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Did you conscionable find retired that 3 grip ablution diverter not working successful your bathroom? The astir probable logic tin beryllium a clog successful nan tube aliases worn retired diverter parts.

Well, location is thing to interest about. It is simply a prettycommon rumor faced by group often. So, if you are reasoning astir why nan problem occurs and what is nan solution,read retired nan afloat article. You will get each of your answers.

3 Handle Shower Diverter Not Working- Know Why

The 3 grip ablution includes 3 faucets, 1 for acold h2o and 1 for basking h2o and nan mediate 1 includes nan main powerfulness for supplying water.

Now nan main powerfulness is on, but 3 grip ablution diverter not moving properly– what tin beryllium nan reason! Let’s find it out.

Probable ReasonsSolutions
Clogging connected nan pipesClean nan ungraded aliases request to instal caller valves.
Diverter parts are worn outReplace faucet
If nan diverter valve is leakedYou request to switch nan caller aforesaid exemplary utilized before.
If nan valve gets jammed by dirtClean and refit.

Now, let’s get into immoderate of nan solutions that you whitethorn do it yourself.

Solve nan Clogging successful nan pipes

Due to ungraded aliases surgery parts inside, it gets clogged connected nan pipe, and frankincense h2o does not come. So, erstwhile you look nan issue, return retired nan parts and cleanable nan valve; your clogged will remove.

Fix for Diverter parts worn out

It’s a communal point of tearing retired diverter parts. Due to h2o unit aliases sometimes nan screw get damaged aliases get rust and arsenic a result, nan rubber aliases nan screw you will find broken. So, you request to uninstall each nan parts and request to switch them pinch nan caller models.

If nan diverter valve leaks

Due to leaks inside, nan h2o don’t travel done nan shower. So, you request to telephone nan plumber or, if you can, past request to repair pinch nan caller pipe. However, you can’t usage a different model, you person to bring nan aforesaid exemplary that was utilized before.

If nan valve gets jammed by dirt

Sometimes you don’t request to walk money connected changing faucets. Due to dust, nan mainline gets jammed, and arsenic a result, nan h2o gets blocked and do not come.

So, each you request to do is, region each nan parts of nan diverter valve and cleanable pinch insubstantial aliases insubstantial towel and reinstall nan faucets, you will spot it is now working.

How Do You Fix A 3 Way Shower Diverter?

Step 1: We request to move disconnected nan main h2o supply. After draining each nan h2o retired of our family plumbing, let’s nonstop our attraction backmost to nan diverter. In nan centre, location is simply a Phillipe screw. Grab a Philip screwdriver and region that screw.

And arsenic you region this screw, beryllium cautious that you don’t driblet it down nan drain. Now propulsion nan headdress disconnected and region nan wrong parts. You request to beryllium observant that each nan parts don’t break aliases get lost.

Step 2: On nan 2nd step, propulsion your diverter retired of nan exterior cover. Grab a wrench and slow move it counterclockwise. Now you will spot a spread inside.

Step 3: In this step, you request to put a insubstantial aliases towel connected nan spread to alleviate immoderate drops of h2o going down nan existent tile and drywall. Now, aft checking, region nan insubstantial towel retired of nan soul valve.

Now group nan tract successful our brand-new diverter, cheque that retired carefully, align it decently pinch nan soul thread and get a bully consciousness for it; you do not want to cross-thread this. That would not beryllium good.

Also, do not complete tighten nan handle. If you complete tighten, you could origin soul harm to nan valve,which would not beryllium good. So, get a beautiful snug manus tight.

Step 4: And past from there, we will drawback our wrench and get a beautiful snug but do not overtighten.

Step 5: Now, make judge that nan soul flathead screw is backed retired to let america to centre this caller diverter, and from present connected nan bottommost portion, we will drawback our flathead screwdriver and tighten this screen sheet successful place.

Step 6: After mounting nan screen plate, we will drawback our marque caller screw.

Step 7: Now, everything is measurement up pinch caller models. Now move connected nan main powerfulness and cheque nan 3 measurement ablution diverter valve. You will spot it’s moving beautiful fine.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you hole a ablution diverter knob?

First, you request to unopen disconnected nan main powerfulness of nan water, past portion your drain to forestall mini screws aliases different captious items from going down nan drain. Next, tighten nan screws and region nan ablution diverter. In conclusion, instal nan caller diverter.

What does a 3 usability diverter valve do?

This benignant of diverter valve enables you to take betwixt 3 outputs. You mightiness usage a handheld, a showerhead, aliases a tub faucet.

How overmuch does it costs to switch a ablution diverter valve?

An mean ablution mixing valve replacement costs $225-$575. A ablution faucet leak whitethorn beryllium fixed by replacing simply nan ablution valve cartridge, which costs $100-$350.


So far, we showed you nan solution of 3 grip diverter not working. Following nan steps, you will find it easy to hole nan issue.

However, support successful mind- ever effort to telephone a qualified plumber to region nan clogged issue, and they will propose wherever to cleanable and instal a caller model.

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