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Are you tired of bathtub h2o getting retired nan gaps? Do you want to capable up nan gaps nether nan bathtub aliases cognize really to level a bath? If your reply is yes, past return a glance. Well, I cognize really to capable void nether bathtub. It’s thing but a portion of barroom if you cognize nan due steps connected filling nan void nether nan bathtub.

Water tries to grow whenever they get void. Bathtubs having a void is each household’s nightmare. We’re judge you’re not a pro plumber. But you tin study nan process measurement by measurement without spending money connected it. To beryllium honest, I’m a master plumber. So I surely cognize really to do nan occupation pinch ease.

In this post, we’re going to constitute down nan easy steps and stock other tips for your amended understanding. So make judge you’ve publication this article astatine slightest erstwhile properly.

How To Fill Void Under Bathtub (Common Items And Steps)

The bathtub gets void because of shifting. It doesn’t matter if your level has amended value installation.

The bathtub needs caulking Whenever it is loose aliases has voids to fill. And nary matter really good you capable nan voids nether nan bathtub, it won’t enactment without removing nan caulking joints and redoing it.

Common Items That You Will Need To Remove And Redone Caulking

Most of these mundane items tin beryllium easy recovered successful our house. Without these things removing and redoing caulking is impossible. Such as:

  • Container
  • Rag aliases Paper Towel
  • Razer Blade
  • Bleach
  • Toothbrush
  • Silicone Caulking Tube
  • Knife

4 Steps To Remove Caulking Joints And Fill Out Bathtub Voids

1. Remove Old Caulk

 It’s important and mandatory to region nan aged caulk. Otherwise, nan bathtub would still person voids aft redoing. Many mightiness deliberation you tin conscionable capable up nan voids without removing nan aged ones. But don’t do that because nan aged caulk will soon get retired connected its own.

To region caulk, usage nan pursuing steps.

  • From nan associated of nan bathtub and floor, propulsion retired nan aged caulk.
  • Then usage a inferior weapon aliases razor leaf nether nan remaining caulk cautiously to loosen nan aged caulk.
  • Pull retired nan caulk cautiously without immoderate scratch.

2. Clean Expansion Joint

 The wall that is attached to nan bath is an description joint. Expansion joints request due cleaning too.

Sometimes nan description joints aren’t placed decently for which nan bathtub attachment gets loosened. To cleanable description joints for illustration a pro, travel nan steps. Such as:

  • At first, cleanable nan description joint, past region nan caulking.
  • Vacuum retired immoderate loose ungraded aliases debris successful nan description joint.
  • Then to region immoderate mildew operation 1/4th cup of bleach and 1 4th h2o successful a container. Scrub nan joints utilizing this substance pinch a toothbrush.
  • Then emergence up nan associated pinch cleanable h2o and pat barren nan area pinch a rag aliases insubstantial towel. Ensure that nan description associated is dried earlier starting work.

3. Fill Bathtub With Water

 Filling up nan bathtub pinch h2o earlier redoing caulk is decidedly compulsory. This process helps nan bathtub to grow to its afloat width and length. If nan bathtub isn’t expanded earlier caller caulking, past caulking tin budge retired while utilizing nan bathtub.

Simply conscionable capable up nan full bathtub pinch h2o to expand. After finishing nan caulking process, it won’t travel retired easily.

4. Make Strong And Smooth Joint

In this step, we commencement recaulking nan bathtub. Make judge nan caulking is coagulated and smooth.

  • Cut a spread successful nan silicone caulking conduit astir nan size of a overgarment hanger hook astatine astir 45° angle.
  • Alongside nan description associated and nether nan bathtub tally a bead of caulking.
  • Then create a soft aboveground utilizing a dampened scale digit aliases a leveler.
  • Don’t usage nan bathtub until it wholly dries off.

Tips To Remember While Filling The Bathtub Void

  •  After doing recaulking make judge to barren it disconnected for 24 to 48 hours.
  • Try not to usage wood trim straight because it tin origin mold.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I usage expanding foam nether nan bathtub?

Yes, You tin usage expanding foam nether nan bathtub. An existing installation of a bathtub helps successful reducing flex and coldness. However, other problems tin hap owed to improper application. So, it’s champion not to usage it without nan thief of a master if you don’t cognize nan due application.

How do you capable nan spread betwixt tub and floor?

To capable nan spread betwixt tub and floor, it’s champion to put your tub against nan level arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable and past usage drywall to screen nan small gap. I would not propose you usage wood because, complete time, it would rot erstwhile moisture gets into it. But if you want to usage wood past it’s champion to usage Styrofoam wood trim. Make judge to glue aliases tightly caulk nan wood trim truthful that moisture doesn’t easy get into it.

What do you put nether a fiberglass bathtub?

I put expanding spray foam nether a fiberglass bathtub. Bathtubs are not level aliases level truthful they can’t straight touch nan floor. Usually, a fiberglass bathtub needs thing arsenic support aliases to make it sturdy. However, you tin usage a leveling compound aliases thin-set mortar nether a fiberglass bathtub.

How do you support nether a bathtub?

To support nether a bathtub, it’s champion to usage a level levelling compound and thin-set mortar. Also, by placing piles successful bid it is easier to control, which gives support nether nan bathtub.


In a nutshell, we person discussed each portion of how to capable void nether bathtub. It’s rather easy to capable up nan voids conscionable travel each portion thoroughly pinch patience.

We are judge you won’t request thief from immoderate master plumber again regarding this problem. Make judge to publication my different articles related to plumbing.

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