How To Break A Rock With A Sledgehammer?

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Moving a ample boulder is simply a highly challenging and analyzable process. If you don’t break nan stone into mini pieces, carrying it is arsenic difficult. In that case, you tin lighten nan load, region it safely, and transportation it by easy breaking nan stone pinch a sledgehammer. But this task mightiness go risky and different if you do not cognize nan due way.

It seems for illustration a matter to beryllium concerned about, Isn’t it? Not really aft you publication this article. By nan extremity of your scroll, you will get to cognize nan astir effortless method of breaking a stone pinch a sledgehammer and different businesslike ways to break a rock.

Steps to Break Rock Using a Sledgehammer

Well, erstwhile you’ve decided to break nan stone pinch a sledgehammer, put connected your information cogwheel and jump to stone breaking by pursuing nan instructions.

Step 1: Wear Safety Gear

Safety-GearsImage: 314solutionsuk /

Remember that you are moving pinch a sledgehammer to break nan rock. Doing truthful whitethorn injure your hands, eyes, and feet. Be judge to deterioration gloves earlier starting work. Otherwise, blisters are guaranteed arsenic you person to rotate nan sledgehammer to break nan stone constantly. A brace of sturdy and soft gloves will protect your fingers from nan scraping of nan rigid handle.

The 2nd 1 is to protect your eyes, which is paramount. Wear goggles and a brace of boots to protect your eyes from mini pieces of rock.

We tin opportunity that you are afloat prepared for a difficult task for illustration breaking stones.

Step 2: Select a Hard Surface to Place nan Rock (If Possible)


Somehow, if you tin negociate to move nan stone connected a difficult and level surface, it will beryllium nan best. If nan chromatic is located successful a comparatively overseas place, it will move erstwhile deed aliases move retired of position aft a fewer hits. But if you spot that taking nan chromatic to a suitable spot is intolerable aliases dangerous, past it would beryllium wise to find different way.

Step 3: Pick a Point to Blow and Hold nan Hammer Correctly


Breaking a stone pinch a sledgehammer intends applying repeated unit to a circumstantial constituent connected its aboveground to unit it to crack. Just prime a adjacent spot. It doesn’t matter if it’s level aliases round, arsenic agelong arsenic you are judge you tin break it successful a short clip pinch small difficulty.

Now that you person fixed your vantage constituent clasp nan sledgehammer properly.

Place it beneath nan hammer’s head pinch your ascendant manus while your non-dominant manus firmly grasps nan handle. This method confirms plaything power pinch maximum safety. During nan swing, your ascendant manus will power nan precision, your non-dominant manus will supply balance, and your full assemblage will supply power.

Step 4: Swing nan Sledgehammer and Hit The point


Start slowly. Swing nan sledgehammer 180 degrees complete your caput and deed nan rock. Continue hitting again and again successful nan aforesaid measurement connected nan aforesaid constituent until a fracture appears connected nan aboveground of nan stone. Once it comes up, you are not acold distant from breaking it successful two.

Keep subsistence pinch patience and support practicing pinch mini amounts of force. The nonstop number of times you will request to deed is unknown.

How To Break a Rock With a Hammer

To break a stone pinch a hammer, you will request a chisel, a group of feathers, and a hammer to divided aliases break a rock. Let’s study measurement by measurement really to break stone pinch a hammer.

  • The first measurement is to drill a bid of holes down into nan rock. For drilling, this time, you request a chisel. 
  • Once you decorativeness drilling nan holes, nan adjacent measurement is to insert nan wedge and feathers. To guarantee nan wedge goes down successful nan spot, return nan wedges and feathers together and driblet them successful nan spread pinch nan wedge correct successful nan mediate of nan feather.
  • Now return nan hammer and pat it lightly a mates of times to unafraid it, and past commencement hammering nan wedge. Repeat this backmost and distant until nan stone cracks. 
  • When wedges are driven down to nan bottom, and a fracture has arrived, you can’t deed them anymore. Just put a barroom successful here, push nan slanted separator into a fissure, and pry nan stone apart.
  • Rock of mini size whitethorn not request a bar; it will abstracted from nan fracture tract by itself. Or you tin abstracted them by hand.

Small Rock Breaking Techniques

You mightiness beryllium amazed astatine really easy it is to usage a sledge to break up nan rock. However, a family hammer aliases stone hammer/pick will do nan instrumentality for smaller stones. 

Place nan stone container connected a coagulated aboveground (such arsenic actual aliases asphalt), past lightly pat it. Increase nan unit gradually until you perceive nan rocks breaking. The chromatic will go weaker from repeated blows to nan aforesaid area and crumble distant quickly. Stop and measure your activity earlier moving connected erstwhile nan rocks are already mini enough.

It is ever champion to grip your stone pinch a gentle hand. Too overmuch unit tin break your stone into smaller pieces that can’t beryllium tumbled.


As we promised, you’ve sewage each nan easiest techniques to break a rock. However, retrieve that nan tensile spot of rocks is deficient. So, nan simplest attack to breaking a stone pinch a stone hammer is to return advantage of this built-in weakness. 

Once you cognize each nan tricks of breaking rocks, you won’t beryllium acrophobic of difficult activity for illustration breaking rocks. Then get into your occupation of stone breaking for illustration a skilled mason and person nosy pinch it.