How To Replace A Pick Axe Handle?

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The pickaxe started its travel arsenic an cultivation tool, which had a intent successful agriculture. People utilized to plow their onshore pinch nan thief of pickaxes.

It doesn’t limit itself to only doing worldly arsenic a cultivating tool. It tin service different purposes too, specified arsenic mining tools, building tools, aliases moreover weaponry.

In a batch of circumstances, knowing how to switch a pickaxe handle can beryllium beneficial. Let’s return a look astatine nan ways 1 by one.

How To Replace A Pick Axe Handle – Here’s nan Details Guide

In today’s world, nary 1 likes to repair tools; they’d alternatively bargain a caller one. That is why replacing nan axe’s grip is simply a accomplishment that a fewer group person correct now.

Although nan process is not that complicated, why bargain a caller 1 erstwhile you tin switch it pinch little effort?

Things You Will Need To Replace The Handle

There are a mates of things that you will request to switch nan handle. And they are arsenic follows:

  • 180 grit sandpaper
  • Standard premium wood glue
  • Two metallic wedges
  • One wood wedge
  • A hammer 
  • A punch 
  • Drill
  • A saw

When Your Pick Axe Handle Needs A Replacement

It will astonishment you to cognize that not knowing erstwhile to switch nan grip tin beryllium highly vulnerable for nan users. A loose grip tin moreover origin decease aliases time off a terrible injury. 

Many workers get injured because they didn’t return it earnestly capable to switch nan loose grip successful time. 

So, if you consciousness your pickaxe caput is loosening up from nan handle, don’t hold immoderate longer and replace nan grip earlier starting utilizing it.

Best Pick Axe Handle

Choosing nan champion pickaxe grip is all-important if you want a cleanable grip and to make nan astir of your tool.

Hickory and ash are nan astir celebrated woods that are used successful pickaxes. Hickory has nan astir shock-absorbing quality, which gives you little strain connected your hand. 

While choosing your handle, make judge nan wood instrumentality is not varnished. It will springiness you blisters and is wholly inappropriate for use.

And don’t hide to look astatine nan wood value arsenic well. The wood should beryllium wholly white, and granulation connected nan wood is what you should look for. Avoid wood that has immoderate colour and knots successful it.

Now that you are alert of nan wood quality, let’s attraction connected nan magnitude and weight of nan handle.

The ideal magnitude of a pickaxe handle is astir 3 feet, and it should measurement astir 2.5 pounds.

The fiberglass grip is nary little durable than nan woody one. It sometimes produces amended results than woody ones.

It doesn’t grow successful nan summertime aliases shrink successful nan winter. The size remains nan aforesaid successful each seasons. And nary humid situation tin degrade nan value arsenic overmuch arsenic nan woody one.

This is simply a awesome replacement to your woody handle.

Pick Handle Eye Sizes

While replacing it nan correct way, you must cognize nan nonstop size of nan oculus successful nan head. Measure nan length and width from nan wrong and style your wood accordingly.

Let’s Follow The Steps

Now that you cognize nan superior ground of nan things you should cognize earlier replacing nan handle, let’s get started pinch nan people of action.

  • So, nan first point we are going to do is trim disconnected nan aged handle. Take nan saw and trim it down carefully.
  • Now return nan caput and region nan remaining portion wrong nan eye. Take nan punch and hammer and deed nan wood wrong nan handle.
  • Mark nan apical broadside if you get confused astir which broadside is nan precocious and which broadside is nan downside. But for a pickaxe, it is rather easy to determine. 
  • Push nan caput backmost and distant to people nan correct fit. You see, nan woody portion doesn’t spell nan full way. That is why you request to style it according to nan caput size. 
  • With nan sandpaper, style your wood to make it fresh for nan eye. 
  • Place nan pickaxe head pinch nan bottommost pointing up connected a difficult surface. 
  • Take nan wood and push it done nan oculus difficult capable to fto it get done nan oculus properly. 
  • A pickaxe grip comes pinch a kerf trim successful nan wood and pickaxe grip wedges. Now spot nan wedge successful nan kerf trim pinch nan wood glue and trim it accordingly to fresh wrong nan kerf cut. 
  • Now cut nan other portion of nan wood that is popping retired of nan precocious broadside of nan caput and soft it down pinch nan sandpaper.
  • Finally, take nan metallic wedges and hammer them down done nan wood astatine nan correct angle. 

Now, return nan sandpaper and tally it done each complete nan grip to soft it out. And you person successfully replaced nan handle.

Fiberglass Pickaxe Handle Replacement

Along pinch nan woody handle, location is fiberglass pickaxe handles too. And nan replacement is besides very convenient.

  • Remove nan erstwhile grip likewise we person mentioned before. 
  • Take nan fiberglass grip and push it done nan eye. 
  • The caput of nan prime axe should clasp difficult erstwhile put successful position, and nan unit of this will thief importantly successful retaining nan caput afloat successful spot connected nan handle.


How to cleanable nan pickaxe?

Wash disconnected nan ungraded and barren it disconnected pinch a towel. To forestall nan prime axe’s caput from rusting, you tin use a mini magnitude of lipid to nan leaf and shop it successful a barren place. 

What is nan champion prime axe woody handle?

There are truthful galore pickaxes handles disposable online and successful stores. In our opinion, Truper mattock grip replacement is 1 of nan champion handles for prime axe. 

Are a pickaxe and a mattock nan same?

The prime axe has a chisel successful 1 extremity and a prime connected nan different extremity of nan head. While successful a mattock, it consists of prime successful 1 portion and a wide blend connected nan different portion of nan head. 

Why should you usage metallic wedges for pickaxe?

Use of nan wedges is simply a must erstwhile you want to switch nan grip pinch a caller one. Both nan metallic and wood wedges thief successful nan due fresh of nan grip and guarantee that location is nary room for thing else. It holds nan oculus successful spot pinch nan wood, preventing it from falling out.

How overmuch should you walk for a pickaxe?

The value scope starts astatine nether $20 and tin spell up to $60. For beginners and regular location activities, you tin bargain nan cheaper one. And costly pickaxes are for professionals only.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, learning really to switch a prime axe grip was some entertaining and educational. Now you cognize what to look for successful your prime axe while buying a caller 1 aliases replacing nan aged one. It makes nary quality whether you usage a classical woody prime axe aliases a fiberglass prime axe; some will do nan occupation perfectly.

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