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How tin you find correct Moen cartridge for nan ablution faucet? It depends connected your ablution valve cartridge.

Moen produces 4 basal models, and you person to prevention nan Moen faucet exemplary number for nan cartridge replacement. Otherwise, your aged cartridge should beryllium taken retired to corroborate a caller controller machine.

Don’t beryllium panicked. Just inspect our 3 points based connected your ablution faucet. Surely you tin get nan due cartridge for your shower.

How To Determine Correct Moen Cartridge? What Should I Inspect To?

Faucet companies nutrient galore designs of cartridge. The bad news is that each marque follows its unsocial creation for nan circumstantial operation.

So if you request to alteration your aged Moen ablution cartridge and switch Moen Cartridge, you must cognize nan cartridge exemplary number.

So, how to find correct Moen cartridge for shower? You tin cheque nan 3 points.

  1. Single aliases double handle?
  2. The exemplary number of nan faucet? And
  3. The serial number of nan aged cartridge?

Is Your Moen Cartridge Handle Single Or Double?

You cognize your ablution handle. It is 1 aliases 2 handles to control.

The azygous power grip useful for some h2o unit and somesthesia balance. You can’t group 2 aliases 3 grip diverters into your 1 grip cognition cartridge. There are galore Moen cartridges models for 1 handle.

  • 1222 & 1222B. 1222HD (1222HD is for Commercial Use)
  • 1225 & 1225B (1200 is aged version)
  • 1212 (M-core valve)
  • 1213( M-core valve)

The double aliases three-handle cartridge is only 1224& 1224 B.

1222 and 1222B are nan aforesaid functions arsenic 1225, and 1225B activity nan same. But you cant use 1222 Moen cartridges alternatively of 1225 cartridges arsenic their system is different. The 1225 valve is otherwise made from 1222.

1212 and 1213 are M-core valve cartridges. It’s a caller type pinch easy installation.

What Is The Model Number Of My Moen Faucet?

The exemplary number and sanction are mentioned successful nan faucet container and its instruction paper. If you person mislaid nan papers, you tin get nan sanction connected nan faucet. This sanction tin beryllium nan first missive of nan Moen ‘M’. Sometimes nan logo aliases sanction is recovered astatine nan broadside of nether nan spot.

But you get a family bid number of nan faucet connected nan backmost of nan spout, which is not nan exemplary number. Don’t worry. This bid number besides helps you to hunt nan exemplary number. Just spell to nan plumbers aliases Moen dealer.

According to nan faucet exemplary number, nan trader will supply you pinch nan appropriate Moen Cartridge.

Where Is The Serial Number Of My Old Shower Cartridge?

After knowing nan handle, spell for nan aged cartridge if you cannot find nan faucet exemplary number. But earlier that, move disconnected nan waterline. Now region nan aged cartridge by pursuing steps.

  1. Use a hex wrench and loosen nan screws of nan faucet.
  2. Remove nan handle
  3. Carefully descent retired nan cartridge clip together pinch holding nan cartridge. Some person a bonnet headdress system. This clip you person to move nan headdress near to region nan cartridge.
  4. Now return this aged cartridge to nan plumbing shops to find retired its serial number.

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You tin measurement nan cartridge utilizing a caliper and return a photograph to show it to nan plumbing shops. They will easy lucifer different Moen suit for your ablution handle.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is nan exemplary number connected a Moen ablution cartridge?

The due exemplary number of nan Moen cartridge is mentioned successful nan faucet box, cartridge box, aliases its setup manual.

How do I place my Moen faucet cartridge?

At first, look astatine whether nan faucet is simply a azygous grip aliases double grip control. Then find retired nan faucet exemplary number connected nan faucet body. Otherwise, you person to region your aged ablution cartridge and inquire for thief to lucifer a suitable Moen cartridge from nan hardware seller.

Is location a quality betwixt Moen 1225 and 1225B?

There is nary quality betwixt Moen 1225 and 1225B cartridges. 1225 is simply a integrative assemblage machine, and 1225 B is simply a brass assemblage machine. Some group opportunity that ‘B’ refers to nan bulk packaging.

What is nan quality betwixt Moen 1224 and 1224b?

1224 is simply a one-way spinning cartridge. There is nary circumstantial ending point. You person to extremity nan pat by utilizing a spinning motion. Some folks find it disturbing to rotation each nan way. But immoderate get it helpful. Besides, 1224 B has an extremity spot and is awesome for a lever handle. You tin group 1224 arsenic a replacement for 1224 B.

How do you cognize if your ablution cartridge is bad?

There tin beryllium galore issues for illustration your ablution knob being surgery aliases getting stuck while turning on. Or location whitethorn beryllium a water-dropping problem moreover aft turning disconnected nan ablution handle. It whitethorn get loose and moving off. The basking and acold h2o substance tin beryllium problematic. Even nan basking aliases acold aliases some types of h2o won’t beryllium moving out. All these issues mention that your ablution cartridge being bad and needs to beryllium repaired.

Final Words

Go for our 3 cardinal investigation points erstwhile you look nan ablution problem and corroborate that it is your cartridge issue. They are not very tricky but a DIY work. Knowing How To Determine Correct Moen Cartridge for nan shower will beryllium easy and accelerated to replace. Moreover, asking for thief from an master friend will easiness your work.

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