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Choosing nan correct overgarment marque is important erstwhile renovating your home. The colour of your walls tin greatly effect nan wide look and consciousness of a room. Two celebrated overgarment brands that often travel up successful discussions are Behr and Benjamin Moore.

In this blog post, we will research nan Behr vs Benjamin Moore statement to thief you make an informed determination astir which marque is nan champion prime for your coating project.

Behr Overview

Behr Paint Company is simply a renowned supplier of overgarment and ornamental finishes, catering to customers successful nan United States, Mexico, Canada, Chile, and China. Founded successful 1947, Behr is committed to gathering nan needs of some commercialized and residential projects.

The marque has a beardown presence, peculiarly done its unit business pinch Home Depot stores.

Key Features of Behr

  • Durability: Behr paints are known for their durability, ensuring a long-lasting finish.
  • Stain-repellent: The marque offers immoderate of nan astir stain-repellent paints connected nan market.
  • Scuff-resistant: Behr paints are designed to defy scuffs, keeping your walls looking caller for an extended period.
  • Quick drying: Behr paints barren quickly, minimizing downtime and allowing you to resume your regular activities promptly.
  • Mildew and mold resistance: Behr paints supply effective protection against mildew and mold growth, acknowledgment to their antimicrobial properties.

Benjamin Moore Overview

Established successful 1883 by Benjamin Moore himself, this overgarment institution has a agelong history of producing high-quality paints for some commercialized and residential use.

With an knowledgeable squad and a wide scope of products, Benjamin Moore is simply a celebrated prime among homeowners and professionals alike.

Key Features of Benjamin Moore

  • Extensive colour selection: Benjamin Moore offers complete 3500 different colors, allowing for a wide scope of options and finishes.
  • Allergy-free paints: The brand’s paints are allergy-free, ensuring a safe and comfortable coating experience.
  • Smooth finish: Benjamin Moore paints supply a soft and moreover finish, enhancing nan wide artistic entreaty of your walls.
  • Quick rainfall resistance: Benjamin Moore’s exterior paints tin withstand rainfall conscionable 2 hours aft exertion without immoderate degradation.

Paint Quality & Durability

Both Behr and Benjamin Moore are known for their value paints. When comparing nan 2 brands, it is basal to see factors specified arsenic overgarment value and durability.

High-quality overgarment will supply amended coverage, adhesion, and guidance to deterioration and tear. Additionally, factors for illustration easiness of application, drying time, and semipermanent capacity should besides beryllium taken into account.

Choosing nan Best Paint Brand for Your Project

Ultimately, nan prime betwixt Behr and Benjamin Moore depends connected your circumstantial needs and preferences. Consider factors specified arsenic nan task requirements, nan desired colour palette, budget, and nan level of durability you require.

It is besides adjuvant to consult pinch professionals aliases activity recommendations from trusted sources to make an informed decision.


When it comes to selecting nan champion overgarment brand, some Behr and Benjamin Moore connection value products pinch their unsocial features and benefits. By knowing nan strengths of each marque and considering your task requirements, you tin make an knowledgeable choice.

Whether you opt for Behr aliases Benjamin Moore, investing successful a reputable overgarment marque will undoubtedly heighten nan beauty and longevity of your home’s interior and exterior surfaces.