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You usage nan Delta ablution strategy successful your bathroom, and abruptly your Delta ablution caput region fastener is not working? This is simply a problem that tin springiness you a headache during ablution time. And nan champion solution for this problem is to alteration it aliases switch it.

Delta provides respective ablution systems pinch a region fastener to power h2o travel by pressing a button. This is simply a adjuvant characteristic for having a comfortable and businesslike shower. Sometimes location could beryllium a chance of that fastener malfunctioning.

Sowe will to talk astir nan solution to this problem.

Delta Shower Head Pause Button Not Working

It is simply a uncommon lawsuit if your delta ablution caput region fastener is stuck.

The imaginable reasons and nan solutions  are:

Faulty productContact Delta manufacturers
Dropped from manus which collapsed nan mechanismReplace nan showerhead pinch a caller one
Jammed from insideReplace nan ablution head

Let’s jump into nan fixes for nan region fastener not moving issue.

Faulty Product

If you spot your caller Delta ablution caput stuck connected region while utilizing it. Then it is simply a faulty product. Contact Delta to get nan solution. They will nonstop you a caller 1 to switch it.

Broken aliases Jammed from Inside

Usually, Delta gives a life warranty of their products. But, In these cases you whitethorn person to bargain a caller one. I don’t deliberation Delta will supply you pinch a free showerhead because nan harm is done by yourself.

Just bargain a caller showerhead and switch it.

Delta Handheld Shower Head Replacement

The replacement strategy for Delta Faucet 5 spray, Delta 2 successful 1 dual manus and Delta 7 spray handheld ablution and Delta IN2ITION are nan same.

Because they each person nan region fastener strategy connected nan handheld ablution head.

Now cheque nan process to switch nan handheld ablution caput successful nan due way

  • First of all, you request to unfastened nan malfunctioned ablution head. In bid to do that, drawback nan ablution caput and springiness it an anti-clockwise rotation.
  • After rotating for immoderate clip nan ablution caput will 0be disconnected from nan hose pipe
  • Now, drawback nan caller ablution caput and springiness it a check.
  • You don’t request to put teflon aliases plumber portion connected nan threads of nan showerhead because location is simply a trinket connected nan hose which doesn’t fto nan h2o leak.
  • Connect nan hose pinch nan ablution caput by giving a clockwise rotation. A mild tightening will do.
  • Connect nan different portion of nan hose pinch nan spread beneath nan main ablution caput by nan aforesaid benignant of rotation.
  • There it is. Your caller handheld ablution caput is installed.


  • Do not usage immoderate benignant of plumber instrumentality successful opening aliases connecting nan ablution head. Hand tightening is enough.
  • The joints are made of plastic. So mild tightening is enough. Otherwise, location will beryllium a chance of breaking it.

Delta Shower Head Button Stuck (Main Showerhead)

In Delta 52668-BL, nan region fastener is connected nan main ablution head.

If nan fastener of your main showerhead stucks, past nan solution is to switch it.

Let maine enlighten you pinch nan process for this benignant of replacement also

  • Unpack your caller showerhead and cheque it for immoderate benignant of damage.
  • Now, disconnect nan malfunctioned ablution caput by giving it an anti-clockwise rotation.
  • Remove nan plumber portion from nan h2o tube pinch which nan ablution caput was connected.
  • Now, drawback a caller portion and wrap it connected nan pipe. It will extremity nan tube from leaking.
  • Grab nan caller ablution caput and connect it pinch nan tube by rotating successful a clockwise direction. Use your hand.
  • Give it a mild tightening. Don’t unit much.
  • Your activity is done. Enjoy your caller ablution system.

So, if your Delta ablution caput region fastener is not working, you tin travel our article to get nan solutions.

We besides added immoderate much accusation successful case, you person immoderate different problems pinch your Delta ablution head.

Always retrieve to usage your ablution heads successful a gentle way. It will springiness you a long-lasting service. It is simply a symptom to alteration nan ablution heads. And besides support nan nozzles of nan ablution caput cleanable to get a bully travel of water.

This ablution caput has a strategy to conserve water. So considering that factor, usage that fastener to region nan h2o travel erstwhile you don’t request h2o during ablution time. You will beryllium doing a favour to mankind.

After utilizing nan handheld ablution separately, dock it successful nan main showerhead mildly to debar immoderate benignant of malfunction. Stay happy, enactment clean.

Delta Shower Head Series W/O Button

Not each Delta ablution caput faucet comes pinch a region button. Some of nan delta ablution systems person a fastener by which you tin alteration aliases minimize nan h2o flow.

Such as:

  • Delta faucet 5 spray
  • Delta 2 successful 1 dual hand
  • Delta 52668-BL
  • Delta IN2ITION

These ablution systems person 5 categories of h2o travel without Delta IN2ITION. It has only 4.

The h2o travel categories are:

  • H2Okinetic spray (Not disposable in  Delta IN2ITION)
  • Full assemblage spray
  • Drenching rainfall spray aliases massage spray
  • Shampoo rinsing spray
  • Pause

There is besides a handheld ablution caput by Delta, which has 7 kinds of h2o travel systems.

A fastener controls astir of nan h2o flowing systems present successful immoderate Delta faucets. And make judge to support it nether attraction to debar interruptions successful your ablution comfort.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What does region mean connected a ablution head?

The region connected nan ablution caput intends to extremity nan h2o travel aliases sometimes minimize nan h2o travel (dripping). It is utilized to trim h2o waste.

How do you region nan Delta IN2ITION ablution head?

There is simply a fastener connected nan Delta IN2ITION ablution head. You request to property nan fastener 3 aliases 4 times to pause. Depends connected nan exemplary you are using.

Do each Delta showerheads person travel restrictors?

Yeah, They each person travel restrictors. But if nan proprietor wants, he/she tin region it.

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