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A h2o heater sound is simply a motion of an upcoming informing that nan heater needs repair aliases change. If you person tapped to publication this guide, you are already facing a water heater dripping sound problem.

8.7% of occurrence accidents started owed to h2o heater explosions successful nan US betwixt 2016 to 2020 according to nan US National Fire Protection Association. Most communal logic down this heater sound problem is state aliases lipid leak wrong nan heater.

Condensed tanks tin lead to leaking wrong nan h2o tank, which results successful dripping aliases immoderate benignant of sound. Additionally, it tin beryllium owed to mediocre h2o unit and slow h2o rate. But not each dripping sound is for nan reasons mentioned above. So we’ve explained nan causes and solutions successful item below.

Water Heater Dripping Sound

For first person a look astatine nan imaginable causes that tin lead to that sound.

Gas aliases lipid leakPurchasing a caller h2o heater
Condensate tankRegulating drainage strategy & caller heater adjustment
Temperature and unit malfunctionRepair done master h2o heater trainer
Drainage strategy and h2o pressureAdjust nan h2o travel and accommodate nan drainage system

Let’s jump into nan specifications pinch fixing steps.

Gas aliases Oil Leak

Often a state aliases lipid leak indicates there’s a much in-depth logic for nan water heater dripping sizzling sound.

For example, 2 of nan premier reasons are drain valve responsibility aliases soul vessel malfunction. By default, immoderate regular h2o heater has a durian valve. You tin find it astatine nan bottommost of your heater.

Its main task is to drain nan basking h2o aft switching disconnected to support nan desired h2o quality. In lawsuit you usage a h2o heater regularly, nan valve will drain basking h2o regularly. When this usability doesn’t hap correctly, there’s other sediment collected astatine nan bottommost of nan tank.

As a result, it damages to nan soul vessel nozzle aliases base, causing a state aliases lipid leak. After it takes a terrible form, it hits nan drain valve, and again, that causes nan h2o heater to make a dripping sound.

On nan different note, if nan guidelines state aliases lipid leaks, it’s a reddish emblem that your h2o heater times are up. When nan heater warms nan water, nan soul guidelines h2o vessel metallic vessel expands much than erstwhile it becomes cold. This process often leads to cracks connected nan main vessel aliases tubes inside, resulting successful h2o leak that leads to state aliases lipid leak. That’s erstwhile you perceive nan dripping sound.

Solutions to Try

For Nozzle Leak: Nozzle leak is not that a large issue. If you are acquainted pinch utilizing machinery, past it should beryllium an easy occupation for you. First, move disconnected nan heater strategy and drawback a brass hose cap. Open up nan h2o heater and put it connected nan nozzle. This process makes it easy for you to switch nan nozzle pinch a caller 1 without causing outer state aliases lipid leak. Even aft replacing nan nozzle, your heater coupon does not make a dripping sound, truthful we highly urge calling a master aliases customer service.

For Base valve: There’s nary action for fixing. We urge replacing nan heater pinch a caller 1 pinch nan thief of a professional.

Condensate Tank

One of nan halfway reasons your Rheem h2o heater dripping sound is happening is simply a condensate tank.

When nan burner heats up to power nan acold water, a furniture of condensation occurs successful nan process. When nan vessel cools down, nan condensation tends to soften up. As a result, it tin move into drops of h2o and origin a dripping sound.

Sometimes, nan extent of h2o tin make frying aliases burning sounds successful nan process. Besides that, erstwhile a caller heater fills pinch acold water, that mightiness origin nan dripping effect too.

Also, ample amounts of basking h2o usage aft acold h2o refill mightiness lead to condensation and past dripping. Sometimes the caller h2o heater dripping sound goes distant aft 1 aliases 2 hours. That happens because, arsenic we said above, owed to nan recently acold h2o fill-up adjustment. But excessive condensate tin origin leaks wrong nan vessel and flute conduit if not repaired successful time.

To understand if your heater consents aliases not, first swipe each h2o nether your heater. Take nan thermostat to nan aviator position. After waiting 9 hours, look retired for nan heater. If there’s nary h2o and dripping sound, past it is condensation.

Effective Solutions

There’s small to interest astir if nan dripping is owed to condensation. It is simply a normal process, and it doesn’t bespeak heater failure.

For caller heaters, it fixes complete six months of use. But suppose you’ve done a attraction trial and recovered retired that nan h2o is still dripping aft whipping. In that case, it’s amended to consult a professional.

Most of nan time, due drainage strategy guidance and h2o unit power should lick nan problem.

Temperature and Pressure Malfunction

Most of nan time, tankless h2o heater dripping sound happens owed to somesthesia and valve malfunction. The astir communal logic is an aged pipe, excessive h2o flow, and soul harm owed to changeless power and reheating.

Irregular electrical proviso aliases state proviso tin besides lead to this problem. As a result, nan heater heats excess h2o than you need. These reasons unit a heater to nutrient much excess steam than required. Most of nan time, it results successful utmost h2o power that tin origin an explosion.

Sometimes nan seal of nan tube breaks that causing leaking and excessive dripping sounds. T&P tube should ne'er beryllium handled without master help. As we each know, it increases a awesome chance of detonation without due handling.

Solutions for Temperature& Pressure Issue

If nan h2o heater dripping sound happens owed to excess h2o flow, past nan T&P is having problems. You don’t request a caller 1 successful lawsuit it is only a somesthesia and unit tube problem. We highly urge taking nan thief of a master h2o heater trainer aliases customer service(within warranty) to hole this problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I Hear Water Dripping successful My Water Heater?

Internal leaking of heater tank, condensate tank, somesthesia and tube vessel malfunction & excessive h2o unit tin origin h2o operating problems successful nan heater. As a result, you mightiness perceive h2o dripping sound from your heater.

Can Hear Hot Water Tank Dripping?

Primarily because of nan leak and caller heater operation, you tin perceive nan bosom heater vessel dripping. Also, nan drainage strategy tin lead to dripping.

Should My Water Heater beryllium Dripping?

A bully heater shouldn’t beryllium dripping unless it’s a caller one. It’s wise to cheque instantly because dripping is simply a motion of heater failure.

Is It Normal for A Hot Water Heater to Make Noise?

No, it is not normal. If your heater is making noise, it intends a leak aliases condensation problem underneath that needs replacing aliases fixing.


If you perceive a water heater dripping sound, it is an parameter that your heater needs your attention. We highly urge taking a master h2o heater trainer’s thief supra DIY. But to diagnose nan reasons for dripping from nan supra four, do trial your heater first.

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