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How To Zero A Rifle Scope At 100

Zeroing a firearm scope is basal for achieving accuracy and precision successful your shooting. When it comes to zeroing astatine 100 yards, it requires observant adjustments to guarantee that your bullets aliases pellets deed nan target precisely wherever you aim. In this broad guide, I will return you done nan step-by-step process of zeroing a firearm scope astatine 100 yards, providing valuable insights and master tips on nan way.

How To Zero A Rifle Scope At 100 Yards (Expert Guide)

Achieving a due zero is basal for meticulous shooting. Whether you’re a beginner aliases an knowledgeable shooter, this guideline will supply you pinch easy-to-follow steps connected really to zero an aerial firearm aliases different firearm scopes efficaciously astatine 100 yards. By mastering this skill, you’ll heighten your shooting accuracy and confidence. Say goodbye to missed targets and hullo to consistent, precise shots. Let’s dive into nan process of zeroing your aerial firearm aliases different firearm scopes pinch ease.

Understand nan Basics of Zeroing

To begin, let’s familiarize ourselves pinch nan basal concepts of zeroing a firearm scope. Zeroing refers to aligning nan constituent of effect pinch nan constituent of purpose astatine a circumstantial distance. This process ensures that erstwhile you purpose astatine a target, your bullets consistently deed wherever you intend. Zeroing astatine 100 yards is simply a celebrated prime for galore shooting applications.

Gather nan Necessary Equipment

Before you commencement zeroing your firearm scope, stitchery nan pursuing equipment:

  • Your firearm equipped pinch a scope
  • Ammunition (preferably nan aforesaid type you will usage for shooting)
  • A unchangeable shooting level (e.g., shooting bench, sandbags)
  • Target insubstantial aliases reactive target
  • Eye and receptor protection
  • Tools for adjusting nan scope (typically screwdriver aliases coin)

Establish a Preliminary Zero

Begin by zeroing your firearm scope astatine a person distance, specified arsenic 25 yards. This measurement allows you to found a preliminary zero before fine-tuning astatine 100 yards. Ensure you person a unchangeable shooting level and a suitable target group up astatine nan designated distance.

Aim and Shoot

Align your rifle’s crosshairs connected nan target’s bullseye and return a shot. Repeat this process to create a grouping shape connected nan target.

Evaluate nan Grouping

Analyze nan grouping connected nan target. Determine nan halfway of nan group and statement immoderate deviations from nan bullseye. This first grouping provides a starting constituent for making adjustments.

Making Adjustments

To zero your firearm scope precisely astatine 100 yards, you request to make adjustments to nan scope’s windage (horizontal) and elevation (vertical) settings. Follow these steps:

Windage Adjustment

If nan grouping is near aliases correct of nan bullseye, set nan windage turret successful nan corresponding direction. Each click connected nan turret usually represents a circumstantial worth (e.g., ¼ MOA aliases 1/8 MOA), which you tin find successful nan scope’s personification manual. Make small, incremental adjustments and recheck your grouping aft each adjustment.

Elevation Adjustment

If nan grouping is supra aliases beneath nan bullseye, usage nan elevation turret to make nan basal adjustments. Again, make mini incremental adjustments and reassess nan grouping aft each change.


Continue adjusting some windage and elevation until your grouping is centered connected nan bullseye astatine 25 yards.

Move to 100 Yards

Once you person established a preliminary zero astatine 25 yards, it’s clip to move connected to nan last zeroing region of 100 yards. At this distance, you tin make much meticulous adjustments to your firearm scope to guarantee precise shots for longer-range shooting. Refer to your scope’s personification manual aliases ballistic charts to find nan basal adjustments. Make incremental changes to nan windage and elevation turrets, firing a bid of shots and assessing nan grouping aft each adjustment. Repeat this process until you consistently deed your desired constituent of purpose astatine 100 yards.

Calculate Adjustments

Refer to your scope’s personification manual aliases ballistic charts to find nan required adjustments for zeroing astatine 100 yards. Factors specified arsenic slug driblet and ballistics circumstantial to your ammunition should beryllium taken into account.

Apply Adjustments

Use nan calculated values to set nan windage and elevation turrets accordingly. Make precise, mini adjustments, and ever recheck your grouping aft each change.

Confirm and Refine

Fire a bid of shots astatine nan 100-yard target and measure nan grouping connected nan target. If necessary, make further adjustments to fine-tune your zero until your shots consistently deed nan intended constituent of aim.

Expert Tips for Zeroing A Scope astatine 100 Yards

  • Use a unchangeable shooting level to destruct variables and guarantee accordant results.
  • Take your clip and workout patience passim nan zeroing process.
  • Keep a grounds of nan adjustments you make, including nan number of clicks aliases turns, for early reference.
  • Consider biology factors specified arsenic upwind and lighting conditions while zeroing your scope.
  • Regularly cheque and support your firearm and scope to forestall immoderate nonaccomplishment of zero.


Zeroing a firearm scope astatine 100 yards is simply a captious measurement successful achieving accuracy and assurance successful your shooting. By pursuing nan step-by-step process outlined successful this guideline and implementing nan master tips provided, you’ll beryllium capable to zero your firearm scope effectively. Remember to believe safe shooting habits and bask nan rewarding acquisition of hitting your targets pinch precision.

Note: For further guidance connected mounting and zeroing a scope connected your aerial rifle, you tin mention to this broad guide: How to Mount and Zero a Scope connected Your Air Rifle.


Certainly! Following are immoderate often asked questions (FAQs) along pinch their answers:

What magnification do you zero a scope on?

When zeroing a scope, it is mostly recommended to group nan magnification to nan maximum available. This allows for amended visibility of nan target and finer adjustments during nan zeroing process. However, if nan maximum magnification is excessively precocious and affects your expertise to support a dependable show picture, it is acceptable to trim nan magnification to a comfortable level while still ensuring clear visibility.

Can a firearm scope suffer zero?

While firearm scopes are designed to support their zero, it is imaginable for them to suffer zero nether definite circumstances. Factors specified arsenic dense recoil, unsmooth handling, aliases vulnerability to utmost conditions tin perchance origin a scope to suffer its zero. Regular attraction and due mounting of nan scope tin minimize nan chances of zero shifting. Additionally, ensuring that each mounting screws are tightened to nan recommended torque specifications helps support a accordant zero.

What is zeroed astatine 50 yards?

Zeroing a firearm aliases scope astatine 50 yards is simply a communal believe for definite shooting applications. It allows for a convenient first zero and simplifies trajectory calculations for shorter distances. Zeroing astatine 50 yards provides a bully starting point, but it’s important to retrieve that nan bullet’s trajectory will still request to beryllium considered for longer-range shooting.

What region is simply a zero aerial rifle?

The region astatine which an aerial firearm is zeroed tin alteration depending connected nan circumstantial rifle, ammunition, and shooting preferences. The astir communal zeroing region for aerial rifles is typically astir 10 meters (or astir 11 yards). However, immoderate shooters whitethorn take to zero their aerial rifles astatine longer distances, specified arsenic 20 aliases 30 yards, depending connected their intended shooting scope and nan characteristics of their firearm and ammunition.

How often should I recheck my zero?

It is mostly recommended to periodically recheck your zero, particularly if your firearm aliases scope has been subjected to important changes aliases imaginable impacts. Factors specified arsenic transportation, retention conditions, changes successful ammunition aliases tube condition, and extended shooting sessions tin impact your zero. Additionally, it is advisable to recheck your zero earlier important shooting events aliases hunting trips to guarantee optimal accuracy. Regular rechecks thief support assurance successful your shooting setup and mitigate imaginable zero shifts.

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