Can You Split Fresh Cut Wood?

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You aftermath up and get your ax ready; you look retired nan model and spot it pouring outside, and past you recognize it has been raining a batch for nan past fewer days. So now you deliberation is location an replacement to waiting for a fewer much days till nan wood dries earlier you tin commencement splitting it? 

These thoughts lead to questions specified as can you divided caller trim wood? We created this article to reply each your burning questions specified arsenic this and more.

In short, you tin divided wood that is still wet. Many group for illustration splitting damp and caller wood as, successful definite cases, it will really velocity up nan drying aliases seasoning process. 

However, caller wood has a higher level of moisture contented than dried wood, truthful it will beryllium tougher to divided owed to nan accrued resistance. We get into much specifications below, which will further fortify your understanding, truthful support reading.

Why Do We Split Wood?

Whole logs of wood do not pain very easily. Many character type person heavy fire-resistant bark. These tin ignite but will return overmuch much power than different types of character bark. This is how to divided wood.

So, splitting is performed chiefly for creating firewood that is overmuch easier to burn. Chopping nan wood into smaller pieces, each pinch little bark will ignite quicker and easier than full logs of wood. 

The smaller firewood created from splitting is overmuch much due for occurrence pits, grills, stoves, and smokers. Not only do they ignite quicker, but they besides fresh easier into these wood-burning accessories. 

Splitting besides quickens nan seasoning aliases drying process. Now, if you were to return a freshly trim portion of wood and ignite it, nan power would beryllium minimal while a immense magnitude of fume would beryllium created. 

If you were wondering should wood beryllium divided earlier seasoning, nan reply is yes. As splitting reduces nan magnitude of bark successful each portion of wood, nan moisture will evaporate quicker than full logs.

Splitting Fresh Wood

As we discussed earlier, splitting caller wood tin consequence successful faster drying and seasoning. The logs of wood will people barren retired erstwhile near to nan outdoor aerial for anyplace betwixt six to 12 months. 

If nan logs of wood person been decently divided and stacked pinch capable coverage, you tin expect nan stack of divided wood to return astir six months to play properly. This is why immoderate group are splitting their wood and past leaving it retired to dry. 

Log Splitter Vs. Axe

As we talked astir earlier, splitting caller logs of wood is tougher than barren and seasoned wood. Fresh wood contains much moisture successful its bark, giving it much guidance erstwhile you effort to divided it. This is nan tradeoff you make for nan quicker seasoning period. 

Using an ax to divided wood is nan astir accepted measurement you tin spell astir it. An axe is inexpensive and comparatively easy to study really to use, but it is besides laborious and tiring. This is amplified moreover much when splitting bedewed wood with an ax which is tougher to chop down. 

However, if splitting bedewed wood pinch an axe is proving to beryllium a spot excessively difficult for you, you could look into investing successful a log splitter. This will automate nan different very laborious and time-intensive task of splitting your wood. 

They athletics an motor typically powered by state which cuts done nan wood utilizing a immense magnitude of unit sloppy of bedewed aliases barren wood. 

It is simply a very smart finance if you are looking to harvest your ain wood connected a regular basis. The magnitude of wood you are looking to divided will yet determine whether a log splitter will beryllium worthy it aliases not, arsenic they tally for thing betwixt $500 to $5000, while commercialized people log splitters tin costs moreover more. 

This precocious costs of log splitters will deter astir group from buying them. 

Green-Wood And Dry Wood

It mightiness beryllium astonishing to study location are some types of wood that are really easier to divided erstwhile they are fresh. A wide statement is that splitting greenish wood is easier

Oak and Maple are amongst nan astir celebrated of nan bunch. There are besides galore hardwoods type that move rather dense and difficult erstwhile they spell done nan seasoning process, which makes splitting them afterward overmuch much challenging. 

There are besides immoderate different wood that you will find is overmuch amended to hold for it to beryllium seasoned decently earlier splitting. For instance, Pine and different akin woods thin to go brittle and overmuch easier to divided erstwhile they person been seasoned. 

Some wood splitters besides hold for conifer wood to play earlier cutting them arsenic they thin to beryllium excessively sappy and soft erstwhile fresh. 

Other woods are difficult and rigid sloppy of being seasoned aliases not. Using a log splitter for wood specified arsenic cherry and Elm is your champion option. 


Is barren wood easier to split?

Yes, barren aged wood is comparatively easier to divided than caller damp wood since it becomes much prone to harm complete time.

Can you divided firewood pinch a chainsaw?

Yes, utilizing a chainsaw of 18 inches is perfect for chopping firewood.

Is maul amended aliases wedge amended for splitting wood?

It is known that pursuing nan correct method pinch a wedge leaf gives nan champion results for splitting wood pinch continuous strikes. Some mightiness for illustration maul arsenic well. The methods are not very different.

Final Verdict

We person summarized everything you request to reply your queries. Are you still thinking can you divided caller trim wood? We deliberation not!

It each depends connected you and your preferences. Splitting caller wood has its stock of advantages arsenic good arsenic complications. Personally, we consciousness if you do not person immoderate issues waiting for nan seasoning play to beryllium over, hold till nan wood is barren and divided them easily.

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