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how to sharpen a chainsaw pinch a file

Blunt chainsaw to activity with? Looking for nan correct measurement to sharpen nan dull chainsaw?

Then, you’ve travel to nan correct place.

Sharpening a chainsaw isn’t difficult if you cognize erstwhile to do, what to do and really to do. You whitethorn sharpen your chainsaw pinch sharpening instrumentality aliases pinch a file.

This article will thief you to study nan correct measurement astir really to sharpen a chainsaw pinch a file.

Is it Important to Sharpen a Chainsaw?

Like immoderate different cutting tool, a chainsaw gets blunt pinch nan usage and time. So, what will beryllium if you don’t regularly sharpen it?


  • Its ratio will decline, and astatine 1 shape it’ll extremity cutting.
  • You whitethorn get injured if you unit it to work.
  • It’ll devour tons of substance but do little cutting.
  • It whitethorn create kickback that will origin accidents
  • So, it’s important to sharpen your chainsaw.

How Will You Know That Your Chainsaw Needs To Get Sharp?

Few apical signs will bespeak your chainsaw request to get sharp. Some of these are –

  • If you find that your chainsaw is nary longer chewing done wood for illustration it utilized to
  • If you find difficulties and request to use unit for pushing down connected nan saw to trim pinch it, and your saw isn’t drafting itself.
  • If your chainsaw produces discarded while cutting wood that appears much for illustration sawdust than mini wood chips. Note that a crisp chainsaw will make regular, square-ish wood chips.
  • If you look immoderate of nan above-mentioned situations, nan concatenation has astir apt go blunt, and you request to sharpen it.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw pinch a File-Step by Step

Sharpening a chainsaw pinch a record guideline is simply a manual task. It’s somewhat different than utilizing a filing machine. A record guideline tin scope nan nonstop perspective of nan blades and sharpen nan leaf excessively deep. The marking connected nan record guideline shows nan guideline perspective erstwhile you’re sharpening. Certainly, it’s a very easy process.

Generally, you tin use this guide to each chainsaws. However, you should publication nan chainsaw personification manual for immoderate proposal from nan manufacturer.

Things you’ll need

  1. A information file- to sharpen nan curved hollow portion of nan cutting link
  2. A filing guide- to get nan correct chainsaw sharpening angles erstwhile utilizing nan information record and to find nan due cutting extent to which you’ll record nan cutting link
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Clamp
  5. Vise
  6. Safety instrumentality (Hand-gloves, goggles)
  7. Cleaner and rag

Chainsaw Sharpening Process

For your easy understanding, we’ve disagreement this line into 3 PARTS.

Part 1: Pre-steps

Step 1:  Find nan size of nan transportation aliases chainsaw link

Different chainsaws travel pinch different size pitches aliases teeth.

In general, location is codification (depth gauge marking) etched successful nan broadside of nan pitch. You tin find its size connected nan outer broadside of nan extent gauge.

Find nan size of nan transportation aliases chainsaw link

Step 2: Buy nan correct sized file

Different chainsaw will request different sized files to sharpen. Using nan incorrect sized record will harm your record and of people your chainsaw. So, bargain nan information record that matches nan diameter pinch nan chainsaw’s teeth.

From this conversion table, get nan matching rounded file. Try to bargain nan files from nan instrumentality shops aliases suppliers recommended by manufacturers.

Chainsaw Sharpening Angle Chart
Depth Gauge MarkingAlternative Depth Gauge markingChain PitchRound File
11/4     ¼”4.0mm
6P, PM3/8” Picco4.0mm
7¼” Picco3.2mm

Step 3: Thoroughly cleanable your chain

Remove nan dirt, debris and sawdust from nan chain. For removing oil, you tin usage little fierce detergents and mineral spirits.

Step 4: Check to find retired nan damaged cutting link

If you find immoderate excessively damaged, bent aliases chipped pitch, you should switch it pinch caller ones. Also, measurement nan precocious sheet of nan pitch. Note that, it should beryllium a minimum ¼” long. If you find it shorter, switch it.


Step 1: Clamp nan chainsaw and barroom to nan activity surface

Use a vise aliases tabletop clamp to support nan barroom and chainsaw successful nan astir unchangeable position truthful that it won’t move erstwhile filling. Position nan barroom successful nan vise specified that nan barroom tin rotation freely.

Isn’t nan clamp Available? No worry!

Remove nan concatenation from nan chainsaw barroom and unafraid it successful nan vise. Though you whitethorn request to make a small much adjustment, it’s an easy alternative.

If a clamp aliases vise isn’t available, you tin spell without it. Just beryllium observant capable to clasp nan chainsaw steadily erstwhile you record it.

Step 2: Tighten nan chain

Tightening nan concatenation successful beforehand will make it easier to sharpen each tooth. It’ll besides thief nan concatenation to extremity from moving arsenic you sharpen nan teeth.

Tighten nan hostility adjusting screw connected your chainsaw by utilizing a screwdriver. Don’t tighten excessively much. Make judge that you tin move astir nan concatenation pinch a small effort.

Step 3: Put a people connected nan first bony you’re going to commencement sharpening

It’s a bully thought to people connected nan first bony that you commencement connected sharpening. It’ll thief you to support way of your starting constituent and cognize wherever to stop. You tin usage a agleam imperishable marker to people nan starting tooth.

If you don’t for illustration to people nan chainsaw aliases nary marker is disposable you, look for a unsocial nexus successful nan chain.

Step 4: Set nan information record successful nan curve connected nan beforehand of nan level aboveground of nan concatenation link

Place nan extremity of nan information record wrong nan curve connected nan marked tooth. To support nan correct style of nan cutting surface, make judge that you clasp approximate 20% of nan tallness of nan record supra nan apical of nan cutting tooth.

Step 5: Use a record holder to clasp your record astatine nan aforesaid perspective nan cutter was initially ground

If you usage a record guideline for sharpening, to find nan correct perspective for each tooth, cheque your chainsaw’s manual aliases look online.

Keep nan record successful statement pinch nan record holder crossed nan barroom astatine an perspective needed for your saw and support nan record very very level too.

Part 3: Sharpening nan Cutters

Step 1: Move nan record smoothly crossed nan look of nan cutter

Slide nan record done nan cutter truthful that you consciousness nan record grinding against nan cutter. You should descent nan record only connected nan guardant motion.

Don’t move nan record connected nan backward mobility done nan cutter while sharpening.

To reconstruct a crisp separator to a bony that has been lightly worn, 2 aliases 3 strokes should beryllium enough.

  • More strokes whitethorn beryllium required if nan bony is heavy worn.
  • Count and retrieve really galore strokes you person applied to sharpen nan first bony truthful that you tin do nan process consistently.
  • Generally, nan concatenation features 2 types of cutter that are facing alternate directions. First, attraction connected 1 type of cutter, earlier sharpening nan different type.

Step 2: File each 2nd bony from nan marked tooth

Once you’ve revenge 1 type of tooth, rotation nan concatenation to bring nan 2nd bony closer. File each different cutter astatine nan aforesaid angle, utilizing nan aforesaid motion.

Use nan aforesaid number of nan changeable to record nan 2nd tooth. You should enactment accordant while filing crossed each nan chainsaw cutters.

Step 3: Turn nan chainsaw astatine 180-degree angle

When you are done sharpening 1 side, to sharpen nan teeth for nan different broadside that you’ve skipped sharpening astatine nan first loop astir nan chain, move nan chainsaw 180-degree and travel nan aforesaid process.

Step 4: File each bony that has not been sharpened yet

Sharpen each different bony utilizing nan aforesaid mobility and changeable to support each cutter level and consistent.

Step 5: Loosen nan chain

Loosen nan concatenation and backmost to a due hostility by utilizing nan accommodation screws. Also, loosen nan vise aliases clamp and return your chainsaw out.

That makes a bully occupation and your chainsaw is now fresh to use.

Instead of utilizing a record to sharpen a chainsaw, you tin usage a information electrical chainsaw sharpener.

How often does a Chainsaw concatenation request to beryllium sharpened?

Some group urge sharping nan chainsaw aft sawing a definite number of trees. Some others besides urge sharping aft 10 uses. Some users opportunity to do it aft a definite number of hours of use.

In fact, really often you should sharpen nan concatenation cutting links aliases pitches depends connected respective situations.

It’s a thumb norm that you should sharpen it earlier it becomes blunt and risky to use. Experts urge sharping it aft 40 hours of use. Also, erstwhile you deed soil, rock, aliases trim a hardwood tree, your concatenation becomes dull easily. So, you should crisp it aft each use.

To sum up, you must support a watchful oculus connected nan sharpness of your chainsaw.

Chainsaw Sharpening Tips and Warning

Don’t hold for nan transportation to beryllium wholly blunt earlier you sharpen it. Whenever you announcement immoderate motion of deterioration aliases bluntness of nan cutting edge, return steps to crisp nan chain.

  • Make it a believe of regular sharpening your chain. It’ll thief you to debar spending overmuch power and clip sharpening nan chain.
  • Check nan concatenation nexus periodically for worn aliases damaged. It’ll thief you to place nan defects early enough.
  • Worn chains, erstwhile operated, whitethorn origin wounded aliases moreover death.
  • It’s advisable that aft nan concatenation has been manually sharpened five-times, analyse it by a master to guarantee that each bony is astatine nan correct cutting angle.
  • Correct immoderate variations successful concatenation nexus that whitethorn hap during filing.
  • Leave nan concatenation to cool earlier you commencement sharpening it. Also, set nan concatenation erstwhile it’s cool.
  • Never use unit connected nan record while sharpening.
  • Don’t hide to deterioration information goggles and gloves during nan sharpening nan chain.
  • You should cheque your chainsaw owner’s manual earlier deciding connected sharpening nan unit.


Hope, this guideline connected really to sharpen a chainsaw pinch a record and nan chainsaw sharpening tricks has been helpful, and you’ll find it hassle-free to sharpen your concatenation now.


Sharpening your chainsaw regularly is an basal portion of your chainsaw attraction program.