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Want to lick your air admittance valve problems? Air admittance valve problems tin beryllium annoying. Sometimes it stops functioning decently and creates a sewer odour. Everyone uses aerial admittance valves for bathroom, shower, sink, dishwasher drainage, and ungraded stacks appliances. Without venting properly, a location seems unbearable to enactment in.

Well, It’s not that difficult to lick immoderate benignant of aerial admittance valve issues. As you tin do this yourself, why walk money and telephone a plumber for nan aforesaid rumor again and again? I person been solving my apartment’s AAV issues for years now.

Read this article from apical to bottom. You tin easy specify and lick nan problem connected your own. But without your full concentration, it is impossible.

3 Common Air Admittance Valve Problems

Normally each aerial admittance valves look to person these main 3 communal problems. So, I person created a array soon pinch problems and solutions for your amended understatement successful uncovering each nan issues astatine once.

Common ProblemsPossible Solutions
Holes successful valve owed to mice and ratsDo property power earlier fixing
Valve tin beryllium cloggedRemove clog and fto nan aerial out
Installation to incorrect ventOpen nan installation and hole it

step by measurement solutions for each aerial admittance valve issues-

Holes In Valve

It’s nan astir communal rumor that happens to aerial valves. The main measurement to extremity having holes successful your aerial admittance valve is to beryllium cautious. As nan valve of aerial admittance is made of plastic, rats, and mice wound disconnected and make holes.

For nan holes, nan aerial can’t pass, and odour keeps spreading successful nan house. To lick nan valve spread issue, travel fixed nan steps.

  • First, make judge your location is free of rats and mice. It’s champion to do property power successful nan location because they will cautiously region each insect aliases mini animals that tin harm your aerial admittance valve and nan full house.
  • Secondly, you tin spot rodent traps to drawback them. Try to spot nan rodent traps surrounding nan aerial admittance valve.
  • It’s not nan champion action to adjacent nan holes because it won’t past long. But for impermanent use, you tin adjacent up nan holes pinch duct tape.
  • At last, you should telephone a master to hole nan holes permanently earlier much harm happens.

Clogged Valve Or Drainage System

Normally an aerial valve admittance lasts much than 20 years. Air admittance valves tin beryllium clogged for faulty installation. Also, nan aerial tin beryllium trapped betwixt clog and sink, which tin artifact nan drainage system.

Mostly ungraded tube problems of nan aerial admittance valve are owed to improper ventilation. To lick nan clogged valve aliases drainage system, travel nan pursuing steps.

  • Firstly, if your valve is recently installed,  telephone nan shop because nan installation mightiness beryllium faulty. They would hole it aliases alteration nan full point for free.
  • If bad odors travel from nan aerial valve, don’t hole nan valve because nan tube has started to damage.
  • If you announcement a clogged valve aliases drainage strategy from nan studor mini vent, you person to region nan aerial admittance and hold until each nan aerial is decently out. This will thief nan h2o to get successful and will unclog nan full valve.

If removing aerial admittance still doesn’t work, you tin cheque nan adjacent steps.

Installation To Wrong Vent

This is simply a really large problem if nan aerial admittance valve is installed into nan incorrect vent. Floplast aerial admittance valve problems mostly hap owed to installation successful nan incorrect vent.

There are tons of vents connected successful 1 house. In nan lawsuit of nan kitchen, a dishwasher and descend vent tin beryllium nearby, and nan incorrect installation tin happen.

Saniflo aerial admittance valve problems regarding nan incorrect vent are little seen arsenic they are installed 15 feet below. People tin spot nan rumor because nan aerial and h2o would artifact up together arsenic it won’t person immoderate spot to vent.

Follow nan fixed steps to lick nan incorrect vent installation-

  • To lick this problem, first, cheque nan installation location of nan vent.
  • Then find nan correct vent of nan aerial admittance and look for damaged areas.
  • Air admittance valve repair should beryllium done instantly earlier reinstalling to nan correct vent.
  • Then unfastened up nan incorrect vent and instal nan tube into nan correct vent.
  • After replacing everything, adjacent tightly, and cheque again if nan installation process is correct aliases not.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens erstwhile an aerial admittance valve fails?

If an aerial admittance valve fails past aerial can’t beryllium brought backmost wrong nan pipe. It makes nan venting process slow. It besides clogs nan valve and spreads a unspeakable smell into nan house.

How do you cognize if an aerial admittance valve is bad?

By noticing abnormal functions you cognize if an aerial admittance valve is bad. Air admittance valves are expected to suck aerial into nan drainage system. If you spot abruptly it is not functioning properly; nan admittance valve whitethorn person holes. In much cases, you whitethorn find clogged valves, which tin create a bad odour too.

Do aerial admittance valves spell bad?

Yes, aerial admittance valves tin spell bad. Air admittance valves are really budget-friendly. But owed to overuse, they tin spell bad. However, they don’t request excessively overmuch replacement. It’s basal to cheque from clip to clip if each aerial admittance valves successful nan location are okay.

Can an aerial admittance valve beryllium wrong a wall?

No, an aerial admittance valve can’t beryllium wrong a wall. Every aerial admittance valve needs to beryllium reachable. The aerial valve besides has unrestricted airflow. So, nan aerial admittance valve can’t beryllium wrong a wall.

Can you vent a toilet pinch an aerial admittance valve?

Yes, you tin vent a toilet pinch an aerial admittance valve. Many person nan misconception that aerial admittance valves are chiefly for room vents. It’s champion to usage aerial admittance successful immoderate basement toilet. Air admittance valves thief successful nan aerial to nan drainage strategy and forestall immoderate bad smells into nan house.


In nan end, we dream it’s clear to you that air admittance valve problems tin beryllium solved astatine location truthful easily.

However, if nan AAV didn’t person immoderate of nan above-mentioned problems, it’s advised to return nan thief of an expert.

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