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How To Cut Logs Into Lumber With A Chainsaw mill

Using a chainsaw and cutting woods is thing caller for woodworkers. It’s really a awesome measurement of redeeming immoderate money by utilizing a chainsaw for logs into lumber conversion. You tin find a number of designs disposable for specified mills. However, location surely is simply a definite measurement and immoderate steps that you request to travel for a bully consequence astatine nan end.

I scheme to support my today’s article dedicated to nan topic. Yes, we will person a nosy chat complete really to trim logs into lumber pinch a chainsaw.

Step by Step Process connected Milling Lumber pinch A Chainsaw

1. Making Your First Cut

At nan very beginning, you will person to group up your chainsaw mill slabbing rails. This is an important measurement to hole for cutting logs. The mill usually rides connected this slabbing rail. So that it tin make nan first trim easily.

The level and soft aboveground will make your first trim easy. This is nan logic why rails are used. The logs you activity pinch are primitively rather uneven pinch a information shape.

The obstruction needs to widen much than log’s end. Otherwise, nan mill won’t beryllium capable to make immoderate trim arsenic location will beryllium nary support.

If location is simply a definite characteristic that you would want to debar aliases highlight, see it while mounting up nan slabbing rails. This is nan correct clip to do so.

There should beryllium a kerf down nan chainsaw. Use it to instal mini wedges erstwhile nan trim is on. The cuts should not illness connected a barroom aliases chain. Installing mini wedges this measurement will thief you to debar specified hassles.

Once you are done pinch making your first cut, get free of nan slabbing rails. Keep them speech safely.

2. Making Your Second Cut

Now you request to make your 2nd cut. You should person created a aboveground to guideline and go. For nan adjacent cut, your mill is going to usage it.

The 2nd trim is usually wrong log’s bottommost erstwhile sawing into beams aliases lumber. This process will yet create different soft surface. It is usually parallel pinch your first cut.

If you request to make log move into partially completed lumber past nan lawsuit is different. You would person to make nan 2nd trim beneath your first one. Simply usage immoderate extent you want to spell for.

Typically, woodworkers spell for specified 2nd cuts whenever they are cutting woods for instrumentality aliases furniture. For these needs, utilizing a partially completed lumber gives amended results. Especially erstwhile cutting trees for lumber. They tin simply mill a character astatine nan very spot it falls. Parts that are easy to move are elemental to negociate aliases grip this way.

You request to spell done immoderate seasoning earlier cutting it into boards. This measurement a woodworker is capable to determine value of nan last result. It gives them nan expertise to prime amended solutions. Also, this measurement it is easy to usage a thinner kerf aliases set chainsaw to decorativeness last cuts.

While moving pinch really valuable woods, this measurement gives other freedom. It’s easy to make specified costly wood’s chips without hassle if you person a value chainsaw.

3. Making Your Third Cut

Now if you determine to usage a sawmill for vanished lumber past move nan log 90º. Once you do so, nan slabbing rails will beryllium supra log again. Then you request to usage a carpenter’s square. Using nan tool, you should quadrate rails. This measurement you tin guarantee that nan sides are astatine correct angles pinch each other.

As soon arsenic you cheque nan setup, let’s spell for 3rd cut. After finishing nan 3rd cut, simply detach slabbing rails from nan information top. Keep them speech and now you person partially quadrate log. There should beryllium 3 level surfaces now.

Suppose you request to usage nan width while cutting logs into planks. The mill will usage your surfaces of trim and travel it arsenic guide. You should prime thickness and group nan extent to do so. Your logs should commencement cutting into boards now.

4. Making Level Cuts

There is immoderate chainsaw cutting guideline that offers amended power. However, location is nary astir meticulous instrumentality disposable successful immoderate shop. But you tin still usage an easy method to make moreover cuts.

For nan activity table’s support, you tin simply usage telephone poles, logs aliases stumps. But for nan cleanable assistance, you request to person an moreover level surface. With a chainsaw, making level cuts are somewhat difficult. But if you make a basal quadrate jig and level past it is possible.

Simply make 1 pinch 2 x 4s structure. Now descent it pinch nan log aliases rod you are moving on. Using a level beryllium judge to get nan flatness and aboveground successful place. You tin usage nan platform screws for this purpose.

The main constituent present is to not spell pinch chainsaw digging into jig. You should simply descent it across. Make judge to do truthful while attaching bladed wood pieces to nan bar. These strips will conscionable descent on quadrate jigs and raise saw above. It will make it raise higher truthful that nan jig is untouchable. This makes a reusable jig and bully level cut.

Key Points astatine A Glance

  • Get a bully agelong bladed chainsaw that is besides powerful.
  • Work pinch logs raising a spot higher than nan ground, don’t trim successful soil.
  • Don’t spell for angles while making cuts. Use trim vertical for avoiding messy results.
  • Use saw’s extremity to people a consecutive shallow grove.
  • To get level aboveground make judge to return a look off.
  • Get free of adjacent 2 faces while rotating nan log level aboveground down.
  • To people nan correct guidelines, usage a bully pencil. You request to support nan wide kerf leaf successful mind.

Good & Bad Sides

This process has its ain bully and bad points. Let maine make them clear for you. Let maine commencement pinch nan bully ones. You won’t person to walk other money connected a sawmill utilizing this shortcut method. Also, nan resources are rather disposable to use. You don’t request to grip dense logs. You tin simply usage nan process and transportation mini cuts pinch ease.

However, utilizing chainsaw will make a batch of sawdust. So, you are going to discarded a bully magnitude of lumber successful this method. Your resultant boards are sometimes rather rough. Here 1 of nan biggest factors is usability skill.

Can You Do This pinch Any Chainsaw?

Yes, for astir cases you tin use chainsaw mills for specified DIY lumber projects. I judge it’s 1 of nan cheapest ways for renters and homeowners to usage for wood increasing successful backyards. Using dense lumber wastes a batch of clip and effort. Your chainsaw mill tin simply move them into useful pieces that are easy to woody with.

However, if you person a anemic aliases smaller chainsaw, nan process is going to beryllium rather daunting. Sometimes a fewer difficult lumber becomes a immense situation moreover pinch nan best chainsaw mill.


So, you cognize really to trim logs into lumber pinch a chainsaw mill now. I dream your vexation and fatigue pinch immense lumbers will tally distant pinch nan method. With immoderate clip and effort, you’ll beryllium capable to get correct log sections quickly and effortlessly. Just Don’t Give Up!