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Yellow writer tin beryllium a frustrating rumor for homeowners, arsenic it not only detracts from nan beauty of your section but tin besides bespeak underlying ungraded and works wellness problems. While location are galore imaginable causes of yellowish grass, 1 of nan astir communal is simply a deficiency of proper nutrition.

To thief you make an informed decision, we’ve put together a database of 7 of nan champion fertilizers for yellowish grass.

Best Fertilizer for Yellow Grass

These fertilizers person been cautiously selected based connected their effectiveness, affordability, and overall quality, truthful you tin beryllium assured that you’re getting nan champion worth for your money.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener aliases a novice conscionable starting, these fertilizers are a great spot to begin your quest for a greener lawn.

1. Best Fertilizer for Yellow Grass

Scotts Green Max Lawn Food Green Lawns

  • Brand : Easy Peasy
  • Nitrogen : 27 %
  • Phosphorus : 0 %
  • Potash : 2 %
  • Coverage Area : 10,000 sq. ft
  • Item Weight : 5 Pounds
  • Item Form : Granules

As a homeowner pinch a lawn, I cognize really important it is to support my writer healthy and green. I’ve tried a fewer different fertilizers complete nan years, but nary person been arsenic effective arsenic Scotts Green Max Lawn Food. This merchandise is simply a game-changer, providing a heavy greening successful just 3 days!

I was initially skeptical astir nan speedy results, but aft trying it retired for myself, I tin attest that it genuinely delivers. The dual-action, 2-in-1 formula provides nan cleanable operation of food and iron supplement to guarantee heavy greening. Plus, nan robust contented helps to heighten nan greening process, truthful you spot results moreover faster.

One point I emotion astir this fertilizer is that it tin beryllium utilized connected immoderate writer type and tin beryllium applied successful nan spring, summer, and autumn months. It’s besides portion of nan Scotts section attraction plan, which makes it an ideal prime for galore lawns. Additionally, nan fertilizer is designed not to stain erstwhile utilized arsenic directed, which is simply a immense positive for me.

In position of application, Scotts greenish Lawn Fertilizer is incredibly easy to use. Each granule is 100% nutritious, truthful there’s nary filler to interest about. And, you tin re-enter your section instantly aft application, which is simply a immense convenience.

I would highly urge Scotts Green Max champion fertilizer for yellowish writer to anyone looking for a high-quality fertilizer for their yellow grass. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener aliases conscionable starting, this merchandise will supply speedy and effective results that you’ll beryllium capable to spot successful conscionable 3 days!

2. Best Fertilizer for Yellow ST Augustine Grass

The Andersons Professional 16-4-8 Fertilizer

  • Brand : The Andersons
  • Nitrogen : 16 %
  • Phosphorus : 4 %
  • Potash : 8 %
  • Coverage Area : 5,000 sq. ft
  • Item Weight : 18 Pounds
  • Item Form : Granules

If you’re looking for a master people fertilizer for your st augustine yellowish grass, The Andersons Professional 16-4-8 Fertilizer pinch 7% Humic DG is an fantabulous choice. This merchandise takes each nan research, apical products, and necessary nutrients, and combines them into 1 bag, truthful you tin execute speedy and effective results pinch ease.

One of nan things I emotion astir this fertilizer is that it’s formulated pinch a 4-1-2 ratio and is besides precocious successful robust and different micro nutrients, truthful you tin expect a rich, greenish section successful just 6-14 days pinch due irrigation aliases rainfall. The merchandise is besides designed pinch a ample magnitude of slow-release nitrogen, allowing for continuous feeding for up to 8 weeks, which is simply a immense plus.

The Andersons Professional PGF Complete 16-4-8 besides contains Humic DG, which is an organic, carbon-based compound that helps enrich your ungraded and allows plants to amended process nutrients. This added constituent helps to guarantee your section stays patient and greenish for a longer period.

The exertion process for this fertilizer is straightforward, but location are a fewer things to support successful mind. Mow earlier applying and make judge to use nan fertilizer to dry foliage. Water successful aft exertion pinch a minimum of 0.2 inches, and do not cod clippings for astatine slightest 1 mowing pursuing exertion to debar particle pick-up.

For summertime applications connected cool-season grasses, use astatine 50-75% of nan normal rate, and erstwhile applying connected centipede lawns, use astatine 50% of nan normal rate. The Andersons Professional PGF Complete 16-4-8 tin beryllium applied each 6 to 8 weeks during nan growing season.

If you’re looking for nan champion fertilizer for yellowish st augustine writer that will thief move your yellowish writer green, I would urge The Andersons Professional yellowish section fertilizer pinch 7% humic DG. With its professional-grade formulation, accelerated results, and semipermanent feeding, this merchandise is an fantabulous prime for immoderate lawn.

3. Best Lawn Fertilizer for Yellow Grass

Pennington UltraGreen Lawn Fertilizer

  • Brand : Easy Peasy
  • Nitrogen : 10%
  • Phosphorus : 0 %
  • Potash : 4 %
  • Coverage Area : 5000 Sq Ft
  • Item Weight : 14 Pounds
  • Item Form : Granules

Pennington Ultra greenish section fertilizer is an fantabulous prime for those looking for a high-quality fertilizer that will thief their yellowish section thrive. With its blend of essential works nutrients, this fertilizer will thief fortify your section against power and drought, providing you pinch a lush, thick, heavy greenish lawn. 

The speedy greening effect of nan fast-acting nitrogen mixed pinch nan extended feeding of nan slow-release nitrogen will supply your section pinch nan perfect equilibrium of nutrients it needs to flourish.

In summation to providing fantabulous nutrition, nan 5% robust content successful this fertilizer will thief your yellowish section execute a heavy greenish colour that will past for months. 

The 10.5% slow merchandise of nitrogen besides ensures that your section will person accordant nutrients complete time, without nan consequence of pain aliases over-fertilization. The resealable packaging makes it easy to shop and usage again and again.

Whether you person a mini residential section aliases a ample commercialized property, Pennington ultra greenish section fertilizer is an fantabulous prime for anyone looking to execute a thick, greenish lawn. 

So if you’re looking for section fertilizer for yellowish writer that will present fast results and long-lasting benefits, springiness this merchandise a try!

4. Best Fertilizer for Yellow Leaves

Milorganite Slow-Release Fertilizer

  • Brand : Milorganite
  • Nitrogen : 6%
  • Phosphorus : 4 %
  • Potash : 0 %
  • Item Weight : 0.69 Kilograms
  • Item Form : Granules
  • Specific Uses For Product : Root Development

Milorganite Nitrogen Fertilizer is an eco-friendly prime for those looking to nourish their yellowish lawns while besides being mindful of nan environment. With a fertilizer study of 6-4-0, this fertilizer is slow-release and feeds your section for up to 3 months, providing accordant and long-lasting nourishment.

One of nan cardinal benefits of utilizing Milorganite is its expertise to assistance successful guidelines development. Strong roots are basal for a patient section and nan slow-release look of Milorganite allows for gradual and consistent guidelines growth. Additionally, nan non-staining robust contained successful nan fertilizer helps to support a lush, greenish section without immoderate unsightly marks.

It’s important to statement that phosphorus runoff tin airs a threat to h2o quality. As a result, immoderate states restrict nan usage of phosphorus-containing fertilizers connected non-agricultural lawns. Be judge to cheque your section laws earlier purchasing Milorganite.

Milorganite yellowish section Fertilizer is simply a champion fertilizer for yellowish leaves and a awesome prime for those who want an eco-friendly solution to fertilizing their lawns. Its expertise to assistance successful root development and supply long-lasting nourishment makes it a apical prime for a lush, greenish lawn.

5. Best Fertilizer for Yellow Lawn

Flagship Granular Lawn Nitrogen Fertilizer

  • Brand : Yard Mastery
  • Nitrogen : 24 %
  • Phosphorus : 0 %
  • Potash : 6 %
  • Coverage Area : 15000 Sq Ft
  • Item Weight : 45 Pounds
  • Item Form : Granules

This yellowish section fertilizer is an fantabulous prime for those looking for an easy-to-use fertilizer that will present results quickly. With a balanced 24-0-6 analysis, it contains some immediate-release and slow-release nitrogen, ensuring a speedy green-up followed by continued maturation and patient development. Additionally, nan 3% iron and Bio-Nite look activity to beforehand maximum greenish maturation and create a thicker, much vibrant lawn.

This fertilizer is suitable for each writer types and nan 45 lb container tin screen up to 15,000 sq ft, making it a cost-effective solution for larger lawns. The added potassium, micro nutrients, and Bio-Nite formula guarantee that your section will person each nan basal nutrients it needs to thrive, moreover during times of stress.

One of nan standout features of this merchandise is nan truth that it is designed specifically for DIYers, making it easy to use and use. You tin expect to spot results wrong 6-7 days and nan greening effect will past up to 45 days, ensuring that your section stays patient and vibrant each play long.

The Flagship 24-0-6 Granular Lawn Fertilizer pinch 3% Iron, Bio-Nite™ is simply a champion fertilizer for yellowish section that offers speedy and lasting results. Its balanced look and easy exertion make it a go-to prime for DIYers and those looking to execute a lush, thick, and heavy greenish lawn.

6. Best Fertilizer for Yellow Plant

Greenway Biotech Urea Fertilizer Plant Food

  • Brand : Greenway Biotech, Inc.
  • Nitrogen : 46 %
  • Phosphorus : 0 %
  • Potash : 0 %
  • Item Weight : 5 Pounds
  • Item Form : Prills

Greenway Biotech Urea Fertilizer is simply a premium quality, high-efficiency works nutrient cleanable for indoor and outdoor plants. With 46% nitrogen and 0% phosphorus and potassium, this fertilizer provides nan basal nutrients needed for patient works growth. Made pinch nan finest, water-soluble ingredients, it is judge to springiness your plants, vegetables, and section nan boost they need.

The precocious nitrogen contented of this urea fertilizer encourages accelerated maturation and blooming, giving you nan plot of your dreams. It is originated successful Norway and is 99.9% pure, making it safe for usage pinch delicate crops that request a small other care. It’s besides free of dense metals, truthful you don’t person to interest astir immoderate harmful substances leaching into your soil.

Another awesome characteristic of this urea fertilizer is that it is 100% water-soluble, making it compatible pinch water-based transportation systems. Whether you’re utilizing it for your location garden, aliases business applications, this fertilizer has nan reliable consistency that you need. With its easy-to-use formula, this fertilizer will thief you execute nan lush, greenish section and vibrant plot that you desire.

 If you’re looking for a high-quality, high-efficiency fertilizer to support your plants and section healthy, Greenway section Fertilizer is simply a awesome option. With its premium ingredients, precocious nitrogen content, and safe formula, this fertilizer is judge to present nan results you’re looking for.

7. Best Nitrogen Fertilizer for Yellow Lawns

Easy Peasy Green Growth of LAWNS

  • Brand : Easy Peasy
  • Nitrogen : 46 %
  • Phosphorus : 0 %
  • Potash : 0 %
  • Item Weight : 5 Pounds
  • Item Form : Granules

Easy Peasy Plants Urea is simply a high-quality nitrogen fertilizer that provides basal nutrients for nan maturation of your plants, trees, bushes, lawns, and indoor and outdoor flowers. The 46% nitrogen content is higher than astir different fertilizers, providing a boost of power for nan plants to grow, and nutrient leaves, stems, roots, blooms, and flowers. This intends you get much nitrogen per pound, making it an businesslike prime for gardeners.

This fertilizer is made of nan highest value nitrogen urea prills, ensuring a accordant and reliable root of nutrients for your plants. Urea nitrogen is easily water-soluble, making it suitable for usage pinch water-based transportation systems, aliases it tin beryllium dispersed successful granular shape for your plants’ needs. Whether you are a beginner aliases an knowledgeable gardener, Easy Peasy Plants Urea is an fantabulous prime for your garden.

Easy Peasy Plants Urea is besides versatile, pinch a wide exertion scope from location gardens, lawns, and indoor and outdoor plants, to moreover tie-dye projects. With its high-quality ingredients, this fertilizer is safe for usage pinch delicate crops and does not incorporate immoderate harmful substances, truthful you tin beryllium assured that your plants will beryllium good taken attraction of.

Easy Peasy Plants Urea is an fantabulous prime for gardeners looking for a reliable and businesslike fertilizer to boost nan maturation of their plants. Its high-nitrogen content, versatility, and easy solubility make it a apical prime for anyone looking to toggle shape their nutrient-deficient plot into a lush and patient environment.


Having a well-fertilized and patient section not only adds to nan artistic worth of your location but besides helps nan environment. Choosing nan correct fertilizer for yellowish writer is important to guarantee nan champion results. From slow-release nitrogen fertilizers to high-efficiency urea fertilizers, nan products mentioned successful this blog station are immoderate of nan champion options disposable successful nan market. 

Each merchandise has its unsocial benefits and tin cater to different needs, truthful it’s important to cautiously see your lawn’s requirements and take nan fertilizer that will activity champion for you. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly options aliases those that promote guidelines development, you’re judge to find a fertilizer that fits your needs from nan 7 Best Fertilizers for Yellow Grass.


Should you fertilize yellowish grass?

Yes, fertilizing yellowish writer tin thief reconstruct its greenish colour and health. However, it is important to take nan correct type of fertilizer based connected nan circumstantial needs of nan writer and to travel nan recommended exertion guidelines.

Can excessively overmuch fertilizer move writer yellow?

Yes, excessively overmuch fertilizer tin origin nan writer to move yellow. Over-fertilizing tin lead to chemic burns and a buildup of nutrients successful nan soil, creating a toxic situation for nan grassroots.
Excessive fertilizer exertion tin besides lead to an imbalance successful nan soil, causing a deficiency of basal nutrients and starring to yellowish aliases sickly-looking grass.

Will watering yellowish writer bring it back?

Watering yellowish writer tin thief bring it backmost if nan yellowing is owed to drought stress. However, if nan yellowing is owed to a nutrient deficiency aliases disease, simply watering will not beryllium capable and a due fertilizer aliases curen scheme should beryllium implemented. It’s ever champion to diagnose nan guidelines origin of yellowing earlier taking immoderate action.

Does lime hole yellowish grass?

Yes, adding lime to nan ungraded tin thief hole yellowish grass. Lime helps to set nan ungraded pH and increases nan readiness of nutrients for nan writer to absorb, promoting a patient greenish color.
However, it’s important to first trial nan ungraded pH and find nan correct magnitude of lime to add, arsenic excessively overmuch tin person nan other effect and origin yellowing.

Does rainfall thief yellowish grass?

Yes, rainfall tin thief yellowish writer by providing it pinch nan basal moisture to revive it. If nan yellowing of nan writer is owed to a nutrient deficiency, conscionable watering unsocial whitethorn not beryllium capable to hole nan problem and fertilizer whitethorn besides beryllium required.

Additional Questions

What is nan champion section fertilizer for yellowish spots?

From my years of acquisition dealing pinch lawns, I highly urge **Milorganite integrated nitrogen fertilizer** arsenic a solution for yellowing grass, slow-growing grass, aliases lawns prone to weeds. Its separator complete synthetic fertilizers is that nan nitrogen successful Milorganite is derived from earthy sources arsenic opposed to harmful sources. This makes it a safer and much eco-friendly prime for maintaining a vibrant, patient lawn.

How do you hole yellowish patchy grass?

The first measurement is to **water nan affected spot immediately** and consistently for astir a week. This will thief dissolve immoderate harmful toxins, revitalizing nan soil. Additionally, it’s worthy adding compost successful bid to reintroduce basal minerals that whitethorn person been lost. Should nan writer beryllium wholly dead, laic sod complete nan area and scheme to reseed it nan adjacent season. As a master section expert, I’ve seen this methodology activity wonders successful restoring lawns to their lush greenish appearance.

Why is my section turning yellowish successful patches?

This information is usually suggestive of a drought aliases soils that are incapable to clasp moisture. More often than not, erstwhile a section starts yellowing successful patches, it signifies **a h2o deficiency**. With my experience, I propose checking down to 10cm beneath nan ungraded surface. If it is dry, nan solution is rather straightforward – nan section needs much water. So don’t beryllium awkward astir offering your parched writer a drink.

What tin I usage to extremity my writer from turning yellow?

Simply put, you request to **fertilize your lawn**. In my years arsenic a section consultant, I’ve discovered that compromised colour and wellness successful lawns is almost ever owed to nutrient deficiency. The solution? Fertilization. Lawns, for illustration astir surviving things, require nutrients for maturation and survival. Using section fertilizers ensures these nutrients are supplied, keeping nan section patient and vibrant passim nan year. I urge 6-8 play intervals for fertilizer application.