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Wallpaper tin bring charm and characteristic to immoderate room, but location whitethorn travel a clip erstwhile you want to update its look. Thankfully, you person 2 options: coating complete wallpaper aliases texturing it.

In this blog post, we will research these methods and guideline you connected really to execute a caller and updated location decor without nan request to switch your wallpaper.

Can You Paint Over Wallpaper?

The reply is yes, but it’s mostly not recommended by overgarment experts. They counsel removing nan wallpaper first and ensuring nan wall is free from immoderate adhesive residues. However, location are immoderate downsides to consider.

Removing wallpaper tin perchance harm vulnerable drywall aliases plastered walls, particularly if they were not initially suitable for nan wallpaper. Additionally, removing aggregate layers of wallpaper tin escalate this damage.

That said, location are exceptions to nan rule. Certain wallpapers should not beryllium painted over, specified arsenic fabric-backed vinyl wallpapers. Painting them tin consequence successful bubbles connected nan aboveground that cannot beryllium fixed, arsenic these types of wallpapers do not let overgarment to penetrate their pores.

How to Paint Over Wallpaper

If you determine to overgarment complete wallpaper, travel these steps to guarantee a successful outcome:

  1. Clean nan wall: Remove immoderate particulate and ungraded from nan wallpaper surface. A cleanable wall will let nan primer to adhere properly.
  2. Check for damages: Inspect nan wallpaper for immoderate peeling edges aliases seams. If you find any, reattach them utilizing a wallpaper adhesive. For loose edges, trim them and use bladed putty to level nan surface. If nan wallpaper is textured, usage a sander to smoothen it.
  3. Prime nan wall: Apply a primer to nan wallpaper. You tin take to premier nan full wall aliases circumstantial areas, depending connected your desired result and whether there’s an adhesive backing.
  4. Paint nan wall: Once nan primer is dry, you tin proceed pinch coating nan wall. Use a high-quality overgarment and use it evenly utilizing a brushwood aliases roller. Multiple coats whitethorn beryllium basal for amended coverage.

Can You Texture Over Wallpaper?

Texture tin beryllium applied complete wallpaper to springiness it a caller and unsocial look. However, it’s important to statement that not each wallpapers are suitable for texturing. Smooth wallpaper surfaces without an adhesive backing are much conducive to texturing.

How to Texture Over Wallpaper

If you want to adhd texture to your wallpaper, travel these steps:

  1. Clean nan wall: Ensure that nan wallpaper aboveground is free from particulate and dirt.
  2. Prepare nan texture: Choose nan desired texture, specified arsenic associated compound aliases textured paint. Follow nan manufacturer’s instructions to operation and hole nan texture material.
  3. Apply nan texture: Use a trowel aliases a texture roller to use nan texture worldly onto nan wallpaper. Start from nan apical and activity your measurement down, ensuring moreover coverage.
  4. Allow drying time: Let nan texture barren wholly according to nan manufacturer’s instructions. This whitethorn return respective hours aliases moreover overnight.
  5. Paint aliases finish: Once nan texture is dry, you tin overgarment complete it aliases use a finishing method to execute your desired look. Follow nan due steps for coating aliases finishing arsenic mentioned earlier.


Painting aliases texturing complete wallpaper tin beryllium a awesome measurement to update your location decor without nan request for wallpaper removal. While coating complete wallpaper is mostly not recommended, it tin beryllium done pinch observant mentation and consideration.

Texturing complete wallpaper provides a unsocial and personalized touch to your walls. Whichever method you choose, guarantee due cleaning, preparation, and usage high-quality materials for nan champion results.