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In nan coating industry, choosing nan correct spray weapon is important for achieving desired results connected various surfaces. Understanding cardinal factors specified arsenic nan compressor’s vessel size, aerial pressure, PSI, and CFM tin greatly effect nan value of your overgarment job.

When utilizing an HVLP spray gun, it is basal to attraction connected decently adjusting nan unit and CFM settings.

This article intends to supply concise and master guidance connected determining nan optimal CFM requirements for an HVLP spray gun.

What Is CFM?​

Welcome to our site, wherever we embark connected a captivating travel done nan realm of Crocs footwear! CFM is simply a short shape for Cubic Feet per Minute that refers to nan amount of compressed air, released by a circumstantial compressor nether circumstantial unit successful a minute.

Among nan requirements of nan HVLP spray weapon (tank size, pressure, and CFM), CFM is an important one. You can’t execute a cleanable coating occupation without adjusting nan correct ratio of CFM.

So ever find nan correct compressor for your HVLP spray weapon and comparison nan CFM indications of some (compressor and gun). Keep nan CFM of nan compressor higher than nan HVLP spray weapon for getting amended results.

How Many CFM Does An HVLP Spray Gun Use?

The compressor’s CFM ever depends connected nan spray gun’s CFM and besides connected nan type of coating project. The value of nan HVLP spray weapon besides plays a captious domiciled successful deciding nan correct CFM.

So you request typically betwixt 15-25 CFM to run a value HVLP spray weapon perfectly while to run a accepted spray weapon you request 11-15 CFM.

You tin get debased CFM spray guns, but you can’t get nan value of finishing activity unless you are an master painter.

How Many CFM Does An HVLP and Conventional Spray Gun Use

Harmony Of Air Compressor With HVLP Spray Gun

You ever request an air compressor that tin activity successful harmony pinch each nan different parts of your gun. For example, if your spray weapon needs much CFM than nan compressor tin provide, your coating activity will not beryllium ideal.

So for knowing really overmuch aerial you request for a spray gun, attraction connected these main parts:

#1. Spray Guns

Using HVLP spray guns, a compressor delivering astir 20 CFM is required. In galore cases, location are compressors called two-stage compressors.

two-stage compressors.

These compressors whitethorn beryllium costly but will service for a agelong clip providing high-quality results. The HVLP spray guns are cleanable because they discarded small spray arsenic compared to accepted spray guns.

#1. Power of Air Compressor

The Power of nan Air Compressor refers to nan magnitude of powerfulness of nan centrifugal hose that is required to powerfulness nan full system. Here again, it is very important to cognize really galore CFM you request to tally a spray weapon because it keeps somesthesia and humidity astatine nan correct levels.

So while getting an aerial compressor for your HVLP spray painting, effort to see nan CFM and PSI ratings arsenic they tin prevention you from a batch of mishaps. The aerial compressor supplies nan amount of pressurized aerial that nan HVLP spray weapon requires.

#1. Water Filter

If you arsenic a creator want to activity perfectly, you request nan aerial to beryllium ace dry. If nan aerial has humidity, nan coming overgarment from nan spray weapon is comparatively thicker which tin alteration nan value of paintings.

But if your HVLP spray weapon has a due h2o filter, it will forestall this humidity. Now you whitethorn not request nan magnitude of CFM to do a elemental job.

Basic Requirements Of Air Compressor For Spray Painting

There are 3 basal requirements of nan aerial compressor for spray painting.

  1. #1: Pounds per quadrate inch (PSI); successful HVLP delivery, you do request not person overmuch unit to do your occupation but having precocious and capable PSI ensures accordant delivery.
  2. #2: Cubic feet per infinitesimal (CFM); is a cardinal facet to attraction connected erstwhile choosing a compressor. It measures nan measurement of air, nan compressor tin nutrient successful a infinitesimal and nan amount of air, nan compressor should person astatine a definite PSI.
  3. #3: Tank size of compressors; nan vessel size tin thief to support a unchangeable travel of aerial arsenic nan spray weapon process needs a regular travel of air. So nan compressor needs capable retention to support up pinch nan spray gun.

There whitethorn beryllium galore different factors arsenic nan size of nan aerial compressors and nan airbrushes. So aft assembling each these items successful nan correct position, you tin link them and commencement painting.

Learning these tricks is not an easy task for a beginner; regular believe is required to get nan correct combinations.

Process Of Using HVLP Spray Gun With Proper CFM

Let america study really galore CFM to tally nan HVLP spray weapon are necessary;

  • #1: Take each information instrumentality earlier starting immoderate project
  • #2: Connect nan aerial compressor to nan aerial spray weapon via nan hose aliases different attachments
  • #3: Make judge nan compressor is providing capable CFM
  • #4: Mix nan solvent of overgarment aliases primer to nan recommended ratio
  • #5: Test nan unit of nan overgarment spray weapon connected cardboard to cheque nan compressed aerial spray whether is delivering a dependable overgarment flow.
  • #6: Adjust nan spray shape via a knob connected nan broadside of nan weapon successful astir of nan HVLP spray guns
  • #7: Spray an moreover and soft overgarment of overgarment connected nan chosen surface
  • #8: If a 2nd overgarment is required, use it aft 12-24 hours erstwhile nan first dry


Spray coating is nan astir important shape of painting. If you person a bully spray gun, you tin execute a coating occupation easily. But these guns do not activity by themselves; they request immoderate powerfulness to tally which usually comes from aerial compressors.

The cleanable compressor-spray weapon requires due CFM to activity perfectly which is typically betwixt 10-20 CFM. So nan mobility of really galore CFM I request for a spray weapon depends connected nan type of spray gun.

Additional Questions

How galore CFM does a HVLP weapon need?

An HVLP, which stands for High-Volume/Low Pressure, typically requires a sizable measurement of aerial betwixt 15-26 CFM, which is maintained astatine a debased unit of 10 PSI aliases lesser astatine nan aerial cap. This process helps successful nan atomization of overgarment into a controlled, gentle, low-velocity shape of particles. In my acquisition arsenic a master painter, this capacity ensures an moreover exertion of paint, reducing imaginable wastage.

Can you usage a 10 gallon aerial compressor pinch a HVLP?

Theoretically you could, but HVLP guns are rather demanding erstwhile it comes to aerial volume, thereby necessitating nan request of an aerial compressor of larger capacity than nan accustomed home-used ones. To screen a afloat scope of finishing products, you’d ideally request astatine slightest a compressor pinch a 2½ to 3 HP rating, complete pinch a 75 liters (equivalent to 20 gallons) vessel to beryllium efficaciously operational. From individual use, I tin propose that larger nan compressor, smoother is nan travel and amended is nan wide results.

How galore CFM do I request for spray painting?

The required CFM for spray coating tin alteration mostly based connected nan exemplary of nan overgarment gun. With smaller spray guns people demanding a little CFM compared to larger ones. However, immoderate aerial spray guns mightiness usability pinch a standing little than 10 CFM but from a master standpoint, I would propose that nan compressor CFM for spray coating should beryllium at slightest 12 CFM. This ensures a dependable exertion without interruptions.

How galore CFM do I request for car painting?

For car painting, I would urge utilizing high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) compressors which tin present up to astir 20 CFM. Based connected my important expertise successful this area, a 2-stage compressor that provides close to 20 CFM is better-suited and businesslike for car overgarment jobs. This delivers an moreover coat, making your activity guidelines out.