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If you person a platform aliases shed made of treated wood that is starting to look dull and worn, you mightiness beryllium wondering if it’s imaginable to springiness it a caller overgarment of paint.

“Fortunately, coating pressure-treated wood is so an option, but location are immoderate important considerations to support successful mind.”

In this article, we will supply you pinch a step-by-step guideline connected really to overgarment treated wood decently and connection insights into nan benefits of hiring professionals for nan job.

What Is Pressure Treated Wood?

Pressure-treated wood is simply a type of wood that has undergone a process involving nan infusion of chemicals nether precocious pressure. This curen enhances nan wood’s guidance to weathering, rot, insects, and moreover fire.

It is commonly utilized for outdoor projects specified arsenic decks, sheds, treehouses, and picnic tables.

Staining vs. Painting Pressure Treated Wood

When it comes to treating pressure-treated wood, you person nan action of either staining aliases coating it. Staining is simply a quicker and easier process, but it typically offers a constricted scope of colors, mostly successful nan brownish family.

On nan different hand, coating allows you to take from a wide assortment of colors and provides a smoother surface. However, coating pressure-treated wood requires much clip and effort.

Ease of ProcessQuicker and easierMore time-consuming
Color OptionsLimited (mostly successful brownish family)Wide assortment of colors available
Surface TextureMaintains wood textureProvides a soft surface
ProtectionProtects against moisture and UV raysProvides other protection from particulate and moisture
MaintenanceRequires periodic reapplicationRequires periodic v
LongevityTypically lasts 2-3 yearsTypically lasts 5-8 years
CostGenerally little expensiveGenerally much expensive

Can You Paint Pressure Treated Wood?

Yes, you tin overgarment pressure-treated wood. In fact, coating tin thief protect nan wood from particulate and moisture, providing an other furniture of defense against nan elements.

Timing is Key

It’s important to statement that you should not overgarment caller pressure-treated wood correct away. The wood needs to beryllium wholly barren earlier painting, which tin return anyplace from 8 weeks to 18 months, depending connected nan climate.

Painting caller pressure-treated wood tin consequence successful warping, mediocre overgarment adhesion, and peeling.

Preparing Pressure Treated Wood for Painting

Before you commencement painting, guarantee that nan wood is wholly dry. You tin trial its dryness by sprinkling a fewer drops of h2o connected nan surface. If nan h2o beads up, nan wood is still excessively damp for painting.

If nan h2o soaks into nan wood, it is fresh for painting. Additionally, cleanable nan wood aboveground of immoderate debris aliases residue earlier applying primer and paint.

Materials Needed

Here is simply a database of materials you’ll request for coating pressure-treated wood:

  1. Brushes for cleaning nan wood
  2. Mild detergent
  3. Primer
  4. Paintbrushes and/or rollers
  5. Latex overgarment (enough for astatine slightest 2 coats)
  6. Sandpaper and sander
  7. Water-repellent finish

Step-by-Step Guide to Painting Pressure Treated Wood

  1. Start pinch barren wood: Ensure that nan wood is wholly barren earlier painting.
  2. Apply nan primer: Use a latex-based primer designed for exterior usage connected pressure-treated wood.
  3. Apply nan first overgarment of paint: Use latex-based overgarment and let it to barren thoroughly.
  4. Sand nan wood: Lightly soil nan aboveground betwixt coats for amended overgarment adhesion.
  5. Apply nan 2nd overgarment of paint: Ensure complete sum and fto it dry.
  6. Apply a water-repellent finish: After nan overgarment has cured, use a water-repellent decorativeness aliases apical overgarment to protect nan wood.

Maintaining Painted Pressure Treated Wood

To support nan quality and durability of your painted pressure-treated wood, travel these tips:

  1. Prevent mold utilizing mildewcide.
  2. Regularly cleanable nan wood pinch an exterior wood cleaner mixed pinch lukewarm water.
  3. Apply a wood sealer pinch h2o repellent and UV stabilizer.
  4. Apply sealant annually betwixt nan gaps successful nan wood boards.


Painting pressure-treated wood is simply a viable action to refresh and protect your outdoor structures. By pursuing nan step-by-step guideline provided successful this article, you tin execute a professional-looking finish.