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The modular drill spot is nan astir communal instrumentality utilized for DIY and master projects. It comes successful inches and mm sizes. For soft drilling projects, you must cognize nan correct size of nan drill bit. You whitethorn person a drill spot group successful inches, but what is its balanced modular drill spot successful mm?

A modular drill spot successful mm is simply a micro, fractional, metric, spade, masonry, and Forstner drill bit. They travel successful different sizes successful mm, which makes them compatible pinch different purposes.

However, I will research nan modular drill spot sizes successful mm and their equivalents.

What Is a Standard Drill Bit?

A modular drill spot is utilized to drill cylindrical holes successful wood, metal, plastic, and galore different materials.

This type of instrumentality is made of high-quality materials specified arsenic tungsten carbide aliases high-strength steel. You will get respective options pinch different shapes and sizes to take from.

Usually, nan modular drill spot has a pointed extremity and a cylindrical shank. When it comes to drilling angles aliases quadrate holes, you tin dangle connected it.

Let’s See nan Standard Drill Bit Sizes successful mm

Okay, now person a look astatine immoderate of nan awesome drill bits’ size conversion successful millimeters.

Standard Drill BitSize successful InchSize successful mm
Micro aliases miniature0.00196 – 0.059 0.05 – 1.5
Fractional drill bit0.015 – 0.50.39  – 12.7
Metric drill bit0.0196 – 0.5110.5 – 13
Spade drill bit1 – 625.4 – 152.4
Masonry drill bit0.11 – 0.623 -16
Forstner drill bit0.25 – 26.35 – 50.8

How Do You Know What Size a Drill Bit Is?

You person galore ways to cognize what size drill spot you have. Below are immoderate awesome ways to cognize nan size of nan drill spot that Engineering Click shows.

  • Many drill bits travel pinch measurements (written) connected nan extremity aliases shank. You tin publication nan markings to cognize nan drill spot size successful mm aliases inches.
  • If you don’t person nan markings, usage a drill spot gauge. You tin easy measurement nan size of a drill spot by comparing it to nan group of drilled holes successful nan gauge tool.
  • You tin besides usage a vernier aliases integer caliper to measurement nan drill spot size successful mm aliases inches.
  • Some of nan drill spot sets travel pinch a size chart. You tin besides corroborate your drill spot size from nan disposable chart. If you request a floor plan pinch a drill spot set, past cheque for nan online drill spot size charts.-

What Are nan Different Sizes of Drill Bits?

Different Sizes of Drill Bits

Many drill spot sizes are utilized for DIY aliases master projects. Here I will stock nan fewer awesome drill spot sizes communal successful nan industry.

  • Micro aliases miniature drill spot is nan smallest drill bits that travel successful size from 0.05 mm to 1.5 mm. Miniature drill bits are utilized for drilling holes successful mini items.
  • Letter drill bits are celebrated drill bits that incorporate alphabets. Their sizes are mentioned successful alphabets “A” to “Z.” They travel successful sizes from 0.234 to 6.35 mm. Their main uses are drilling mini holes successful wood, plastic, aliases soft metal.
  • Fractional drill bits are considered nan largest drill bits that travel successful sizes from 1/64 inch to ½ inch. These drill bits are utilized successful drilling mean holes successful different materials.
  • Metric drill spot sizes scope from 0.5 mm to 13 mm. They are commonly utilized for drilling difficult metals and concrete. You must cheque concrete drill spot sizes successful mm earlier utilizing them for concrete.
  • Spade drill bits are utilized for drilling ample and level holes from 1 to 6 inches. They are utilized for drill presses.
  • The masonry drill spot is simply a communal size utilized for drilling holes successful concrete. The masonry drill spot sizes successful mm scope from 3 mm to 16 mm, utilized successful hammer drills.
  • Forstner drill bits travel successful sizes from ¼ to 2 inches and are utilized for flat-bottomed drilling holes.

How Do You Know What Size Drill Bit to Use?

To find nan size of a drill spot to usage for a circumstantial spread must guarantee nan pursuing things:

  • Determine nan spread size by measuring.
  • Select nan required drill spot by checking from nan package.
  • Also, see nan worldly you are drilling. If you person worldly specified arsenic wood, you will request a somewhat larger drill than nan hole.
  • Check different sizes of nan drill bits pinch nan holes to cognize nan best-fit drill bit.

How Do You Know What Size Drill Bit to Use for Wall Anchors?

To usage a drill spot for wall anchors, you person to measurement nan size of nan wall anchor first. After measuring nan diameter of a wall anchor, take nan drill spot that is simply a small larger than nan wall anchor.

It is besides basal to retrieve that your drill spot should beryllium masonry while you are drilling successful nan wall. Once you person chosen nan drill bit, trial it for nan anchor to guarantee you person chosen nan correct one. It is besides bully to publication nan manufacturer’s instructions to take nan champion 1 quickly.

How Do You Know What Size Drill Bit to Use for Wall Plugs?

Measure nan diameter of nan wall plug aliases cheque for nan package aliases instructions for choosing nan correct drill bit. However, erstwhile you person measured nan diameter of nan wall plug, take a somewhat larger drill spot to guarantee you person a tight fresh and due drill bit.

How to Know What Size Drill Bit Is for nan Screw?

Follow nan elemental steps beneath to cognize nan correct size of a drill spot for a screw.

  • Read nan screw merchandise accusation astir nan required drill spot size.
  • If you do not person nan accusation for nan screw, past measurement nan screw diameter utilizing a integer caliper.
  • Next, cheque nan drill spot size chart; you tin easy find it connected nan internet.
  • Use a drill spot group to cognize nan correct drill spot size for nan screw.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Drill Bit Sizes successful mm?

Yes, astir drill spot sets travel pinch written sizes successful mm. But you whitethorn besides find immoderate drill spot sets sizes mentioned successful inches. Standard drill spot sets travel successful some mm and inches.

What size is simply a 10 mm drill spot successful standard?

A 10 mm drill spot is balanced to a ⅜ aliases 0.375-inch standard-size drill bit.

What size is simply a 7 mm drill spot successful standard?

A 7 mm drill spot is balanced to a 9/32 aliases 0.2815-inch modular drill spot size.

What size is balanced to a 6 mm drill spot successful standard?

The modular drill spot of 15/64 aliases 0.2343 inches is balanced to nan 6 mm drill bit.

What is simply a 12 mm drill spot successful standard?

12 mm size is adjacent to 21/64 aliases 0.328 inches successful nan modular drill bit.

Are drill spot numbers successful mm?

Yes, drill spot numbers are successful mm. The size of a drill spot is wished successful mm, specified arsenic 3 mm, 6 mm, etc. They are besides successful inches but mostly travel successful mm.


The size of a drill spot is simply a important facet of drilling projects. Understanding nan communal sizes of drill bits and their balanced is simply a must. Standard drill bits mostly travel pinch mm size specifications. So it is basal to cognize nan correct equivalents for choosing nan correct drill spot for a soft drilling experience.

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