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The coating manufacture has flourished a batch successful nan past fewer years. The painters now complete a task wrong hours redeeming some money and labour cost. Different types of spray guns are utilized making coating activity easier for painters and beginners.

But which weapon is cleanable and suitable for your activity is simply a question. You whitethorn find accepted guns, HVLP guns, LVLP guns, and LVMP guns disposable successful nan market.

What are you looking for successful your task aliases which weapon is champion for your coating job, you person to determine to compare the moving principles of these guns.

If you want to study HVLP vs. LVMP Spray Guns, publication this article to nan extremity and it will thief you to bargain nan champion 1 for your job.

HVLP Spray Gun

The HVLP (High Volume Low Pressures) weapon uses a precocious measurement of aerial transferring it to debased unit which causes soft spray and decreases overspray. It besides saves money and time.


The HVLP has a precocious transportation ratio complaint and very small discarded rate.

It useful amended than a accepted gun. It atomizes overgarment utilizing debased unit much accurately and speedily. It sprays soft and moreover connected nan full surface.

How Does HVLP Spray Gun Work?

The HVLP atomizes nan overgarment releasing an aerial watercourse from nan spray gun. It divides overgarment into mini particles erstwhile nan aerial exits from nan nozzle.

There are overgarment measurement control, airflow control, a overgarment basin, an aerial inlet, and a nozzle to power nan dispersed of nan overgarment and aerial pressure.

The HVLP spray gun releases overgarment into nan aerial watercourse erstwhile nan trigger is pressed. The overgarment is atomized and discharged done nan nozzle connected nan surface.

LVMP Spray Gun

The LVMP (low measurement and mean pressure) is referred nan spray weapon which takes a smaller measurement of aerial than nan HVLP weapon and creates mean pressure.

This weapon is preferred by artists because of its expertise to execute finer detail.


This type of weapon besides has a higher grade of power complete nan worldly being sprayed, truthful it tin beryllium cleanable and perfect for delicate activity aliases erstwhile packaging needs to beryllium airtight and durable.

How Does LVMP Spray Gun Work?

LVMP operates pinch very debased aerial volume, truthful it tin activity good connected delicate surfaces for illustration automotive overgarment finishes.

The mini airflow creates precocious atomization which is important for high-quality finishes connected level surfaces for illustration car doorway panels, fenders, and more.

With an HVLP spray gun, nan overgarment droplets thin to beryllium bigger making sum much difficult and little uniform.

What Is The Difference Between HVLP And LVMP?

The main quality betwixt HVLP and LVMP is that Both guns person aerial caps that are somewhat different from each other. But these 2 guns are almost nan aforesaid successful style and structure.

#1. Air Cap Of HVLP

The aerial headdress of nan HVLP spray weapon is highly businesslike and accelerated arsenic 65% of nan overgarment hits its intended target.  This weapon uses a precocious measurement of aerial astatine debased unit and breaks isolated from its coatings.

It besides helps pinch emissions reduction. But it is incapable to atomize dense assemblage coatings specified arsenic dense glues, epoxies, zincs, etc.

#2. Air Cap Of LVMP

The aerial headdress of LVMP has a mid unit which atomizes a small finer than an HVLP headdress and makes it a awesome prime for wood finishing because wood finishing needs good atomization.

It besides allows akin decorativeness value arsenic nan accepted gun, but it will not atomize heavy-bodied coatings.

The aerial headdress LVMP uses little aerial than nan aerial headdress HVLP but a spot much unit than HVLP. This is almost 60% much businesslike than a accepted spray gun.

So which 1 of these 2 aerial caps is nan correct for your project, depends connected nan overgarment you are spraying, and your extremity for finish.

This accusation astir nan aerial caps will thief you to champion lucifer your spraying needs and execute nan champion decorativeness according to your desire without wasting excessively overmuch paint.

#3. Air Pressure

It depends connected nan compressor size that provides aerial to nan weapon for moving well. The HVLP spray guns return much aerial unit to spray overgarment decently while LVMP spray guns return little aerial and nutrient mean pressure.

#4. Transfer Efficiency

The smooth, even, and due spraying depends connected nan transfer efficiency of your spray gun.

So cheque really overmuch overgarment comes retired and sprayed it good connected nan surface. If your weapon doesn’t overspray, it is taken best.

The HVLP spray gun’s transportation ratio is 60-70% which is often considered good for indoor spraying.

The LVMP gun’s transportation ratio is astir 60%, they are almost akin but it provides a finer decorativeness of overgarment than nan HVLP spray gun.

#5. Easy To Use

Both nan guns are easy to usage arsenic beginners and inexperienced painters tin spray good pinch these guns.

They don’t request to get typical training for utilizing these guns because they are very simple.

#6. Environment Friendly

As nan LVMP spray weapon uses mean pressure, truthful it is fresh for spraying astatine tight places wherever it wastes very little pain.

So it is much environmentally friends than an HVLP spray gun. Further, LVMP has smoother and finer finishing than HVLP.

#7. Paint Usage

The HVLP spray weapon useful good pinch oil-based overgarment because thicker overgarment for illustration latex clogs successful nan nozzle of nan gun.

While LVMP spray tin activity pinch basecoat/clearcoat, lacquers, urethane topcoats, and polyurethane.

As nan LVMP spray weapon has interchangeable nozzle tips which tin grip nan thickness of nan finish.

#8. Cleaning Process

It is very basal to clean your spray gun aft each use. So cleaning and attraction of LVMP spray guns are easier and simple.

Although HVLP spray guns tin besides beryllium cleaned easily, you tin beryllium much comfortable pinch LVMP.

Frequently Asked Question

How Can I Understand LVMP?

It is debased measurement mean unit which makes higher transportation ratio and produces amended atomization pinch little aerial consumption.

What Size Of Air Compressor Does An HVLP Spray Gun Need?

The HVLP spray weapon needs plentifulness of air, truthful you should person a larger capacity compressor bigger than DIY location works. For afloat finishing products, you request compressors astatine slightest a 21⁄2 to 3 HP pinch a 75 liters vessel which is almost 20 gallons.

Why Are The Top Main Features Of LVMP Spray Guns?

The apical main characteristic of nan LVMP spray weapon is that it makes a azygous coating connected nan surface. It reduces overspray and wastes little paint.

It is simply a very lightweight weapon pinch higher aerial consumption. It tin beryllium utilized for each overgarment and it is easy to clean.


However, if location is nary emanation restriction, you only request a good finish, and you tin sacrifice somewhat connected transportation efficiency, past nan aerial headdress of the LVMP weapon is simply a awesome option.

The HVLP spray weapon is nan astir businesslike and will discarded little paint. While nan LVMP spray weapon allows precocious transportation ratio pinch a small finer breakup than HVLP.

So if you are looking for an replacement to HVLP spray guns, LVMP spray guns mightiness beryllium nan amended option.

Additional Questions

What is nan favoritism betwixt HVLP and XVLP?

The superior opposition betwixt XVLP and HVLP spray units rests successful nan unit astatine which overgarment is delivered and nan shape of nan turbine used. With a azygous shape turbine, XVLP units present overgarment astatine a comparatively debased pressure, typically ranging betwixt 2.9psi to 3.9psi. On nan different hand, HVLP units usage either a 3-stage aliases 5-stage turbine, thereby enabling a adaptable transportation of overgarment successful different aerial volumes astatine varied aerial pressures, thing from 7.0psi to 10.4psi.

HVLP versus accepted spray gun: Which is superior?

Although it utilizes greater aerial volumes to atomize nan paint, HVLP does truthful astatine a considerably little pressure. This lead to a notably higher transportation ratio compared to a accepted spray gun. The minimum transportation ratio request for HVLP stands astatine 65%, efficaciously double what accepted exertion offers, making it nan much favorable prime for many.

What are nan imaginable drawbacks of HVLP spray guns?

The noteworthy downsides of HVLP spray guns halfway connected their compatibility pinch overgarment types and wide cost. Highly viscous paints are not suitable for usage pinch HVLP guns owed to nan necessity for a thinner coating for optimal debased unit spray quality. Furthermore, HVLP guns thin to person a higher value tag than others connected nan marketplace contempt their superb sum quality, which is simply a information for fund conscious consumers.

What is nan CFM request for a LVLP spray gun?

LVLP weapon parameters tin disagree according to nan manufacturer, weapon quality, nozzle diameter, and aerial cap. However, mostly speaking, LVLP guns telephone for an aerial depletion of astir 260 – 300 L/min (9.2-10.6 cfm). Therefore, a compressor outputting 1.5 -1.9 kW (2.0-2.6 HP) is typically required. It’s important to decently understand these requirements to guarantee nan effective cognition of your LVLP spray gun.