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How To Cut Wood Slabs With A Chainsaw Mill

Are you wasting nan aged character stumps and branches existing successful your backyards? Well, it’s clip to debar doing that. You tin mill nan woods and make usage of it. Getting them into workable slabs pinch a commercialized aliases homemade chainsaw mill is nary large deal. Just usage these to make a beautiful tabletop and galore different DIY worldly yourself.

Let’s study astir really to trim wood slabs pinch a chainsaw. You would only request immoderate patience, mindset to do it correct and a elemental chainsaw mill. Let’s get it on!

Cutting Wood Slabs pinch Free Hand Chainsaw Milling

Choosing nan Right Trees for Milling

If you are utilizing homemade chainsaw mill aliases a anemic one, possibly dealing pinch immoderate character mightiness not beryllium possible. So, to lucifer your process you request to take a preferable character that suits chainsaw milling.

For example, see a chainsaw that comes pinch a 36 inches bar. This intends nan bar, arsenic good arsenic saw, is huge. This size sounds correct for homemade chainsaw milling.

The commercialized ones mightiness travel successful various different dimensions. You request to group up nan 36 inches barroom to trim 28 inches wide cants. So, since nan barroom is rather ample you would person to prime a character carefully.

Now it’s clip to measurement nan preferred character to find retired if it is imaginable to cut. You request to find dimensions of nan butt and waist. It needs to fresh nan DIY aliases commercial chainsaw you own.

You should beryllium picking a onshore that has trees pinch cleanable sizes that do not spell complete requirements. So that while going done different trees you won’t look problems of getting stuck successful between. Measuring 1 character and comparing it pinch others visually tin beryllium helpful. I don’t deliberation anybody needs to really measurement each azygous character successful a space.

Don’t get overexcited by ample trees. You whitethorn want to get a ton of boards nether your feet. But don’t do that if you really want to debar cases wherever chainsaw can’t proceed because of its limitations. Also, see nan truth that you’ll beryllium wasting a batch of bully logs this way.

If you person a mill that tin trim down ample trees without immoderate rotation for slicing sides past nan lawsuit is different. You tin astir apt nutrient much wood slabs pinch nan instrumentality moreover erstwhile a character is rather large.

Trees Falling successful Right Place

For nan adjacent concern, understand that a character falling successful a spot that does not allows you to usage your chainsaw mill aliases winch decently will discarded it all. You whitethorn get really happy seeing a patient progression of milling. But beryllium judge nan character does not thin and autumn location difficult to work.

However, if someway you person nary prime astir nan character falling successful a incorrect place, calm down. Let it thin wherever it people wants to. You will astir apt person a difficult clip utilizing a chainsaw. But still, for safety concerns don’t panic and do thing moreover much horrible.

Winching & Fixing Problems

Milling Process

Now usage a winch if available. Pull and spot nan lumbers to a spot wherever you tin activity connected them easily. You will person a really difficult clip if location is nary support for transferring logs. However, if nan character fell successful a correct place, you tin mill location without immoderate hassle.

If you person to mill nan log successful a hillside, beryllium judge to springiness attention. Sometimes nan log can’t grip applied force. So, it starts to move aliases roll. Get immoderate bully precautions for nan likelihood. If you spell slow and dependable pinch immoderate observant milling, it should springiness cleanable slabs without causing injuries.

However, location mightiness beryllium immoderate break successful nan racking system. Sometimes this happens erstwhile nan azygous weld is holding it together pinch a mainframe. This weld mightiness threat while you winch. So beryllium judge to cheque for specified problems meanwhile. It’s amended to find specified captious issues and hole them.

Milling Process

  • You should first take nan slab shape. It mightiness beryllium rectangular, oval aliases round. Pick a preferable 1 that matches your task requirements. You request to group nan log now. Go for lengthwise group up pinch crushed mounts for oval aliases information slabs. You should group up according to nan style chosen.
  • Now you request to look nan character trunk astatine side. Cut nan extremity of log evenly. This will springiness you a circle slab. If you want to spell for an oval slab, past conscionable perspective it successful 45 degrees. You would beryllium needing 2 cuts for oval aliases circle shape.
  • For nan first cut, slab’s apical broadside should beryllium set. Next group nan different bottom. The width existing betwixt to cuts will really find slab’s thickness. On nan different hand, oval slab magnitude would beryllium wished pinch cutting angles.
  • Now simply trim some sides of nan trunk for a rectangular slab. It needs to beryllium even. With nan thickest extremity astatine bottom, you would person to guidelines trunk upright. Tall trunks are usually difficult to create slabs. With much tallness comes trouble and making adjacent width slab becomes hard.
  • You request to trim 4 sides starting from nan top. Do it downwards of trunk truthful that nan wood looks box-shaped and tall. Now, we tin telephone this a slab. Perhaps technically! But since it is beautiful thick, a fewer much steps are required.
  • You request to fig retired really overmuch width your first slab has to be. Use a wide marking pen and people nan width on full log’s length. Now going done nan mark, usage your chainsaw to trim downwards gradually. Imagine nan process arsenic slicing sausages.
  • While slicing make judge to use dependable pressure. Don’t fto nan saw drift to sides aliases other it mightiness messiness full shape.
  • Now from nan remaining wood pieces, conscionable support connected slicing slabs. The wood will commencement to get thinner gradually. You request to gait wood artifact aliases thing dense to forestall it from falling over.
  • You tin simply usage nan slab arsenic it is pinch a rustic look. If you want a amended decorativeness however, usage a wood planner and soft it down. That’s it, you person your wood slabs ready.

To Reduce Fatigue While Milling

Cutting wood slabs is rather daunting task. It’s evident you’ll get a bad assemblage symptom if you guidelines aliases crook successful a position milling for a while. You get person to crushed to make nan due unit connected chainsaw. This is surely exhausting and difficult for a fewer folks.

One awesome extremity to debar this is bucking stand. This measurement you’ll beryllium capable to get little fatigue. Also, it helps to log conception retired of nan dirt. It is besides useful for ergonomic while milling.


So, that’s really to trim wood slabs pinch a chainsaw each by yourself. I cognize it’s rather complicating erstwhile you commencement for nan first time. But arsenic soon arsenic you do it for a fewer times, it gets easier pinch each try.

Just make judge you don’t miss retired immoderate important measurement aliases statement of nan full process. I person tried to supply immoderate further accusation related to nan wide method, conscionable successful lawsuit you get stuck midway.

I dream now you tin commencement reusing nan woods that are almost getting wasted and make thing beautiful retired of it. Good Luck pinch Your Creativeness!