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How to Rip Narrow Boards pinch a Circular Saw

Need to rip a agelong portion of wood pinch a narrower width, opportunity a 1/8-inch disconnected of a 3/4 -inch board? Don’t person a array saw?

Wondering really to rip constrictive boards pinch a information saw?

If you’ve sewage a agelong but constrictive portion of wood, but you don’t person a array saw to rip through, don’t worry!

Believe me, you tin do a very bully occupation pinch a information saw. You conscionable request to travel nan suggestions below.

Is it really difficult to Rip Narrow Boards pinch A Circular Saw?

A information saw is simply a superior portable cutting instrumentality for each woodworker.  The powerful centrifugal and fast, spinning leaf make this instrumentality nan undisputed king for precise, consecutive cuts successful each kinds of building materials.

For handling different woodworking jobs specified arsenic making consecutive cuts done boards aliases expanse equipment of immoderate length, information saw stands alone. In fact, For DIYer aliases homeowner who doesn’t person a array saw, a information saw is nan superior substitute.

But what is nan downside?

If you inquire mean woodworker astir ripping constrictive boards, they’ll beryllium confused to get nan occupation done decently with a information saw.  The problem is that nan mean guides don’t activity arsenic nan G clamps get successful nan measurement of nan sole aliases nan centrifugal of nan saw. What’s more, astir of nan clip nan guideline can’t beryllium clamped to nan workpiece and makes nan cutting process a astir difficult one.

But location is simply a elemental measurement to get nan occupation done easily. You tin do this by holding nan table saw fixed and descent nan committee done nan information saw blade.

Wondering “how”?

Before going done nan step-by-step instruction, let’s person a speedy look astatine nan process.

You request to clamp nan information saw connected a level onto nan array and fto nan information saw leaf rotate underneath nan sole. Pass done nan committee that you intend to trim underneath nan information saw sole.

Need to rip a agelong portion of wood pinch a narrower

How to Rip Narrow Boards pinch a Circular Saw-Step-By-Step

The process is very simple. First, you request to return immoderate steps for mounting up.

Step 1: Choose nan correct platform

Take a agelong and straight portion of wood /slab to usage arsenic a platform. You whitethorn request aggregate slabs based connected nan height. Longer slab will activity better. Moreover, nan slab should beryllium thicker than nan committee you intend to rip. As nan information saw will spell connected this slab, it needs to beryllium higher than nan workpiece.

Step 2: Clamp nan information saw sole to nan slab/ platform

Clamp nan information saw sole to nan level astatine 2 points. If it doesn’t clasp it tightly, usage immoderate bits of wood connected nan saw sole to guarantee that nan clamp holds nan sole properly.

Step 3: Make a reference trim to set nan information saw to nan width

Locate nan beforehand of nan information saw. In general, nan beforehand is nan broadside you push nan saw in.

Carefully and slow provender a sacrificial portion of wood into nan information saw leaf to make a reference cut. Measure nan thickness of nan trim your obtained. If you didn’t execute nan desired thickness, move nan beforehand of nan saw correspondingly.

Step 4: Carefully set nan leaf parallel to nan look of nan platform

The information saw leaf needs to beryllium perfectly parallel to nan look of nan platform.  If you can’t set it correctly, nan leaf will warp during nan cutting process. Furthermore, nan strain will impact nan information saw motor. It’ll destruct your workpiece and whitethorn origin the saw blade to shatter.

Take different sacrificial portion of wood. Push it slow into nan blade from nan beforehand of nan saw. Turn nan sacrificial portion of wood over. At this point, nan reference trim from nan beforehand will beryllium connected nan underside.

Feed nan aforesaid portion of wood into nan leaf from nan “back” of nan unit. You’ll request to move nan leaf defender retired of nan measurement to execute a 2nd reference cut.

These 2 reference trim should meet astatine nan aforesaid constituent and statement up perfectly.

If these 2 cuts didn’t meet nan aforesaid point, you request to set nan leaf again. To do this, loosen nan clamp astatine nan backmost of nan portion and set correspondingly.

If nan 2 reference cuts meet astatine nan aforesaid point, nan leaf is parallel.

Step 5: Adjust nan tallness of nan blade

As nan workpiece aliases committee being trim is connected nan apical of nan table, you request to set nan tallness of nan blade. Drop nan blade of nan saw, each nan measurement down to nan array surface. To set nan tallness of nan blade, you whitethorn descent a insubstantial nether nan blade. Make judge that nan insubstantial conscionable passes nether nan blade.

Step 6: Readjust of parallel

If you find nan assemblage of nan saw is astatine a flimsy perspective to nan sole, set of parallel again. Make judge nan leaf is perpendicular to nan table. You tin shove a wedge betwixt nan sole and nan centrifugal casing.

Step 7: Start ripping your constrictive board


Don’t hide to deterioration receptor protectors, a particulate disguise and information glasses.

First, property nan trigger and past fastener it. Start feeding nan committee slow done nan blade.

Using this method, you tin rip ¾- inch boards pinch ease.


Summing Up

Hope this step-by-step line will beryllium useful to trim a agelong and constrictive portion of wood accurately pinch a information saw.

Don’t hide to cheque nan information saw leaf earlier utilizing it. Avoid utilizing blunt, damaged, aliases chipped blades.

Avoid gloves and long, loose clothing and gloves while moving pinch a information saw.

Thanks for reference our article connected really to rip constrictive boards pinch a information saw.