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How to Remove Rust from Table Saw

Has your nan formed robust apical of nan saw accumulated rust? Looking for nan champion measurement to region nan rust and extremity it from rusting?

In fact, rust is 1 of nan biggest threats to your array saw. Particularly cast-iron array is susceptible to rust successful high-humidity climates.

Rust not only reduces its ratio but besides forces nan personification to take costly maintenance. Rust is for illustration cancer! It spreads gradually each complete nan surface. So, to extremity it you must termination each of it!

But fearfulness not.

This article connected how to remove rust from array saw will thief you a batch to do nan activity efficiently.

Believe me; you tin do it quickly, and it’s overmuch easier than you think!

How to Remove Rust from Table Saw- Step-By-Step Guidelines

Things you will need:

  • 400-grit wet-or-dry sandpaper/ synthetic room scrubbing pad
  • Dry, cleanable cloth/ insubstantial towel
  • Naval Jelly
  • WD-40/ T-9/ Slipit/ Paste waxes/ paraffin waxes
  • Hand gloves

Step 1: Assess nan situation

The first point you should do is measure nan magnitude of rust connected nan array top. If location is only aboveground rust which is comparatively ray and insignificant pitting, past cleanable up won’t beryllium very difficult.

On nan different hand, if your portion has important and heavy rust and awesome harm owed to rust accumulating for respective years if you person to activity difficult to region it. On this situation, nan aboveground whitethorn beryllium still usable, but it won’t beryllium arsenic soft of a aboveground erstwhile it was new.

Step 2: Remove nan array saw accessories

It’s safe to region nan leaf insert, leaf itself, miter gauge and fence. You tin besides region nan rails.

Step 2: Have nan PPE

Wearing a disguise and oculus protection is essential!

Step 3: Scour nan surface

With 400-grit wet-or-dry sandpaper scour nan full surface.  You whitethorn use synthetic kitchen scrubbing pad (not alloy wool) to scour nan top. Wipe disconnected nan aboveground pinch a dry, cleanable cloth aliases immoderate insubstantial towel to destruct residual particles. Repeat this measurement arsenic necessary.

If nan rust is heavy and heavier, you whitethorn usage an orbital sander to thief pinch nan scrubbing to region aboveground rust from formed robust array saw.

Step 4: Use Naval Jelly

Naval jelly is simply a gloopy, heavy jelly made of Phosphoric acid. It is very effective to cleanable highly rusted formed robust surface. It useful quickly and does a bully occupation for rust removing. This worldly is disposable astatine immoderate section hardware store.

Before handling this product, deterioration manus gloves. Place nan portion is simply a well-ventilated area. Open nan doorway and group up a instrumentality to guarantee aerial moving to debar breathing nan nasty fumes from this chemical. Follow nan instructions mentioned connected nan container.

Glob connected aliases brushwood nan naval jelly connected nan rusty apical and dispersed it around. If you request to screen a ample area, it’s convenient to usage a overgarment sprayer to spray nan stuff. Apply a heavy furniture and fto it beryllium for 5 to 10 minutes. Then swipe it up on pinch nan rust.

Apply much naval jelly to nan pitted spots. Use immoderate elbow grease and a rag to activity into nan pitted areas. You whitethorn besides usage a metallic brushwood if you request to. The remaining rust will travel up successful nary time.

When finished, you request to region nan residual acerb properly. Rinse nan aboveground pinch h2o soaked rag and barren it thoroughly.

To region nan rust from nan array legs and difficult to scope areas for illustration nan walls of nan pharynx and miter slots, travel nan measurement 3 and 4.

Removing Rust from Table Saw Blades

These steps should keep your array saw blades successful apical form.

  • Wear rubber glove
  • Lay nan blades connected a coagulated surface
  • Apply penetrating lipid complete nan apical metallic surface. Pay attraction to nan heavy rusted areas.
  • Scour nan full metallic aboveground of nan leaf by utilizing a alloy wool pad.
  • Apply much lipid if needed.
  • Wipe disconnected nan rust utilizing a dry, cleanable rag.
  • Follow nan aforesaid process to region nan rust from nan other broadside of nan blade.
  • Apply nan wax connected nan blade. Follow nan instruction mentioned connected nan wax container.
  • Polish nan wax from nan blade. Apply a 2nd furniture of wax and re-polish nan surface.
  • Lubricate nan leaf aft each use. Use WD-40, paste wax aliases weapon lipid earlier storing nan blade.

Step 5: Protect nan aboveground to forestall rust return

After removing nan rust, it’s important to extremity your array saw from rusting. Take nan basal measures to guarantee that nan rust won’t return.

Several commercialized products are disposable connected nan marketplace to protect nan cast-iron array from rusting. Some of these are:

  • WD-40
  • T-9
  • Slipit
  • Paste waxes/ paraffin waxes

These are disposable astatine your woodworking supplier aliases online.

# Protecting nan aboveground from rust pinch WD-40 is effective if you shop nan instrumentality for a acold winter. (The main intent of WD-40 is removing h2o from metallic devices and rust prevention)

Cover nan barren aboveground pinch WD-40, and pinch a rag dispersed it thin. Use immoderate much if necessary.

Note:  If you’re readying not to usage nan array saw for a while, only usage WD-4. But if you instantly usage nan portion aft freshly lubricated, your workpiece whitethorn prime up nan WD-40 which whitethorn origin a awesome rumor erstwhile you’ll effort to use a finish to nan wood.

# Alternatively, you tin usage paraffin wax aliases paste waxes to protect nan aboveground of nan array from rust. Apply nan wax connected nan aboveground and fto it barren for 15-20 minutes and past swipe off.  Repeat nan process astatine slightest 1 much clip to make judge that each nan aboveground area is covered pinch wax.

These waxes will not only protect nan aboveground from rust but besides soft nan aboveground truthful that your workpiece will glide easy crossed it.


Stay distant from paste wax for cars. Many of these products incorporate silicone lipid for h2o repellency and amended radiance which person antagonistic impacts connected nan formed –iron. Paste wax for furnishings aliases floors is besides cleanable to use.

Step 6: Reassemble nan accessories

Back together everything. Insert nan blade insert, reinstall your fence, etc.

After reinstalling each nan accessories, your array saw is fresh for work again. Have a look and respect nan awesome occupation you’ve done!

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Summing Up

Finally, nan astir important point to do is debar exposing your array saw to moisture. Although it’s rather difficult successful nan mean shop aliases garage, you should return measures to trim exposure.

What’s more, debar mounting different devices aliases immoderate drinks connected nan apical of nan array that whitethorn incorporate moisture.

Don’t hide to periodically use a overgarment of wax connected nan array to forestall rusting.

If you tin decently maintain your array saw, certainly, it’ll past for nan life of nan portion and service you well.

Hope, this step-by-step line connected nan Best measurement to region rust from array saw apical has helped you a lot.

Now get to activity and bask your woodworking!