4 Practical Steps To Throw An Axe with One Hand Like A Pro

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Throwing an ax utilizing some hands is beautiful usual. So, what astir trying it pinch 1 hand? Doesn’t it sound much interesting?

Well, it whitethorn look a spot vulnerable astatine first. But it becomes nan astir nosy and easy portion erstwhile you learn to propulsion nan ax properly.

Now nan mobility is, how do you go proficient astatine ax throwing? — And nan reply is “practice and practice pinch due guidelines.”

However, location are nary circumstantial steps to travel for regular ax throwers. But this does not use to beginners; they must travel definite steps to progress.

Let’s spell done this article. First, you will study really to go an businesslike hammer thrower pinch 1 hand.

4 Steps: How to Throw an Axe One Handed?

To go a one-handed skilled ax thrower, you must travel circumstantial steps correctly. Here we will explicate it successful detail.

Step 1: Pick nan correct ax you are comfortable with

Axes alteration successful size, shape, and weight. So, your first task is to take nan correct ax for you. Next, cheque each types of axes to spot which 1 is nan astir comfortable and elastic for you. 

Likely, it’s champion to choose a handle that matches nan size and anatomy of your hand, truthful take that one. Since you will beryllium throwing nan ax pinch 1 hand, nan comparatively ray weight of nan hammer will make it overmuch easier to believe for agelong periods. In nan weight range, you will person accordant results pinch immoderate ax.

Step 2: Keep your ax-throwing region constant

A due throwing stance and position will thief your ax scope its target. Based connected your tallness and throwing style, you tin guidelines betwixt 12 and 15 feet from nan target earlier nan ax swings and hits nan target. This is an meticulous distance. If you propulsion nan axe little than this, you will not person clip for a afloat rotation.

Again, if you enactment further than this distance, nan hammer will support rotating and deed nan backside aliases head. So, now you understand really captious definite spaces are.

Step 3: Find nan cleanable stance that is portable pinch you

The adjacent measurement is to cleanable your stance aft you’ve recovered a throwing style that is comfortable for you. If that, you are conscionable a fewer steps distant from throwing nan ax.

  • Since you are throwing one-handed, clasp nan ax complete your receptor without tilting it near aliases right. 
  • Before moving forward, you should fto nan ax scope your shoulder. 
  • Now, proceed throwing nan axes if it were a dart, and merchandise it erstwhile nan grip is consecutive up and down. 
  • After that, Make nan region mentioned supra adjustments based connected really your ax strikes nan board. Any footing should beryllium solid, stable, and balanced, whether nan position is guardant aliases planted crossed your throw. 
  • Finally, activity retired your full body. Striking nan target straight pinch your head, legs, arms, hands, and ax will importantly trim nan separator of correction for your throw.

Step 4: Keep consistency pinch nan target erstwhile throwing nan ax

Maintain consistency pinch your target by making your throw elemental and repeatable. The propulsion will alteration importantly if location are excessively galore further aliases analyzable motions. Most of nan throws you will find successful appraisal and believe are correct, but sometimes galore of them whitethorn impact excessively analyzable movements to recreate correctly nether pressure.

The ax should ideally beryllium straight aligned pinch this propulsion arc erstwhile you group it up. Your throwing arc whitethorn not ever beryllium parallel to your eyes. You tin trim nan broadside mobility if you don’t want to change nan starting position of nan ax by slowing nan backswing aliases halting short astatine nan extremity of nan throw.

How to Throw a WATL Axe

WATL axes person shorter handles and a basal hatchet from nan relaxed throwing leap. These are one-handed axes because they are a small spot lighter and spell quicker connected nan spin.

When throwing an ax single-handed, you usage your ascendant hand. It’s strangely comfortable connected nan ax. Now get into nan aforesaid stance and position. Just bring nan ax backmost and propulsion it consecutive forward. Most of nan time, it is subconscious really each nan muscles move together to make nan ax alert into nan target. The cardinal to a bully propulsion is to travel nan throw. You want your manus to spell guardant successful a bully large arc.

Do not propulsion very hard. The harder you throw, nan little power you person complete your muscles successful play, and your accuracy will spell down.

Safety Tips to Follow During Axe Throwing

An ax is simply a crisp weapon. It is important to observe information earlier doing immoderate activity pinch it. And it is basal for those who are beautiful clumsy to run it.

  • To throw, you must beryllium judge location are nary group betwixt you and nan target.
  • There must beryllium a minimum region of six feet betwixt you and nan target. 
  • Be judge to propulsion and retrieve nan axes together pinch a partner erstwhile you’re throwing astatine nan aforesaid venue.


What benignant of ax is cleanable for ax-throwing?

You tin commencement ax-throwing pinch a sharp ax. A crisp ax will beryllium overmuch much businesslike because it doesn’t require arsenic overmuch unit to instrumentality into nan boards. Apart from that, a lightweight ax is much suitable for one-handed ax-throwing. However, a person’s accomplishment level and individual preferences find which type of ax is perfect for them.

What is nan cleanable region betwixt nan target and nan throwing line?

Although it depends connected nan ax plaything of nan ax thrower, you tin set your region to beryllium astir 12 feet from nan target. If you want to deed nan people pinch 1 swing, support a region of 12 feet. If you’re going to double swing, past support double nan distance.


Ax-throwing is not an easy task to do unless you believe correctly. Following nan rules aliases knowing nan steps will not make you a pro. It requires a batch of believe and difficult work. If you travel nan abovementioned steps and believe regularly, you will go proficient successful ax throwing.