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There are galore options available, particularly while installing a ablution drain. The prime you make wholly depends connected your ablution base, nan benignant of pipes disposable successful your home, and nan manufacturers’ recommendation.

However, group support asking really they tin link their ablution drain to nan copper tube truthful that nan pipes and drains enactment much durable.

Well, if that’s been your mobility too, past nary request to worry, arsenic this article will assistance you pinch each nan answers you need.

So, support reference till nan extremity to cognize each nan basal details.

How to Connect Shower Drain to Copper Pipe?

If you look carefully, you’ll announcement that a ablution drain and nan pipes are connected astatine nan backmost of your bath wall.

The perfect clip for you to instal ablution drain and link to copper pipes is to remodel your bath walls aliases repair your ablution pipes.

The drain of your ablution has 2 soul ports and an outer larboard for nan caput of your shower. Most plumbers do screw brass aliases copper tube adapters wrong these ports earlier moreover connecting pinch nan copper pipes.

Things you request to link copper to PVC drain adapter

In this section, you’ll cognize astir each nan basal instruments that you request to transportation retired nan installing procedures.

  • Two copper tees
  • Pipe cutter
  • Soldering flux
  • Drill
  • 2 Copper to PVC adapter
  • Copper pipes and fittings
  • Solder
  • Soldering flux
  • Propane torch
  • Wrench
  • Flexible couplings

So, to link nan ablution drains pinch nan copper pipe, you should travel these instructions accordingly.

Step-1: Must hole nan ablution drains to solder them pinch nan copper pipes.

Step-2: Then solder 3-inch copper pipes pinch 3 of nan 1/2-inch adapters.

Step-3: Afterwards, wrap nan adapters pinch plumbing portion and past screw each of nan ports and tight them utilizing a wrench.

Step-4: Extend nan copper pipes to nan ablution drain pinch 1/2 inch fittings. For this, you request 1/2-inch couplers connected some sides of your copper pipes.

Step-5: After each these are done, dry-fit your copper pipes and past solder them erstwhile you spot that everything has been fitted perfectly.

Step-6: Finally, instal a beardown elbow for your ablution caput by attaching it to nan ablution valve.

How Do You Connect PVC to Copper Drain?

What is it astir nan Copper drain, and do you request to link nan PVC? Let’s spot really you tin do-

Step-1: Clean nan ends of nan copper pipes and record nan edges to destruct burrs. It’s basal to region these burrs truthful that they tin fresh perfectly.

Step-2: After that, usage a brushwood and expanse till nan extremity of nan tube truthful that location is nary debris.

Step-3: You besides request to make judge that nan interior is coated pinch integrative tube cement truthful that location near nary chances for nan copper tube to discolor.

Step-4: Finally, tighten nan seed to specified an grade that it seals nan ringing against nan tube and fitting. So, nary request to usage immoderate tape.

Pro Tip: After you person successfully connected nan ablution drain pinch copper pipes, guarantee to move connected nan h2o and look for immoderate benignant of leaps from your copper pipes.
If you spot nary specified leaks, you tin instal your ablution valve and screen your walls. However, if you do find immoderate leaks, guarantee to seal them up instantly pinch tape.

Further Information That Can Come successful Handy While Installing Shower Drain

In this section, you’ll cognize immoderate further accusation for copper drain pipes and ablution drain installation, truthful do miss it, arsenic it’ll travel successful useful during your full DIY installation process.

Flexible Trap Adapters

These elastic trap adapters are beautiful flexible, and this is nan logic that makes them truthful suitable for places like:

  • Bar sinks
  • Laundry trays
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Utility sinks
  • Bathtubs

These elastic adapters are truthful overmuch connected request because they tin beautiful quickly link to nan drain pipes without immoderate problems.

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There are galore different advantages of these trap adapters, beneath are immoderate of them-

  • No request for threading aliases soldering if you usage elastic trap adapters
  • These adapters tin easy link pinch nan aforesaid type of piping (so you won’t person to interest whether they tin link pinch different pipes aliases not!)
  • It’s wholly rust-proof, truthful nary matter what, location are nary chances for these adapters to rust astatine immoderate cost.
  • The PVC creation of this adapter ensures that it doesn’t leak water.

Some Basic And Easy Ways to Install a Compressive Shower Drain

Compressive ablution drains are apt to beryllium attached to your location pipes pinch compression nuts and washers.

These drain pipes are disposable in-

  • PVC
  • ABS
  • Brass

However, among each of these, PVC is considered nan astir celebrated 1 because of its durability and rigid configuration.

Below are immoderate of nan elemental steps for you to follow:

Step-1: Trim your drainpipe

Step-2: Attach silicone caulk successful nan opening of nan drain, past insert assembly

Step-3: Position nan guidelines of your shower

Step-4: Afterward, insert your compression gasket down nan drain

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you link PVC to metallic drain pipe?

Yes, PVC tin beryllium connected to metallic drain pipe. The logic is that nan threads meld correct successful nan relationship point, making nan joints strong. So, location is very small chance to break nan enslaved betwixt PVC and metal.

How do you pat into a copper drain pipe?

In bid to do this, first you request to unopen nan h2o supply. After that, return a tube cutter and make a precise opening connected your pipe. However, if you spot nan pipes are measurement excessively rigid, conscionable region nan clamps and commencement pulling nan pipes apart.

How do you enslaved PVC to metal?

It’s not imaginable to enslaved PVC to metallic directly, however, you tin do this by inserting nan tube successful a rubber seal and past bonding nan two. 

Can you link copper tube without soldering?

Yes, you tin link a copper tube without soldering, too. For this, you request to spell done immoderate extended procedures, but it’s possible!

Bottom line

You must person gone done nan net to hunt how to link ablution drain to copper pipe, but must person not recovered immoderate due resources.

However, you tin now person a clear thought of really you should proceed done this compiled post.

Connecting your ablution drain pinch a copper tube mightiness look beautiful challenging, but if you publication done nan instructions properly, past you’ll cognize it’s not a difficult seed to crack!

Although, earlier proceeding pinch your DIY projects, guarantee that you person nan correct devices to transportation retired nan task because, without nan correct equipment, nan activity mightiness not beryllium precise.

We dream this article will thief you to cognize each nan basal accusation for connecting your ablution drain pinch nan copper pipe!

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