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As a hunter, you’re good alert of nan changeless problem that raccoons pose. These clever creatures will devour thing that fits successful their mouths, wreaking havoc connected your spot successful nan process. From gardens and crops to homes and outbuildings, raccoons time off a way of demolition wherever they go.

To efficaciously reside this issue, it’s clip to research nan realm of pellet guns specifically designed to destruct raccoons. With various options available, you tin take nan champion aerial weapon for raccoons, equipped pinch nan powerfulness and precision basal to put an extremity to their mischief.

So according to your needs, I tested galore aerial rifles and present I travel up pinch nan Top 6 best aerial firearm for Raccoons that’re bully capable to termination raccoons easily.

The Detailed Review Of The Top 6 Best Pellet Guns for Raccoons

Here are nan champion aerial rifles pinch elaborate guideline specifically suited for raccoon hunting.

1. Benjamin Gunnar Multi-Shot: Best Air Rifle For Hunting Raccoons

My Top Pick

Benjamin Gunnar

If you are looking for an aerial firearm cleanable for hunting animals including raccoons past this Benjamin Gunnar Multi-Shot Side PCP aerial firearm is nan champion 1 successful nan market. It is nan champion prime among each nan apical 6 champion aerial rifles for hunting raccoons. The power, performance, and features make it a must-have gun.

Versatile Caliber Options

The Benjamin Gunnar offers singular versatility by being easy disposable successful some .22 and .25 calibers. This allows shooters to take nan optimal caliber based connected their circumstantial hunting preferences and conditions. Whether it’s nan precocious velocities of up to 1000 fps successful .22 caliber aliases nan awesome 900 fps successful .25 caliber, this aerial firearm ensures powerful and meticulous shots against raccoons of varying sizes. You tin besides usage this aerial firearm to termination immoderate type of animals specified arsenic skunks, foxes and hogs.

Customizable Ergonomics

Featuring an adjustable banal pinch a 4-way adjustable cheek-piece and an AR compatible pistol grip, nan Benjamin Gunnar caters to individual shooter preferences. By customizing nan stock’s fresh and feel, hunters tin execute maximum comfortableness and stability, resulting successful enhanced shooting precision. These ergonomic adjustments play a important domiciled successful ensuring meticulous shots, particularly erstwhile dealing pinch elusive raccoon targets.

Optimal Power Control pinch Adjustable Regulator

The Benjamin Gunnar’s standout characteristic is nan 5-position outer powerfulness adjuster, providing shooters pinch unmatched powerfulness control. This innovative adjustable regulator allows hunters to fine-tune nan rifle’s powerfulness output, striking nan cleanable equilibrium betwixt powerfulness and changeable count. It empowers shooters to accommodate to different hunting scenarios, making it an perfect prime for taking down raccoons of various sizes pinch controlled accuracy.

Stealthy and Integrated Sound Suppression

Raccoon hunting demands stealth to debar spooking these nocturnal creatures. The Benjamin Gunnar excels successful this facet pinch its integrated sound suppression technology. Each changeable fired from this aerial firearm is importantly quieter than accepted models, reducing nan consequence of alerting adjacent raccoons. This stealth characteristic ensures hunters support nan constituent of surprise, expanding nan chances of successful hunts and providing a much enjoyable hunting acquisition overall.


  • Outstanding build quality
  • Impressive accuracy
  • Excellent customer service


  • Slightly dense for section use
  • Limited readiness successful immoderate regions

2. Hatsan Factor BP: Best Big Bore Powerful .35 PCP Big Game Air Rifle

Hatsan Factor BP PCP Air Rifle

When it comes to hunting large crippled animals and raccoons, nan Hatsan Factor BP PCP Air Rifle stands caput and shoulders supra nan rest. This powerful aerial firearm is designed to present precision and performance, ensuring a successful hunting acquisition each time. With its awesome features and cutting-edge technology, nan Factor BP is simply a game-changer successful nan world of aerial rifles.

QuietEnergy Technology for Silent Precision

The Factor BP is equipped pinch state-of-the-art QuietEnergy technology, featuring an integrated sound moderator. This precocious strategy importantly reduces muzzle noise, allowing you to stay stealthy and undetected while hunting. With its whisper-quiet operation, you tin return your shots pinch precision, ensuring a successful and discreet hunting session.

Quattro Trigger

Experience unmatched shooting accuracy pinch nan Quattro Trigger of nan Factor BP. This two-stage afloat adjustable lucifer trigger is designed to supply a crisp and predictable break, enabling you to execute accordant and precise shots. Whether you’re aiming for mini crippled aliases taking down larger targets, nan Quattro Trigger ensures optimal power and accuracy for a successful hunt.

Externally Adjustable Hammer Preload

Customize nan capacity of your aerial firearm pinch nan externally adjustable hammer preload characteristic of nan Factor BP. This allows you to fine-tune nan powerfulness and velocity of your shots based connected your circumstantial hunting requirements. Adapt to different environments and crippled sizes pinch ease, making nan Factor BP a versatile companion for immoderate hunting expedition.

Adjustable Stock

The Factor BP comes equipped pinch a 5-position telescoping stock, providing enhanced comfortableness and stableness during your hunting ventures. Additionally, it features a 9-position elevation adjustable feature rest, allowing you to execute optimal oculus alignment and feature weld for improved accuracy. Experience ergonomic excellence and find nan cleanable shooting position pinch this adjustable stock, ensuring a comfortable and successful hunting experience.


  • Very Powerful and Accurate
  • Quiet and Stealthy
  • Customizable and Comfortable


  • Limited Availability of Spare Bottles
  • Relatively Heavy

3. Hatsan Blitz Air Rifle: Best Air Rifle for Hunting Medium Sized Game

Hatsan Blitz Air Rifle

Hatsan Blitz is 1 of nan astir durable rifles available. It is designed to withstand nan toughest conditions retired there. Hatsan Blitz rifles are built pinch patented exertion and are besides designed to beryllium durable. This helps to protect nan firearm from outer forces for illustration water, dust, and moreover dirt. It intends that Hatsan Blitz rifles will past longer than your mean firearm and is capable to execute nether nan astir difficult conditions. It is capable to sprout astatine maximum 1050 FPS. Due to unsocial features and performance, this is 1 of nan champion pellet weapon for Raccoons.

Choked tube for accuracy

The type of choke you request depends connected nan benignant of weapon you use. To guarantee that you deed nan target erstwhile you are hunting, you should look for a weapon pinch a choked barrel. This intends that you will beryllium capable to sprout much accurately. The choke is located connected nan barrel. It will besides let nan muzzle velocity of your aerial firearm to increase. Overall, this operation gives you much power complete your shot.

Adjustable rubber butt pad

To set nan aerial firearm according to one’s comfort, it comes pinch an adjustable rubber butt pad. This characteristic allows you to alteration nan location of nan butt-pad according to your preference. You tin power nan perspective astatine which nan firearm is held. It is very useful because if nan firearm is held astatine a definite angle, it is easier to aim. If you want to purpose properly, you should beryllium judge to clasp nan firearm astatine that correct angle. Otherwise, you mightiness extremity up hitting a target that is retired of range.

Built-in unit gauge

To show nan cylinder pressure, this weapon comes pinch built-in unit gauge. This characteristic helps you to guarantee that your aerial firearm is not leaking and that you are getting nan maximum powerfulness from it. If you want to person a awesome performance, you should support nan correct level of unit successful nan cylinder. Make judge that nan firearm is filled to its capacity and that nan valve is closed. The gauge will supply you pinch nan basal accusation truthful that you tin person nan outstanding accomplishment.

Patented anti-knock system

To forestall discharge of nan firearm erstwhile firearm is knocked aliases bounced, this weapon comes pinch patented anti-knock system. The strategy useful successful a unsocial manner. It prevents nan cylinder from discharging aerial while nan weapon is being knocked aliases bounced. By pressing anti-knock button, nan firearm will beryllium switched to information position to forestall immoderate accidental discharge. Once nan information system is engaged, nan firearm cannot beryllium fired unless it is re-set to its normal position.


  • Full automatic Beast feature 
  • Very ray feel
  • Decent accuracy


  • It is heavy
  • Hard to find a suppressor

4. Gamo Swarm Magnum Break Barrel aerial Rifle: Best 22 aerial firearm for raccoons

Gamo Swarm Magnum Break Barrel e1686863880523

Gamo swarm is simply a very celebrated aerial firearm marque successful nan United States. Its sanction originates from nan Latin connection “Swarm” and its manufacturing accommodation are located successful nan metropolis of Santa Perpetua de la Mora, Catalonia, Spain. The .22 caliber version of this firearm is considered arsenic champion .22 pellet weapon for raccoons.

Gamo swarm Magnum 10X is very reliable and it’s awesome for hunting raccoons, foxes and squirrels. This firearm has a awesome accuracy. It is very easy to usage and will supply a awesome shooting experience. Gamo aerial rifles are nan cleanable prime for outdoor activities because they are made of value materials. Overall, It has a awesome creation and it has an fantabulous performance.

Noise dampening technology

Most of america are alert of nan truth that location is simply a request to trim sound while we are hunting. A gunshot is simply a large disturbing noise. It’s very annoying because it tin scare animals distant from their hiding spots. To flooded this situation, Gamo is good known for sound simplification technology. Gamo’s Quietest Air Rifle Technology reduces sound by cutting down connected nan measurement of aerial that travels done nan weapon truthful that you deed your target without disturbance.

Recoil Reducing Rail

The recoil is simply a awesome rumor successful guns that tin effect nan purpose connected a target. Gamo Swarm comes pinch a recoil reducing obstruction which helps trim recoil greatly. It will thief you to sprout much accurately and support you from getting fatigued. It besides makes your weapon much stable. This is because nan obstruction prevents your weapon from moving erstwhile you are shooting. It doesn’t impact nan accuracy of nan gun.

Custom Action Trigger

The civilization action trigger helps to set nan stages of nan trigger.  It has an adjustable azygous shape trigger and 2 adjustable 2nd stages. It is made to let nan shooter to alteration nan magnitude of hostility connected nan trigger digit while keeping nan trigger propulsion successful place. You should see this characteristic while  buying an aerial rifle.

10 changeable Pellet Rifle

While utilizing this aerial rifle, you must not get worried astir filling pellets aft each shot.  This 10 changeable Gammo firearm will guarantee that you tin return arsenic galore shots arsenic imaginable successful short time. Simply break nan tube and occurrence for lightning-quick follow-up shots. Among galore aerial rifles, this 10 changeable Gammo firearm is simply a bully prime for you.


  • Amazing trigger
  • Very comfortable Stock
  • The velocity is awesome


  • Magazine whitethorn not  activity pinch each style pellets
  • Loading takes immoderate time

5. Hatsan FlashPup QE PCP Air Rifle

Hatsan FlashPup QE PCP Air Rifle

If you are looking for an aerial firearm that is tin of shooting rounds astatine max 1200 fps, past you will emotion nan caller Hatsan FlashPup QE PCP aerial rifle. It is very powerful and accurate. This is simply a very celebrated firearm among galore target shooters pinch astonishing velocity which intends it is tin of reaching targets retired to 50 yards easily. 

Integrated sound moderator

This Hatsan aerial firearm comes pinch integrated sound moderator that keeps nan sound level to a minimum, allowing you to sprout much comfortably and accurately. The sound moderator is simply a enclosure wrong nan tube of nan aerial firearm that contains a porous disc that absorbs nan sound waves. It reduces nan sound that comes retired of nan muzzle and is effective complete a wide range.

Anti-knock system

It comes pinch an anti-knock strategy which helps nan weapon to activity successful utmost environments. The pellets are not damaged erstwhile nan weapon is knocked aliases bumped. If you person this anti-knock system, you don’t person to interest astir having nan aerial leak retired erstwhile you are firing nan gun. It tin greatly amended nan performance. 

Integrated accommodation wheel

Hatsan Flashpup QE PCP aerial firearm comes pinch afloat adjustable hop up that allows nan personification to good tune nan powerfulness of nan gun. With this feature, you tin quickly alteration nan powerfulness and scope of nan weapon according to your requirements. So this is 1 of nan astir important factors that impact shooting accuracy and strength.

Lighweight and compact

The Flash QE is very lightweight and compact which is cleanable for anyone looking to believe astatine a distance. It is simply a applicable weapon that you tin transportation astir pinch you. It is easy to shop and transport. This is simply a bully prime for beginners too. It has a coagulated decorativeness which prevents it from getting scratched easily.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Quiet pinch very small recoil
  • Excellent powerfulness for money


  • It’s not celebrated to person integrative trigger
  • Slow customer service

6. Air Venturi Avenger Caliber Regulated PCP Air Rifle

Air Venturi Avenger Caliber Regulated PCP Air Rifle Review e1690847829846

Experience power, precision, and versatility for illustration ne'er earlier pinch nan Air Venturi Avenger Caliber Regulated PCP Air Rifle. Topping my database of must-have aerial rifles for discerning shooters, nan Avenger boasts unsocial features and a striking quality that sets it isolated from nan rest. Combining a lightweight creation pinch awesome capacity capabilities, this aerial firearm redefines nan modular for high-powered PCP rifles astatine an affordable price.

Lightweight Powerhouse

The Air Venturi Avenger is simply a existent powerhouse, tin of reaching velocities up to 930 FPS successful .22 caliber and 900 FPS successful .25 caliber. Despite its formidable power, this PCP aerial firearm maintains a lightweight construction, weighing successful astatine astir 6 lbs. Its afloat shrouded tube ensures some accuracy and reduced noise, making it an fantabulous companion for various shooting endeavors.

Customizable and Accessible Adjustments

Equipped pinch a sidelever cocking mechanism, nan Avenger offers speedy and businesslike reloading for uninterrupted shooting sessions. The externally adjustable regulator allows fine-tuning of pressure, pinch a scope up to 3,000 PSI / 210 BAR, while nan easy accessible hammer outpouring accommodation screw and degassing screw make on-the-fly adjustments a breeze. This level of customization ensures shooters tin tailor nan rifle’s capacity to suit their circumstantial shooting preferences.

Precision Trigger and Safety Features

A two-stage adjustable trigger enhances nan Avenger’s precision, enabling shooters to execute soft and accordant trigger pulls. Safety is of paramount importance, and this aerial firearm features a manual information system to forestall accidental discharges, providing bid of mind during each shooting session.

Enhanced Versatility and Ergonomics

Built to accommodate various shooting scenarios, nan Avenger boasts respective features that heighten its versatility and ergonomic design. The firearm includes an 11mm dovetail/weaver operation scope rail, catering to a wide scope of scope mounting options. Additionally, a Picatinny obstruction conception connected nan fore-end allows easy attachment of accessories specified arsenic bipods, lights, and lasers, making it a well-rounded and adaptable shooting tool. For hunters, nan Avenger’s strategically placed holes successful nan beforehand and rear of nan banal let nan mounting of swivel studs for a sling, offering a comfortable and applicable measurement to transportation nan firearm done nan woods.


  • Highly accurate
  • Regulated performance
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design


  • Packaging concerns during shipping
  • Limited readiness successful definite regions

Why Should You Trust My Review

You mightiness beryllium wondering why you should spot your spot successful my apical picks. I afloat understand nan value of credibility, and I want to guarantee you that my selections are grounded successful firsthand experience. Each of these six aerial rifles has been personally tested and utilized by my dedicated squad to efficaciously destruct raccoons, establishing them arsenic reliable choices for your raccoon power needs.

I person spared nary effort successful subjecting these rifles to rigorous testing, cautiously considering important factors specified arsenic accuracy, power, and safety. My extremity is to guarantee that these aerial rifles present optimal capacity erstwhile it comes to addressing raccoon problems. By relying connected my team’s expertise and experience, you tin person complete assurance successful my recommendations and make a well-informed determination erstwhile selecting nan cleanable aerial firearm to meet your circumstantial requirements.

Effective Tips On Hunting Raccoons

  • Safety First: Skunks are known for their protect spray, truthful it’s important to prioritize safety. Wear protective clothing, including gloves, a look mask, and oculus protection, to minimize nan consequence of being sprayed.
  • Choose nan Right Firearm: Opt for a firearm that provides meticulous and precise shots astatine adjacent range. Shotguns pinch due loads aliases small-caliber rifles are often recommended for skunk hunting.
  • Know nan Law: Familiarize yourself pinch section hunting regulations and get immoderate basal permits aliases licenses earlier pursuing skunks. Follow each laws and regulations regarding hunting seasons, container limits, and limb restrictions.
  • Use Proper Ammunition: Select ammunition that is effective for mini crippled hunting while minimizing nan consequence of over-penetration. This helps trim nan chance of collateral harm to nan surrounding environment.
  • Locate Skunk Habitats: Skunks are often recovered adjacent areas pinch ample nutrient sources specified arsenic garbage bins, gardens, aliases areas pinch dense vegetation. Identify these habitats and attraction your hunting efforts accordingly.
  • Hunt During nan Right Time: Skunks are chiefly nocturnal creatures, truthful see hunting during nan early greeting hours aliases astatine dusk erstwhile they are astir active. Utilize low-light conditions to your advantage.
  • Employ Stealth and Silence: Skunks person keen senses, including a crisp consciousness of smell and hearing. Move softly and slow to debar alerting them to your presence. Take advantage of screen to stay hidden.
  • Aim for Vital Areas: When taking a shot, purpose for nan skunk’s captious areas, specified arsenic nan bosom aliases lungs, to guarantee a speedy and humane kill. Avoid aiming for nan skunk’s caput to minimize nan consequence of triggering nan protect spray.
  • Dispose of Carcasses Properly: Once you’ve successfully hunted a skunk, grip nan star pinch care. Follow section regulations for disposal to forestall nan dispersed of illness aliases attracting different unwanted wildlife.

Essential Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Air Rifle aliases Pellet Gun for Raccoons

When choosing nan cleanable Air Rifle for Raccoons to make nan hunting crippled a hassle-free experience, it is important to see nan following. 


Durability is 1 of nan astir important aspects to see erstwhile you are buying nan champion aerial firearm for raccoons to termination them. You should look for a weapon that will past for a agelong time. A durable aerial firearm must beryllium capable to withstand unsmooth handling. If you want to get a reliable and durable aerial rifle, make judge that it is made retired of precocious value materials.


Accurate aerial riffle is simply a important facet to see erstwhile you are buying nan champion aerial firearm for raccoons to termination them. You should look for a weapon that will present meticulous shots. This will make judge that you are capable to termination them arsenic quickly arsenic possible. If you want a weapon that has a bully accuracy, it will person to beryllium tin of delivering a precocious number of shots per minute.


To sprout a raccoon from a region is nan astir important facet to see erstwhile you are buying a caller gun. If your target is excessively acold away, you won’t beryllium capable to deed them easily. Therefore, it is important that you take a weapon that is tin of shooting a changeable astatine a target that is acold away. You should besides look for a weapon that will sprout aggregate shots wrong a short play of time. This will make judge that you will not miss your target.


Before buying nan rifle, you should return a adjacent look astatine nan fund you person available. Make judge that you bargain thing that is affordable. It is simply a bully thought to do immoderate investigation first. You tin besides cheque retired a fewer websites and comparison nan prices of various guns. It is imaginable to bargain a weapon that is inexpensive, but it will beryllium very difficult to deed your target easily. Therefore, it is basal to bargain thing that will beryllium bully for your fund and is elite.

Scopes & Sights

To sprout pinch ease, you should look into buying scopes and sights. The champion action for you will dangle connected what type of shooting you are doing. A scope helps you to spot things from a distance. It will besides springiness you nan expertise to attraction connected nan beforehand sight. It is nan champion measurement to spot your target clearly. When you person a awesome scope, you will besides announcement that your shots will beryllium very accurate. A bully scope will let you to do galore things well.


Different type of aerial rifles ammunition is utilized to sprout different types of game. For example, for mini game, you will request lighter-weight ammunition. You tin get this by utilizing .22 caliber pellets. For bigger game, you will request heavier-weight ammunition. Some of this type is .35 caliber. It tin beryllium utilized to termination raccoon, cervid aliases moreover larger animals. Other types see .45 caliber and .50 caliber. These tin beryllium utilized to termination everything from squirrels to coyotes and bears.

Final Thoughts: Finding Your Ideal Air Rifle for Raccoon Hunting

So this was each astir nan Best aerial firearm for Raccoons. Now it’s wholly up to you which circumstantial characteristic you want to opt for and which 1 you want to time off down connected nan broadside because obviously, you can’t expect your firearm to beryllium cleanable successful each facet while shooting aliases hunting. 

Though airguns are ne'er designed for a azygous purpose, we tin surely categorize them according to their capacity and capabilities. 

I americium very judge each of nan weapon listed supra makes them champion for master usage successful their ain chopped way; nan remainder is your prime to take for yourself nan 1 that suits your needs.

I’ll beryllium updating nan article successful lawsuit I find immoderate different firearm that is much suitable. I sincerely dream this reappraisal has been adjuvant successful guiding you toward nan correct prime for your raccoon hunting adventures. Best of luck and happy hunting!


Curious astir raccoons and their hunting prowess? Look nary further! We’ve compiled a database of often asked questions astir raccoon hunting, on pinch nan champion answers to fulfill your curiosity.

What caliber aerial firearm is suitable for raccoon hunting?

A .35 caliber aerial firearm aliases larger is mostly considered suitable for raccoon hunting. Additionally, nan .22 caliber besides provides capable powerfulness to return down raccoons efficaciously while still offering bully accuracy.

What is nan champion limb against raccoons?

The champion limb for hunting raccoons is simply a firearm aliases an aerial firearm specifically designed for hunting. While location are various options available, galore hunters for illustration utilizing a large bore rifle, shotgun, aliases a high-powered aerial firearm for raccoon hunting.

What is nan champion caliber for raccoon hunting?

The .22 caliber is commonly regarded arsenic 1 of nan champion calibers for raccoon hunting. It provides a bully equilibrium of powerfulness and accuracy, allowing for effective shots connected raccoons. However, different calibers for illustration .35 aliases .45 tin besides beryllium suitable depending connected individual penchant and section hunting regulations.

What is nan champion pellet for raccoon hunting?

When selecting pellets for raccoon hunting, it’s recommended to take heavy, expanding pellets designed for hunting purposes. Hollow-point aliases polymer-tipped pellets are often preferred arsenic they grow upon impact, expanding nan chances of a cleanable kill. Pellets successful nan 14-25 atom scope are commonly utilized for raccoon hunting, but it’s basal to trial different pellet types and weights to find nan astir meticulous and effective action for your circumstantial aerial rifle.

What is nan champion clip to hunt raccoons?

Raccoons are chiefly nocturnal animals, which intends they are astir progressive during nan night. Therefore, nan champion clip to hunt raccoons is typically during nan evening aliases early greeting hours erstwhile they are actively foraging for food. Setting up your hunting convention astir sunset aliases earlier dawn tin summation your chances of encountering raccoons successful their progressive state.

What is nan champion spot to sprout a raccoon pinch a pellet gun?

The champion spot to sprout a raccoon pinch a pellet weapon is successful nan caput aliases thorax area. Aim for a precise changeable to guarantee a speedy and humane kill. It is basal to prioritize accuracy and changeable placement to minimize suffering.

Additional Questions

What is nan champion caliber aerial firearm for raccoons?

I would highly urge an aerial firearm successful nan .25 caliber scope for dealing pinch raccoons. The larger caliber intends that it creates much harm upon effect and is little apt to conscionable walk done nan raccoon without causing important harm. This is peculiarly useful arsenic you’ll apt beryllium taking shots astatine a comparatively adjacent scope wherever precision matters little than power.

What is nan champion weapon for shooting raccoons?

In position of firepower and effectiveness, thing rather thumps a .223 caliber AR-15 style rifle. This benignant of weapon tin grip moreover a ample raccoon pinch ease. However, it’s important to statement that specified a powerful firearm besides has nan expertise to origin important harm to property. So ever guarantee you’re utilizing it responsibly and safely.

What size aerial firearm for raccoon?

Any aerial firearm tin of producing 35 ft./lbs. would beryllium a suitable prime for hunting raccoons. On apical of that, nan firearm should besides person nan capacity to people sub-1-inch groups astatine 50 yards. To supply a spot of individual context, these are nan types of guns I regularly usage and would wholeheartedly urge for coon hunting.

What is nan astir powerful and meticulous aerial firearm successful nan world?

A direct, concise consequence to this query is yet to beryllium supplied. However, location are a assortment of aerial rifles that could beryllium contenders for this title based connected power, accuracy, build quality, and wide performance. It yet depends connected nan circumstantial needs and preferences of nan user.

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