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Changing Table Saw Blade

DIYers and carpenters cannot ideate moving without a table saw. These are communal for moving connected occupation sites arsenic good arsenic home-work-spaces. For astir of their projects, it’s a must-have tool. However, you request to support it successful bully shape, and sometimes that includes changing nan blade.

Getting a caller leaf for your array saw seems beautiful straightforward and uncomplicated. But replacing nan full point is not that simple. You surely request immoderate useful guidelines to follow. Today I purpose to springiness you a fewer elemental steps for nan process.

Changing table saw blade is simply a very elaborate task that needs your other attention. Since we are dealing pinch crisp stuff, beryllium judge to return each due information measurements arsenic good arsenic do it pinch utmost patience. Let’s get into this!

Changing Table Saw Blade successful Steps Given Below

Get Some Materials

You request fewer devices earlier jumping into nan full process. Just get them from a location betterment shop. Some of them mightiness beryllium already astatine your home. These are: 

  1. A mini artifact of wood.
  2. Wrench (Allen aliases Hex)
  3. Screwdriver.
  4. Replacement for array saw blade.

Removing & Installing New Blade

You should move nan leaf to its highest position while removing it. The separator mightiness move on. To debar that, spot a woodblock of mini size against nan edge. This measurement it would support immoderate accidental turns away.

Now utilizing a wrench move nan seed of leaf clockwise. This is nan ideal table saw leaf direction for detaching nuts usually. Some whitethorn want to alteration array saw leaf without wrenchSo, they effort utilizing their hands. This is risky and you should debar it. Remember, you are dealing pinch blades here.

Once you trace and region nuts from washer, gradually get retired nan blade. Detaching nan leaf is that simple. However, make judge to spot it location safe. You should not get into accidents later.

Now it’s clip to region nan gloves and unpack nan caller blade’s packaging. Use an weapon and simply trim astir nan packaging. Don’t rip aliases tear it pinch bare hands. Blades wrong whitethorn cut your hands aliases autumn disconnected from it.

Wear nan gloves erstwhile again. Get nan saw leaf and spell for your array saw’s housing. The extremity should beryllium facing beforehand broadside of array saw. Now get backmost nan array saw leaf seed and washer. Using nan aforesaid wrench tighten them up pinch a clockwise guidance this time.

You should usage nan woody artifact erstwhile again for this step. This measurement you’ll beryllium capable to tighten nan nuts much preciously.

Putting Everything Back Together

Now you should get backmost nan machine’s remaining screws and array plate. Make judge to tighten them up by placing correctly. The leaf should not beryllium capable to touch immoderate slot’s side. There should beryllium nary abstraction fixed to nan blade. It’s only imaginable erstwhile nan fastening is done right.

If you fig retired that nan leaf is rubbing an edge, re-adjust it by taking disconnected erstwhile again. You tin change washer aliases nuts to make judge nan leaf placement is right.

Once you are done reinstalling nan blades perfectly, wide look should beryllium natural. It will look precisely Same arsenic before.0

Now simply plug nan instrumentality into a socket. It’s clip to move connected nan instrumentality and cheque if everything is moving fine. Run your leaf and beryllium judge nan placement is right. It should beryllium moving arsenic usual.

If location is nary vibration aliases shaking and it runs soft arsenic before, congratulation! The replacement was successful and you did it! You tin usage a mini wood portion to trial everything retired successful nary time.


It was simple, right? Changing array saw leaf is really a portion of barroom if you salary capable attraction and patience. The process is tricky only because you would beryllium dealing pinch crisp blades.

There is simply a information interest astir if you would beryllium capable to debar accidents completely. But usually, mishaps don’t meet erstwhile nan personification makes judge to travel instructions gradually.

You would beryllium doing this replacement rather a fewer times while utilizing a array saw. After a fewer trials, I’m judge you’ll beryllium doing it without nan hassle and rather fast. Good Luck!