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Isn’t it troublesome to link nan 3-wire dryer cord without immoderate colour coding connected nan wires? Therefore, knowing nan placement of nan wires will make nan task a batch easier to finish. In nan 3-wire system, nan neutral ligament is placed successful betwixt nan 2 shape wires.

Here we will talk nan 3 ligament dryer cord nary colors business wherever we’ll unveil nan logic down nan placement of nan wires and really to instal them safely, frankincense preventing a short circuit wrong nan cord.

Make judge to publication nan article thoroughly!        

How to Identify nan Connections successful nan 3 Wire Dryer?

How to Identify Connections successful 3 Wire Dryer

There are chiefly 2 types of ligament configuration erstwhile it comes to connecting nan dryers to nan main line:

  • 4-wire dryer cord
  • 3-wire dryer cord

The Spruce has intelligibly shown nan main quality betwixt their configurations is that nan 4-wire dryer has a crushed imaginable ligament successful summation to nan neutral. Moreover, nan wires successful nan 4-wire are color-coded, dissimilar nan 3-wire.

So, really to place nan wires successful nan 3-wire configuration? As 2 of nan 3 wires will beryllium conducting a sizeable magnitude of statement currents, nan guidance will yet power nan conductors.

Therefore, if they are placed broadside by side, this tin create other powerfulness nonaccomplishment and moreover create an unwanted electrical daze for nan user. Hence, to support specified disasters, a neutral ligament is ever placed successful betwixt nan 2 unrecorded wires.

Moreover, nan colour of nan 3 wires is gray, and if you’re lucky, nan mediate ligament will beryllium branded arsenic neutral. Just person a look retired while you’re going done nan installation process of nan 3-wire dryer system.

 3 Wire Dryer Cord No Colors- Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Here is simply a step-by-step installation guideline for nan 3-wire dryer cord. Make judge to travel each measurement pinch caution.

  • Get a perfect-sized screwdriver to unveil nan terminal block.
  • Unscrew nan screw of nan entree sheet and region nan beforehand lid to showcase nan terminal block.
  • Once you’ve opened nan terminal block, you will announcement that location are 3 ports astatine nan beforehand and 1 different larboard astatine nan side. The broadside larboard is known arsenic crushed potential. Leave it arsenic location is nary request for that successful lawsuit of a 3-wire dryer cord installation.
  • As you already know, nan mediate ligament is neutral; link that ligament pinch nan mediate portion of nan terminal block.
  • Then link nan different 2 unrecorded wires astatine nan near broadside and nan correct broadside larboard of nan terminal block.
  • Make judge to tighten nan screws pinch nan due unit to debar immoderate loose connections.
  • Attach nan strain relief to nan holder. The main intent of strain alleviation is to forestall dryer fires owed to short circuits successful nan terminal block.
  • Then connect nan entree sheet and you’re bully to go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does nan 3-wire dryer cord travel pinch colour coding?

No! Unlike a 4-wire dryer cord, a 3-wire dryer cord does not travel pinch colour coding. Among nan 3 wires, nan mediate ligament is termed neutral, and nan different 2 broadside wires are considered arsenic nan phase.

Does nan 3-wire dryer cord person immoderate crushed potential?

The 3-wire dryer cord consists of a neutral ligament and two-phase ligament and nary imaginable crushed connection. Fortunately, nan neutral ligament acts arsenic nan crushed successful this case.

What’s nan value of a crushed wire?

Most cords travel pinch neutral wire, but if there’s immoderate crushed wire, past it’s location for an other level of protection. Normally, each appliance useful perfectly, moreover without nan crushed wire.


Connecting a 3 ligament dryer cord nary colors is not troublesome. In fact, it’s a elemental process that is simply a portion of barroom for everybody. Just support successful mind that nan mediate ligament is neutral, and nan different 2 broadside wires are considered phase-carrying statement currents. For those who person akin problems, aft seeing nan step-by-step guidelines and a tutorial video that we provided, it shouldn’t beryllium an rumor anymore

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