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Almost each nan bathtubs person overflow drains, pinch immoderate exceptions. This drain ensures nan transition of excess h2o from nan bathtubs truthful that it does not flood nan bathrooms erstwhile taps are near unfastened accidentally. But it tin besides create hindrance while enjoying a calm herbal bath. Ironically, this draining strategy extracts nan h2o from nan bathtub moreover earlier it is decently filled. So how to screen nan overflow drain successful nan bathtub?

All your bath nutrients, bath salts, magnesium flakes, and herbal shampoos walk done nan spread erstwhile nan overflow drain is open. Moreover, nan gulping sound of nan drain spoils your temper for a quiet bath.

Let’s cognize immoderate DIY tricks to tackle nan problem each by yourself astatine home.

How to Cover nan Overflow Drain successful nan Bathtub- DIY Tricks And Tips

Covering an overflow drain is not an rumor erstwhile you person immoderate basal devices and cognize what to do. Rest assured! You do not request a plumber for this. So without immoderate delay, let’s get to nan point.

Hack 1: Install a Bathtub Overflow Cover

Before you deliberation of immoderate crazy DIY hacks, effort installing a DIY complete travel drain screen for illustration nan SlipX Overflow Drain Cover. These overflow drain covers enactment arsenic a suction cup and creates a robust seal. They are easy disposable connected Amazon, eBay, and different commercialized websites.

Installation Procedure

  • Firstly adjacent nan h2o proviso of your bathtub.
  • Then measurement nan size of your overflow sheet and get nan meticulous drain cover.
  • Soak nan rubber-made deep h2o bath tub complete travel drain cover successful lukewarm water.
  • Press nan bathtub overflow screen against nan wall of nan tub surrounding nan overflow plate.
  • Open nan taps of nan tub and cheque if location is immoderate leakage of h2o done nan overflow drain.

Tips: The spread connected nan suction cup should look upward.

Hack 2: Use a Teflon Tape

Plumbers often usage this portion to seal nan surgery pipes temporarily. Though it is not made to seal an overflow drain, it tin travel successful useful for nan clip being.

Application Procedure:

  • Firstly, make judge that your bathtub is each barren and clean.
  • Then return a achromatic Teflon tape.
  • Cut nan portion into mini pieces astir 3-4 inches successful length.
  • Simply instrumentality them astir and complete nan drain sheet and create a impermanent seal.
  • Finish pinch checking nan leak of h2o done nan drain.


  • The seal mightiness travel disconnected erstwhile nan glue washes away.
  • This process is not effective for semipermanent use.

Hack 3: Install Chromate aliases Plastic Plates

How do you screen a bath tub overflow drain? We often look this question. Blocking an overflow drain is simply a portion of barroom if you person chromate plates astatine nan house.

Don’t you person this? It’s not an issue; you tin usage nan Gold-Hao-The-Bathroom Tub Overflow Cover that is easy disposable connected amazon.

Tools Required

  • screws
  • Flat-head screwdriver.
  • Chromate plate.

Installation Process:

  • Firstly, find nan cleanable chromate sheet for your bathtub overflow drain.
  • Switch disconnected nan h2o proviso successful nan bathtub.
  • Using a flat-head screwdriver, screw nan sheet complete nan drain.
  • Open nan pat to cheque if location is immoderate simplification successful nan h2o extent successful nan bathtub.


  • Close nan underwater bathtub hole, not to loose screws.
  • Fix nan screw tightly.

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For tub overflow screen nary screws are needed. This is not nan lawsuit for chromate plates. Finding a suitable screw tin beryllium tricky.

Hack 4: Application of Plumber’s Putty

How to screen nan overflow drain successful nan bath tub DIY techniques is needed. So, different measurement to seal your overflow drain is to use a plumber’s putty aliases descend drain putty.


  • plumber’s putty

Installation Procedure:

  • Disassemble nan drain’s body.
  • Make a statement of plumber’s putty by rolling it betwixt your palms.
  • Apply nan statement of nan plumber’s putty encircling nan opening of nan drain body.
  • Place nan drain’s assemblage supra nan rotation of putty.
  • Tighten nan drain’s assemblage utilizing nuts.
  • Lastly, swipe disconnected nan excess putty pinch a portion of cleanable cloth.

Note: Excess putty should beryllium removed if it hardens.

Hack 5: Installation of Silicone Caulk

Silicone caulk is simply a clear fluid placed successful a tube. It creates a seal connected nan drain making tegument erstwhile it dries up. This is not accepted but tin supply you pinch a impermanent solution.

Installation Procedure:

  • Apply a handsome magnitude of silicone caulk connected each nan sides of nan drain.
  • quickly swipe disconnected nan excess silicone caulk
  • Wait until nan caulk squeezes betwixt nan drain and forms an overlying skin.
  • Switch connected nan pat to cheque nan seal connected nan drain.

Note: If nan silicone caulk hardens earlier wiping, usage a caulk softener to region nan excess product.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you request overflow successful bathtub?

An overflow drain is basal to power nan h2o extent successful nan bathtub. It prevents flooding successful nan bath if you accidentally time off nan pat open. Moreover, it is an basal information measurement for mini kids successful your house.

What is nan intent of a bath overflow?

A bath overflow helps to drain nan excess h2o from nan bathtub. It is straight connected to nan main tub drain. So, it tin forestall floods successful nan bathroom.

Can you region bathtub overflow drain?

You tin region nan bathtub overflow drain by unscrewing nan faceplate connected nan drain. But you should ne'er do it for nan liking of your and nan kid’s safety.

Final Verdict

Having a lukewarm bath aft a melodramatic time is simply a must. It becomes annoying if your luxurious bath infinitesimal is ruined conscionable because of an overflow drain. How to screen nan overflow drain successful nan bathtub? We person mentioned respective DIY tricks that you tin springiness a try.

Some of them are imperishable and immoderate are temporary. But successful nan first place, you should beryllium cautious of your safety. Once information is ensured, you are fresh to bask a lukewarm and quiet bath successful an aromatic bathtub without immoderate gulping sound of nan drain.

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