How To Use A Wood Splitting Wedge – 7 Steps Guide

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Cutting wood into pieces aliases splitting it requires strength, but it tin beryllium done quickly pinch nan due techniques and skills. One of nan best ways to divided wood to trim logs is by utilizing a wood-splitting wedge. However, utilizing a splitting wedge is different from utilizing a accepted ax for cutting wood.

But, really to divided wood pinch a wedge? Using a splitting wedge successful nan correct measurement tin beryllium beneficial for various reasons. It mightiness look analyzable to you if you do not cognize really to transportation retired nan process.

Hopefully, if you proceed reading, you will get to cognize each nan specifications related to utilizing wood-splitting wedges and respective aspects of it.

  • Splitting Wedge (Collins wood splitting wedge recommended)
  • Sledgehammer
  • Safety Glasses
  • Ax (optional)

More About Splitting Wedge

In lawsuit you person not worked pinch a splitting wedge ever before, it is wise for you to cognize everything astir it earlier carrying retired nan process of cutting wood. Wood splitting wedges are triangular and placed connected a apical level that is portable.

A sledgehammer is utilized to thrust nan metallic wedge into blocks aliases logs of ample aliases mini wood to split it into halves. People astir apt for illustration utilizing divided wedges because it serves nan mechanical use of a precise length-width ratio cleanable for firewood.

On nan different hand, location are short wedges arsenic well. These wedges person a wider broadside to them. Even though nan wide-angle mightiness assistance successful a faster divided process, comparatively much spot is required if you usage a regular longer-wedge.

In position of material, ultra-robust alloy is utilized mostly to make modern-day wedges. The worldly contented is designed to nutrient a soft and fast wood split.

How to Use a Wood Splitting Wedge: Step by Step Guide

The process mightiness look daunting to many. But, utilizing a splitting wedge is simple, moreover for beginners. While utilizing a splitting wedge is much convenient, doing truthful for agelong periods of clip tin beryllium stressful to nan body, peculiarly if it does not autumn arsenic your accustomed work.

Let america guideline you 1 measurement astatine a time, and spot us; nan task will look for illustration barroom afterward. Let’s proceed!

Step 1: Gathering Your Tools

For starters, group your moving area and drawback nan devices we mentioned above. However, it is recommended that you person 2 splitting wedges of large and mini sizes by your side. This is some because of activity precision and for having a backup wedge successful lawsuit 1 break.

Splitting wedges, sledgehammer, and information glasses are chiefly needed for nan task. The hammer is utilized to push nan timbers held together. This tin besides beryllium done pinch nan level separator of an ax, but beryllium cautious since that method is simply a small risky.

Step 2: Following Safety Precautions

When utilizing a splitting wedge, information eyewear is particularly vital. Splitting wood pinch a wedge is accomplished by hammering a metallic wedge pinch a metallic hammer.

Tiny metallic chunks tin alert into aliases suspend successful nan aerial by nan metal-on-metal collision of nan twisted splitting wedge. This tin beryllium hazardous, and you decidedly wouldn’t want to get those shards successful your eyes.

Since nan extremity of nan wedge leaf (where you strike) is composed of comparatively soft metal, utilizing a decent people leaf decreases nan threat of chipping. That is to say, alternatively of cracking, it will twist and soften erstwhile hit.

Even if you person nan champion wood-splitting wedge from nan market, you should still deterioration information goggles arsenic a safeguard. A stitch successful clip saves nine!

Step 3: Locating Existing Splits and Cracks

Following through, it’s astir clip you get started. Now, you will request to inspect nan texture of nan wood log and cheque if location are immoderate preexisting splits successful nan wood.

It will assistance you successful locating inherent areas successful nan log shape wherever nan timber will break much easily. The placement of your first divided would beryllium wished by aligning nan leaf of nan wedge pinch conscionable astir immoderate holes you’ve found.

To explain nan magnitude of nan log, if you’re dividing thing small, you tin typically divided it straight successful nan center. On nan different hand, it whitethorn beryllium easier if you were to commencement astatine nan ends for bigger logs.

Step 4: Driving nan Splitting Wedge in

At this point, nan superior action begins. Proceed by softly pounding nan wedge done into nan wood log pinch nan hammer held adjacent to your shoulders.

Your nonsubjective is to conscionable get further into nan wood truthful that it tin remainder connected its own. Additionally, effort to onslaught your hammer successful a consecutive direction. Striking your sledgehammer successful constrictive directions tin beryllium much challenging since nan wedge leaf stays astatine an angle.

Step 5: Putting Force connected nan Hammer

Before you get into nan hammering, you mightiness want to guarantee nan leaf of nan wedge is beardown and won’t ricochet out; execute immoderate experimental strokes pinch your hands successful nan halfway of nan hammer’s handle.

Then, to summation other pressure, you tin return your manus little connected nan sledgehammer’s grip. The remainder of nan process is akin to hammering a screw successful a wall to bent things.

You whitethorn commencement swinging other energetically erstwhile you’ve planted your divided wedge successful nan wood, and it’s unrestricted.

Then, get your hands little connected your hammer’s grip and sprout for nan halfway of nan wedge’s body.

Step 6: Striking nan Wedge through

Towards nan last and basal shape of nan task, utilize your sledgehammer to smash nan wedge done into nan wood. This will presumably require a fewer large strikes, but support going until nan wood is wholly separated.

You won’t beryllium capable to region your wedge leaf if it becomes trapped. As a result, nan perfect method for resolving nan rumor is to proceed nan cognition pinch a 2nd splitting wedge. After that, you’ll beryllium capable to region your first wedge stuck successful nan artifact of wood.

When pursuing nan mentioned technique, commencement by pushing nan 2nd splitting wedge into nan aforesaid divided arsenic nan first. However, don’t measurement complete nan trapped wedge, arsenic this will shatter nan blades and ruin some wedges.

Alternatively, lb successful nan 2nd wedge adjacent to nan extracurricular of nan jammed one. This will springiness you much strain against nan log, which will almost ever break nan wood and liberate some wedges.

Step 7: Repeating for Perfect Split

Finally, erstwhile you person recovered your measurement pinch nan devices and nan strikes, repetition nan erstwhile steps until you get nan cleanable and soft divided you person aimed for.

While it is existent that nan champion instrumentality for splitting wood is utilizing a wedge, immoderate mightiness see utilizing a maul aliases ax; successful that instance, publication much below.

Splitting Wedge Vs. Maul

Splitting heavy aliases dense wood that won’t disagreement pinch a splitting maul is elemental pinch a splitting wedge. In opposition to a maul aliases an ax, a divided wedge is little hectic to operate.

With a wedge blade, you summation much power. An ax puts substantially greater unit connected nan shoulders, whereas nan maul is dull and whitethorn require greater clip and effort to break logs and immense chunks.

Carving down to softer wood that is acold excessively difficult for a emblematic ax is besides imaginable pinch a splitting wedge.

Nevertheless, splitting utilizing a wedge needs further stages and is often much time-consuming than a maul. A divided leaf is for illustration a maul but without a grip successful form.

Safety Precautions to Consider

  • When dividing logs, location are a number of perchance hazardous things to consider. It’s not uncommon for wood fragments to ricochet astatine you. It cannot beryllium stressed capable that you should deterioration information goggles each clip and gloves excessively if possible.
  • Also, it’s a bully thought to utilize a cutting block. The little backmost will beryllium little stressed arsenic a result.
  • Whenever utilizing a divided wedge, workout utmost be aware and bully judgment, conscionable arsenic you would pinch immoderate different tool. Keep your region from nan breaking lines.
  • It’s not your scheme to go taxable to superior injuries successful nan process, amended safe than sorry! Furthermore, make judge you’re opinionated other nan wood’s splitting and nan leaf itself.


What is an perfect size for a splitting wedge?

The perfect wedge size for you to activity connected accepted wood splits should beryllium astir 4 to 5 pounds. Heavier ones are difficult to handle.

Should a splitting wedge beryllium sharp?

Yes, of course. The sharper, nan better; however, beryllium cautious since wedges do not person handles.

Is it imaginable to divided caller fresh wood pinch a wedge?

Yes! It is nan cleanable go-to instrumentality for specified work. But it mightiness return much clip since caller wood is harder than aged damp logs.

Final Verdict

Wrapping it up, we dream we were capable to guideline you decently connected really to divided wood pinch a wedge. The steps are given, devices are listed, and truthful are nan warnings. All you person to do is make clip and get going connected nan work. You tin ever person a friend by your broadside during nan process for other help.

I dream you deliberation of america successful your adjacent wood-splitting adventure, bully luck!

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