accuracy rating. Consider nan rifle’s effective shooting scope arsenic well, arsenic you whitethorn request to return shots from varying distances.

Noise Level

Foxes are known for their keen consciousness of hearing, truthful minimizing sound is essential. Look for an aerial firearm equipped pinch sound simplification exertion aliases a built-in suppressor. This will thief you support stealth and trim nan consequence of alerting foxes to your presence.

Durability and Quality

Investing successful a high-quality and durable aerial firearm is important for semipermanent performance. Look for rifles made from robust materials that tin withstand regular usage and outdoor conditions. Opt for reputable brands pinch a proven way grounds of producing reliable firearms.

Safety Features

Safety should ever beryllium a privilege erstwhile handling immoderate firearm. Look for aerial rifles pinch features specified arsenic automatic safeties aliases anti-beartrap mechanisms. These features supply an added furniture of protection and forestall accidental discharge.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Consider nan rifle’s creation and ergonomics. Look for features for illustration adjustable stocks, comfortable grips, and wide balance. An ergonomic aerial firearm will heighten your shooting experience, allowing for amended power and accuracy.


when it comes to efficaciously dealing pinch foxes, nan prime of an aerial firearm plays a important role. This article has presented an overview of nan apical six champion aerial rifles specifically designed for shooting foxes. These rifles harvester power, accuracy, and reliability to guarantee successful fox power while adhering to ineligible and ethical considerations. Each exemplary offers unsocial features and benefits, catering to various shooting preferences and accomplishment levels. Whether you prioritize power, precision, aliases versatility, location is an aerial firearm connected this database that will suit your needs. By investing successful 1 of these top-rated aerial rifles, you tin heighten your fox hunting acquisition and lend to effective wildlife management.


What type of aerial firearm is champion for shooting foxes?

The champion type of aerial firearm aliases pellet weapon for shooting foxes is typically a high-powered firearm pinch a large caliber. These calibers connection capable stopping powerfulness to efficaciously return down foxes.

What is nan perfect scope for shooting foxes pinch an aerial rifle?

The perfect shooting scope tin alteration depending connected nan circumstantial firearm and shooter’s accomplishment level. However, astir aerial rifles designed for fox hunting are effective wrong a scope of 30-60 yards.

Can I termination a fox pinch an aerial rifle?

Yes, it is imaginable to termination a fox pinch an aerial rifle. However, it’s important to statement that not each aerial rifles are suitable for this purpose. High-powered aerial rifles pinch large calibers are mostly recommended for fox hunting. These rifles connection capable powerfulness to efficaciously return down a fox.

How important is accuracy erstwhile shooting foxes?

Accuracy is important erstwhile shooting foxes to guarantee ethical and humane kills. Look for aerial rifles pinch a estimation for accordant accuracy and see practicing regularly to amended your shooting skills.

Are location immoderate ineligible considerations erstwhile utilizing an aerial firearm to sprout foxes?

Yes, it’s important to beryllium alert of nan section laws and regulations regarding fox hunting pinch aerial rifles. Ensure you person nan basal licenses and permissions, and travel immoderate restrictions aliases guidelines group by your section wildlife aliases hunting authorities.

Additional Questions

Which firearm is nan astir suitable for foxes?

If you’re connected a ngo that solely involves shooting foxes, nan .223 and .22-250 rifles are highly recommended. However, for those pinch a broader hunting range, my acquisition and expertise propose nan .243 calibre arsenic nan perfect all-round performer.

What aerial firearm calibre should beryllium utilized for foxes?

When it comes to aerial rifles for hunting foxes, my proposal is to opt for nan .22 cal. Although immoderate mightiness propose nan alleged magnum springers, from galore years of experience, I tin opportunity they tin beryllium rather challenging to grip accurately and do not lucifer up to nan Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) successful position of power provision. However, if you’re keen connected trying thing different, you whitethorn want to see stepping up to nan .25 aliases .30 calibre. With their superior power generation, they tin ideally lucifer nan consequence of a rimfire.

Which aerial firearm is known to beryllium nan astir meticulous successful nan world?

What are nan champion 5 aerial rifles successful existence?

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